SPLINTERLANDS: Hitting em with random scattershots

Portals Spinners are members of the Cult of the Rift, a faction within the Chaos Legion that harnesses rift magic to cast deadly spells. Portal Spinners siphon life magic from their surroundings to open mini-rifts in the fabric of reality. Some thought to use these portals to travel between realms. However, after attempting to do so, many a Portal Spinner was consumed by whatever foul beasts dwelled on the other side of the portal. Others emerged… rearranged… and either dead or wishing they were dead. Now, Portal Spinners simply use their portals to launch chaotic and random attacks against their enemies. They might open one portal beneath a fallen sword, boulder, or other weapons of convenience and a second portal above their enemies, sending the weapon through the rift and crashing down on its unsuspecting victim. If facing enemies capable of flight, Portal Spinners have been known to use their portals to drop nets upon their foes, grounding them.


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever used the Portal Spinner until today. I usually try to rely on magic attacks because they can pass right through the enemy’s armor, but the Portal Spinner has Scattershot from level one which can really come in handy. Scattershot will shoot arrows at random enemies so it can kill off some of the weaker ones if you’re lucky. The Snare ability kicks in at level 5. I’ve never been a fan of this ability so I’ll probably just let this card level up naturally by combining cards I earn rather than purchasing any of them. I really like maxing out rare cards that are just over a cent right now because you can do so for just a few dollars, something that is only possible in a bear market.


My enemy had a pretty good strategy using three magic cards and two ranged.


After my first tank died, I was afraid I was going to lose this one.


After my second tank died, I was sure I was done for.


Luckily my Chaos Dragon was able to hold the line. The Portal Spinner was a big help in this battle because he weakened random targets.

Portal Spinner.png

Thanks for reading about my Portal Spinner battle. It’s not my favorite card, but I learned how it could be useful today. What about you? Have you used it much? Did you bother maxing it out?


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