Share Your Battle – LIFE SAPPER

Life sappers are in between life and death. One side of their body is ghostly while the other is alive and well. They are neither fully living nor dead. They feed off the energies around them, and simply being within view of a Life Sapper will make you feel sick and weak. They siphon energy from their victims, slowly weakening and sickening them while simultaneously healing themselves.

  • Splinterlands Lore


The Life Sapper is a must-have card in my opinion because it only uses 3 mana and drains one life point from the enemy with each successful magic strike. If positioned right it can really rack up some life by the end of the battle. It’s really handy in low mana and odds-out battles too. I’ve slowly managed to level it up to level 3, but looking at these stats, I’ll level it up to at least level 4 after I get all the Riftwatchers cards I’ll need. It also gains the redemption ability when maxed which means it will cause one point of health damage to all of the enemy cards when it dies.

My Life Sapper battle:


I used to breeze through the Gold League, but the competition is heating up. I find that if my enemies are too strong, it’s best the quit playing for a day or two and come back when weaker opponents are at my level and my capture rate is higher. I’m happy that my better half loves the game too, but we’ll often argue about when enough is enough. I feel she gets too focused on the short-term gain of the Daily Quest rewards dropping down my rating and capture rate, but she’ll always come back saying that she’s better than me at the game and that I would still be in Silver League if it weren’t for her. I would like to compete in Diamond League, but at this point, we just straight up quit once we step foot into the diamond territory.


I like my dragon summoner who hurts the enemy’s speed and ranged attack, but miss using the one that increased magic attacks. I couldn’t break through their strong tank in the front, but my sneak attack monsters were able to pick them off from the rear.


Things were looking bleak by the third round because their tank wasn’t taking any damage from my magic attacks and was taking out my cards from the front.


Luckily my sneakers took out everybody in the rear sooner than their mighty Djinn Oshannus could plow through my front and took him out for the win.


I’m still suffering from a bit of information overload when it comes to the new ability-based daily focuses and refer to this chart often. I’m not anti-bot, but anything that makes it harder for them is a plus even if it makes things a bit harder for us humans. One of the things I love about this game is its level of complexity, but it’s been one of the things that have kept my friends from jumping down this rabbit hole. Hopefully, the new sports games and tower defense game make it easier for people to join us in the future.

Life Sapper.png

Thanks for reading about my Life Sapper battle today. Are you as excited as I am to open your Riftwatchers packs?


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