SPLINTERLANDS: My Radiated Brute battle and intro to the RENTAL market

The spreading blight on the continent of Praetoria twisted both the land and its people. Plants and animals were the first to become corrupted. Fungus sprouted from vegetation and gave them sentience. Animals grew extra limbs, heads, and grew to extraordinary sizes. Then the people fell ill. Some thought it was from the plague brought about by Doctor Blight. Others thought perhaps it was from the poisonous gases that seeped from the fissures near the volcano. Whatever it was, those who survived the sickness were changed. They mutated, grew stronger, and were filled with an uncontrollable rage. Some were unable to control that rage and went on murderous rampages. Others fought to maintain their sanity long enough to protect their family, friends, and neighbors from themselves. They fled into the Jade Thicket, where they became as feral as the wild animals of the continent. The people of Praetoria referred to them as Radiated Brutes.”


What’s up fellow Splinterlanders? Today, I’d like to share my battle and first experience renting out my cards. I have both a gold foil and standard Radiated Brute but have never used it in battle until today.


With a speed of 1 at level one, the Radiated Brute would be useful in a reverse speed ruleset where the slowest go first. His reach ability would also come in handy. He costs about six cents right now and only a dollar for a gold foil version which will be level three.


Never Sell, Just Rent…

With my collection power at 110,000 I’m too far away from the 150,000 threshold to level up to Gold II, but also wasting rental opportunities. I sold all of my max-level Beta cards last year to get into the whole DeFi craze and was happy to be making a hundred dollars a day, but that didn’t last long. If I had just rented out my cards it would have been a better investment by a multiple of the tens of thousands, but I had no idea this game was going to blow up in popularity. Oh well, Chaos Legion is here now and cards are very cheap so we all have another chance to level up our cards.

Having many double sets of both gold foil and standard cards, I decided to rent out as many of my gold foils as long as I stayed above the 100,000 collection power mark.


Renting out cards within the game is very simple. As long as you make the rental price a bit lower than the suggested price, you’ll usually be able to start renting out your card right away. If you’ve recently used your card in battle you’ll see an error message though. I think it’s a 24-hour wait, but I’m not sure.


https://PeakMonsters.com is a great tool for seeing your ROI and available cards. I’m not a financial advisor or a DeFi expert, but this is the best DeFi experience I’ve ever had. I really like that my cards are all locked for 30 days incase I get hacked and someone tries to sell off my cards. I personally think there should be a longer lock time than 30 days. What about Splinterlands players in the military? They can be gone for up to a year without access to their cards. I would lock my cards for 999 days if it were an option.

My Battle Strategy


This was an equal opportunity battle ruleset so monsters will be attacking the weakest enemy. I put my Djinn Chwala out first because he has the thorn ability and plenty of shields. My Radiated Brute was the weakest card so was attacked first, but was able to get off a hit before he died. Carnage Titan has the reach ability so he works well as a secondary tank. The Chaos Dragon is a powerful magic card and Gloridax Magus has the blast ability so they did a lot of damage. I usually put Cornealus in the rear because it has the healing ability and plenty of life. My enemy relied mostly on strong melee attack cards.


I recently opened the summoner, Quix the Devious, who is a dragon summoner who reduces the enemy’s speed and ranged attack. It’s my first legendary summoner and I was pleased to see that even though it’s a level one, it can summon level 3 common cards and level two rare and epic cards.


My enemy was strong, but my dragons were just too much for them in the end. You got to love that Chaos Dragon. He’s got a lot of life, plenty of shields, and has a strong magic attack that hits random targets even if there is a taunt. Thanks for reading about my battle and rental experience today. Get in the game!