SPLINTERLANDS and my Waver Runner NFT battle challenge win

The Wave Runner sees not one but two sets of prey. The first set of eyes scours the ocean for a tasty morsel. The second set of eyes looks above to the skies for unsuspecting flyers. With a powerful swipe of its tail, the Wave Runner can leap out of the water and bring giant birds and dragons alike into the water where its body provides a natural fighting advantage. It’s best to find land or make peace with your soul if you’re unfortunate enough to face a Wave Runner.


I can’t seem to win a match to save my life these days. Before the game became popular I’d soar through the Bronze and Silver Leagues as if they were a joke, but now it seems as if my enemies can predict my moves even though I carefully look at their past matches before I select my cards. Even though I usually choose older, stronger, and better cards, they still seem to win more often than I do. My neighbors must think I’m crazy hearing me scream obscenities alone in my room. My dog will look at me all scared, but I’ll tell him, “It’s not you baby, it’s these cheating A.I. bots!”


I guess you could call me a Splinterlands veteran since I’ve been in the game since 2019 and have once been the top 86th player in the world, but I feel like a total rookie today. All I know is that this is truly a decentralized game and that you should never give up. You won’t get rich quick, but you will see cards go from $1 to over $100 if you are patient.

wave runner battle.png

For this battle, I sacrificed my chicken by putting him out front. My enemy would’ve won if they’d put their Water Elemental in the rear, but thankfully, they did not.

Wave Runner.png

My Wave Runner wasn’t the MVP of this match, but he did help us to win. This is a beautiful card, but it brought back a bit of PTSD for me. I’m a pretty crazy and fearless guy. I will fight guys twice my size and ride my motorcycle as fast as the engine will go, but I remember surfing in Monterey, California back in 1999 seeing a dark shadow swim underneath me. At first, I thought it was lovely that another dolphin had come to say hi and possibly swim in the waves with me as I surf, but then I noticed how big the shadow was. After it swam underneath me three times, I started to feel true fear. As it swam away, I could see its tail wasn’t like a dolphin’s and its black eye of death. Luckily for me, it didn’t find me interesting and a big wave came along. I didn’t dare to stand up, rather riding on the board on my stomach all the way to the beach grinding the board’s fins into the sand. I then screamed for my friends to come in and told them what happened.

When we were putting our boards into the back of my pickup they thought I was lying until a Japanese tourist came up to me shook my hand and told me that he was happy to see I was still alive and that the shark was as big as my truck. Thank you for reading about my Splinterlands battle and my close encounter with a great white shark today. Get in the game!

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