My Kulu Swimhunter battle and why SPLINTERLANDS is the best NFT play2earn game

Kulu Swimhunters are members of a race of squid-like creatures that hunt in packs. They use their multiple tentacles to wield all manner of projectiles, including spears, coral, and even fish. They are very aggressive and are known to traverse oceans, lakes, and rivers, killing for sport and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. They do not value gold or glory and will ally themselves with whoever promises the greatest opportunity to hunt and kill.
The young boy leaned on the ship’s gunwale, staring dreamily into the deep green of the water. His father was a simple fisherman, but the boy fantasized about one day being a naval officer… or perhaps a pirate. Anything but a simple fisherman.

Movement in the water below caught his eye, and he leaned over the gunwale, squinting into the depths. A dark shape rose toward the surface. It was emerald green, with two shining orbs set into its surface. As it drew closer, he realized the orbs were eyes. Tentacles waved in the water around it. A squid, the boy thought. He smiled and watched the creature’s ascent with interest. Suddenly, a tentacle shot out of water and threw something at the boy. A dead fish struck him hard in the temple. He winced and staggered, but before he could recover, the tentacle wrapped around his neck and yanked him over the side of the boat. The boy landed in the water with a splash and was quickly dragged down into the depths of the ocean.
-Splinterlands Lore

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What’s up fellow Splinterlanders and Splintercurious? Today I’m sharing another battle using a card I’ve never used until today, the Kulu Swimhunter. I have both this card and its gold foil version, but like many other players, I got stuck in the habit of using the same old cards as usual.

If you’ve never played Splinterlands before and want to join a great community with play2earn NFTs where the players call the shots, then there really isn’t a better game out there right now and I’ve tried a lot.

Splinterlands is like Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone without centralized greedy corporate thugs calling the shots. Your cards are YOURS and no one can take them away from you. (Unless you share your private keys.) It’s also a fun game that I’ve been coming back to almost every day for three years and I’m a very picky gamer. They have wonderful customer support and if you ever have a problem (which I’ve only needed once and they came to the rescue in less than five minutes) they’ll help you out with real human customer service.

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My Battle Strategy

I absolutely crushed my enemy today. (They need to add a reward bonus for whenever you defeat your enemy without losing a single card.)Diemonshark.png

I put my Diemonshark out first as my front line soldier or tank because he seems to win a lot. I also added two healers to make sure he stayed alive after his shields ran out.


I used to rely on my Sea Monster as my water tank, but the Diemonshark outwins with its shields. This card used to be handed out as a reward card like free candy. I remember MAX level cards being worth less than $10 not that long ago. That’s why I’m scooping up the cheapest Chaos Legion cards right now, maxing them out, renting, and forgetting about them.

People are dumb. They’ll sell and burn cards for nothing. Over time cards that are worth a penny will be worth a dollar. You just have to be patient Splinterlands is like Super Mario. People will ALWAYS play this game. It has a loyal community who doesn’t care what the price of cards are. They like the gameplay. They like the strategy. They just want to win!Deeplurker.png

I used the Deeplurker because this is a strong and nasty card that hunts down the enemy’s weakest card. I feel this card should be nerfed. I’ve been defeated with weaker enemies so many times just because of the Deeplurker. It also has the poison ability at level 6.


The Creeping Ooze is another card I once discarded as worthless, but now view as a very valuable and MUST HAVE card. It was once less then a penny, but now you can buy a level 1 for $3 and I highly recommend this card because it only costs 1 mana and slows down your opponent which can mean everything in a battle.


Now let’s take a look at the star of this week’s battle challenge, Kulu Swimhunter… This isn’t a bad card, but unlike most cards, it lacks any abilities. This is why I’ve never used it before. I always look for cards that bring something to the battle within the mana allowed. Some cards can heal, slow down the enemy, poison, break shields, and so on, but Kulu Swimhunter only shoots arrows. How does an octopus hold and shoot a bow and arrow anyways? It helped me secure a battle victory today so no complaints.


I often lose to level 1 players even though all my summoners are level 3, but today I beat a level 6 player like a chump. That’s another thing I love about Splinterlands. You can defeat a richer and more powerful opponent if you have a better strategy.

Open Letter to Splinterlands…

You guys are honest. Ya’ll have a vision of making the world a better place and not just to make millions then rug pull like most losers in the DeFi, Blockhain, Play2Earn space, but not everyone likes strategy card games.

Splinterlands has great lore and cool characters. There is also a solid economy and a loyal player base. So here is my question…

Why can’t we expand this game and economy to have RPG, racing, and FPS games that could use DECSPS, and LAND?

Land could be played like Sims. All the ranged attack monsters could be played in a Fortnight or GoldenEye 007 like FPS. The rest could be racing in a Mario Kart like game. I’m not sure how the RPG world would work, but including Land and making it look like Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Genshin Impact would bring in lot’s of players and would be totally awesome.

To my friends…

I’ve been talking about this game since 2019. It’s here to stay. It’s fun and it requires strategy and intelligence to win. Why haven’t ya’ll gotten in the game yet? I run the gaming guild called The Mandalorians. Once you’re good at the game I’ll invite you to our team.

Kulu Swimhunter.png

Thanks for reading about my battle victory, strategy, and ideas for the game today. Have a good one and look out for all the arrow shooting octopi!

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