Mycelic Slipspawn was first found on the edges of the swamps of Praetoria, in areas where the fetid waters meet with the forests and jungles. It is highly toxic and grows to a substantial size. Death is uncommon for those who touch its fibrous body however, the side effects of its toxins can cause a long list of illnesses and diseases, leaving its victims severely debilitated.



I love these weekly Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenges because they often open my eyes to great cards I’ve overlooked, but not today because I consider the Mycelic Slipspawn an absolute must-have card.

The taunt ability pulls most attacks its way like a magnet. This can come in handy when used with a card with a shield or if you want to distract attention from your front card.

Mycelic Slipspawn also has a forcefield at level 4 which means strong attacks that usually cause 5 or more hit points will only cause 1. It can slow down enemies if maxed out too.

My battle:


I usually place the Mycelic Slipspawn in the rear to absorb attacks and use a rear healer to keep it alive, but there wasn’t enough mana for that so I put it in the front for this battle.


I was able to knock out their first two cards by round two.


I lost my Mycelic Slipspawn by round 3, but they were down to just one archer so the victory was mine.

Mycelic Slipspawn.png

Thanks for reading about my Mycelic Slipspawn battle today. This is a great card but it’s about to be nerfed with the new Rift Watchers ability, Fury, which will cause double damage to taunters.


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