There are those who may think the Realm of Silence is a place of deep dark caverns. That could not be further from the truth. It is a region like any other in the Splinterlands that is full of homes, cities, and cultures. There are even universities that specialize in the study of magic, music, and geography. One such >underground species that excels in academia are the Venari. They created the Institute of Application which acts as a center of study for spells and tinkering. Those who wish to become fluent in spellcasting train to become Spellsmiths: masters of creating and using spells. It is through this knowledge they research and experiment with magic in order to unlock new ways to harness mana and the elemental forces. A Venari Spellsmith is so dedicated to the art of spellcasting that magic itself became a part of them. While they themselves can manipulate magic to damage foes, magic burns through their veins. Upon death the radiating Mana explodes from their bodies, harming everyone around the Venari.

  • Splinterlands Lore



The Venari Spellsmith is an interesting card when maxed out with the redemption ability which causes one damage to all enemy cards when it dies. You should at least get this card up to level 4 where it has the amplify ability which increases magic reflect, return fire, and thorn abilities by one. It has the redemption ability from the get-go which removes all positive effects on each card it strikes.

My Battle


This was a battle where healing was not allowed and every card was equalized which means they all have the same health as the strongest card selected from either team.


My enemy went with two strong melee cards and a ranged attack card while I relied mostly on magic.


Things usually don’t go your way when you lose your tank card, but I had two cards with the life leech ability which absorbs life points from your enemy with every hit.


Now I’ve lost my secondary tank. It’s up to my Venari Spellsmith to hold the line.


I’ve taken out their tank so there’s still a chance for victory.


Now it’s 3 to 2. Good thing one of my cards can poison the enemy. The poison takes away two health each round.


Ranged attack cards can’t usually attack while in the front so this battle is mine.


You can really rack up some health with the life leech ability. The most I’ve ever seen is about 30. How high have you been able to get your life points with life leech?

Venari Spellsmith.png

Thanks for reading about my Venari Spellsmith battle today. Although it died and wasn’t the MVP of the battle, I couldn’t have won without it.


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