Share Your Battle – ANGELIC MANDARIN

A variety of the already beautiful mandarinfish, the Angelic Mandarinfish is said to be blessed by the magic of the sea. They swim in the most gorgeous of tropical waters and live peaceful lives in harmony with all around them. It is said that the touch of an Angelic Mandarinfish has healing properties. And that if one sees an injured person in need, they will swim up and stare into your eyes. As if looking into your soul. If they deem you to be kind, they will heal your wounds.

  • Splinterlands Lore



At first, this looks like a weak ranged attack card until you get it up to level 4 where it can heal the most damaged card in your rear. Angelic Mandarin gets really exciting at MAX level where it has the silencing ability which reduces the magic attack ability of all enemies.

My Battle:


My enemy mainly relied on melee attacks because their fire summoner gave them extra attack power. I prefer the water team because the summoner increases everyone’s speed and adds one armor.


After taking out their tank or lead card in the second round I knew I had this because my lead card was still strong. It’s not always the case, but whoever loses their lead card will usually see the rest follow like dominos.


My enemy was using too many sneak attack cards. I only had weak cards back there so they were wasting their time while I was smashing through them from the front.


By the time they took out my tank, they were down to only one card. 3 to 1 are nasty odds even for a ninja.

Angelic Mandarin.png

Thanks for reading about my Angelic Mandarin battle today. Even though it died it was a nice time waster for my enemy helping to secure the victory.


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