Minotaur Warrior

The Minotaurs are the only people in Anumün rugged enough to inhabit the Giant Grasslands of Primordia, where the Dinosaurs roam. They live in wandering tribes, sleeping in hide tents and hunting Rexxies for their meat, clothing, and weapons. Minotaur spears are longer than they seem.

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I’m happy to see this week’s Splinterlands battle challenge is a cheap card. I only have a level two Earth summoner so it wasn’t much to level this common card up to level three increasing its health. It says in the Splinterlands lore that the Minotaurs hunt the dinosaur Rexxie.


If I were going to hunt this dinosaur, I would bring a 50 caliber sniper rifle or an RPG, but the Minotaurs are badass monsters who can get the job done with battle-axes and long spears.

Here on planet Earth, the American military is supposed to release to Congress, we the people, what they know about UFOs or UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) next month. They changed the term from UFO to UAP to distance themselves from the stigma that UFOs are aliens.


The strange things in our skies are real, but it seems nobody knows what they are. I personally don’t think they are aliens. The most likely explanation is that the Chinese or Russians have leapfrogged us in technology. If it’s not them, then maybe there is an intelligent species here on Earth that have been around since the dinosaurs. Maybe they are dinosaurs themselves. Look how we people were able to evolve from apes to the scumbags we are today in just a million years. What kind of technology could an advanced species developed with hundreds of millions of years? So yes, I Jeremiah Lee Custis am throwing my crazy theory out there on the blockchain that these UAPs could be advanced dinosaurs or some other unknown ancient species’ technology. What do I win if my original, but weird theory is correct? Hopefully a joyride in one of those Tic Tacs. Maybe I should make a TikTok video about my Tic Tac idea. There was a scientist in 1982 who did a thought experiment about what would happen if a certain type of dinosaur had been able to evolve until today which he called dinosauroid.

OK, enough X-Files talk, let’s get back to my NFT battle…


I chose Mylor Crowling as my summoner for his fantastic Thorns ability he gives to every card. I remember spending up to $100 on certain cards just because they had the Thorn ability, but Mylor Crowling gives it to all the monsters he summons. Anytime your card is attacked with a melee strike your enemy will suffer 2 health. I used the Minotaur Warrior and Rexie as bait or pawns to die first in the poison gas and inflict some Thorns damage before they took one for the team. Anytime there is poison gas, you should choose as many self-healing monsters as you can so they can recover a bit each round. I only chose the Child of the Forest because I was on a Snipe quest. And I chose the Sand Worm to cause some damage before it died in the gas. My enemy failed to choose any self-healing cards, so it was an easy victory. Thank you for checking out my battle today. What do you think about my dinosaur UAP idea?

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