Now that Chaos Legion has been released, some of the old free-to-play cards are no longer available but are still very cheap to rent. I will be mentioning only one card per splinter minus the summoners and will only recommend level one cards for new players’ sake.

It is time to enter my battles for the brawl. I don’t want to let my fellow guild members down so for just a few DEC, I can really increase my deck’s strength and hopefully help my team win first or second place so we can win more merits.

Prices are always changing, so I won’t go into that other than to mention that you should always compare the Beta and Alpha prices because Alpha sometimes gets forgotten and you can find cheaper prices there. Now let’s take a look at each old card I think you should be renting and why…



I usually rent cards for just a day then use them in my brawls, but Cerberus is a truly special card. I once had this card maxed out and sold it so I could celebrate Lao New Year. Those turned out to be some very expensive beers! Cerberus is great because at level one it can self-heal and only uses up 4 mana. I usually put it in the second place to serve as a secondary tank. If you are getting hit with blast attacks Cerberus will usually be able to heal up each round. Of all of the cards I mention here, Cerberus is the number one card you should be renting. I would love to have a Cerberus in real life.


Water Elemental.png

When I first started playing the game back in 2019 I’d remember seeing Water Elemental in my enemy’s lineup and know I had already lost before the fight began. It has decent speed and ranged attack for 5 mana, but its self-healing ability is what makes it a must-have card.


Earth Elemental.png

Earth Elemental is slow and only causes one point of ranged damage, but for only 3 mana it has a health of 6 and serves as a great final card absorbing sneak attacks.


Air Elemental.png

Speed. Speed is what makes Air Elemental‘s ranged attack useful. What other cards have a speed rating of 6 at level one? Just don’t use Air Elemental if the ruleset is where the slow go first.


Haunted Spirit.png

Haunted Spirit may be slow, but with a health of 7 and the self-heal ability, it’s a hard card to beat. It works as a great primary tank, but I’ll usually put it in the second position to pick up after my first tank goes down.


Serpentine Mystic.png

A lot of people may disagree with me on choosing Serpentine Mystic, but I love his affliction ability which can take away your enemy’s ability. I’ve won many battles because my Serpentine Mystic took away my enemy’s ability to self-heal.



Cornealus is a powerhouse. It self-heals 4 points each round, has a health of 12, and can cause 2 points of ranged attack damage. I’ve won many poison gas and earthquake battles because my Cornealus was the last card on the battlefield. Thanks for reading. Get in the game!HIVE LINE.png