My first time sketching Japanese anime on Procreate

My friend asked me to draw him a mid-evil axe or sword and I’ve been enjoying an anime game, so I mixed the two in today’s sketch. I haven’t used pencil and paper for a long time. I prefer doing sketches straight from digital now. I also like making animated GIFs showing the process. Procreate lets you mix 14 images into one animation, so I saved some images along the way and stacked them all on top of each other to create this. The first two and last images are the final step so it’s displayed the longest.


I didn’t copy or get inspiration from anybody else’s art. I just started doodling and sketching on my iPad with Procreate. I used a light grey for exploratory sketching and used black when I was sure of the lines I wanted. It may not be my best sketch ever, but I’m proud that it’s 100% an original of mine.


I know that anime has some key characteristics:

  • big eyes
  • big boobs
  • minimal detail

I don’t remember seeing any with green skin, but since I had made her with elf ears I went with it.


I spent about ten hours sketching her, but it felt like a couple minutes. Thanks for checking out my first attempt at drawing anime today. Have a nice day and Happy Halloween!