on old-school gaming like DONKEY KONG

How many games can be played offline these days? I doubt you can name one good modern one. (If you can, please do in the comments.) Whenever I find myself in the horrible situation of being without an internet connection I’ll usually turn to my trusty old Nintendo 64 emulator and find a few stars in Super Mario 64 or cruise a few laps on my jetski in Wave Race 64, but recently I’ve been going back a generation and playing some Super Nintendo games.

Games that survived the trash:


I know there are many great Super Nintendo games, but these are the only three I still enjoy playing. Which games do you think should be on the list? Even though every game ever made for the Super Nintendo only takes up about a gigabyte of storage, my phone is pretty low on memory and I didn’t want to waste space or time scrolling through a long list of games I’ll never play so these are the only three that made the cut.

Donkey Kong Country.012.png

I can’t believe this game is almost 30 years old! It still looks great and is fun to play today. Even though the Super Nintendo only had a 3.58 MHz CPU and 128 KB of RAM, Donkey Kong Country still looks better than some mobile games today.


The emulator for the OG Nintendo or the NES has a rewind time cheat that this Super Nintendo emulator lacks. It would sure come in handy during some of these barrel or roller coaster levels. Do you know of a Super Nintendo emulator that lets you rewind time?

Screenshot_20220805-190851_Snes9x EX+.jpg

I wish I had one of those Bluetooth controllers that also holds your phone, but I don’t. Even if I ordered one online it would take up to a year to arrive where I live if it even arrives at all. It’s not an option for me so I’ll have to make do with the touchscreen controls. I do like how the emulator stretches out the game to fill the screen though. The only problem I’ve had is that you can’t press both run and jump at the same time making some high places out of reach, but the game doesn’t rely on that as much as a Mario game would. I do have a USB controller for my computer and tried playing with that and it felt like heaven after trying to play on my phone.


Thanks for reading about my Donkey Kong Country nostalgic gameplay today. All of these images are screenshots of my gameplay and I merged a few with PhotoShop because I couldn’t figure out how to arrange square photos using the HTML code in Markdown.


I feel this is not only the best game to ever come out for the Super Nintendo but one of the greatest games of all time. I only made it to the first boss when I screwed up my save state and was too lazy to play through it again.

Donkey Kong Country.009.png

I don’t think I’ve ever cleared this game so I’ll have to give it a go again soon. I really enjoyed Donkey Kong Country back in the day and had fun trying to play it again today. What about you? Do you also have fond memories of the Kong?line.png