My Splinterlands Dragons

This week’s Splinterlands Share Your Battle theme was dragons again. How many dragon cards do you have? They are by far my favorite splinter and I was happy to use and post about them again.

dragonshare.jpgmy battle.jpg

My enemy was most likely on a Death quest because all of his previous battles had also been Death. I find it hard to win with Death unless it’s a low mana battle.Djinn Chwala.png

Djinn Chwala is my favorite card even though it’s a new one. Its thorn ability, shield, and strong health make it a card to be reckoned with. After it died, I was really afraid my enemy would beat me.

Black Dragon.pngend.jpg

Luckily I still had a Black Dragon that can life leech its enemies every time it hits them with a magic attack. There will be times that this dragon will have a ridiculous amount of life after it’s been absorbing hearts from the rear. I remember when this was a cheap Reward card, but now it is one of my most valuable and powerful cards.


I gained 38 rating points and 13 DEC for my victory. Do you think it will be possible for one DEC to be worth a whole dollar one day? That would be insane, but I doubt it ever happens, but if it does, people will be making a lot of money with each battle victory. When I first started playing this game in 2019, I dreamed of the day that it would be possible to play this game as a full-time job but would look at the top players in the world and see them only making a few cents per victory. With the coming Land expansion, high DEC prices, rentals, tournaments, brawls, and ever-rising value of the cards, there are many people who can live off the Splinterlands today. I’m not one of them since I’m only a Silver League player, but I think it could be possible soon. Even without the earnings, Splinterlands is a great game. Thank you for reading about my dragon’s victory today.

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