Share Your Battle – DRAGONS

How are all you Splinterfolks doing today? Did you get anything good when you opened your Riftwatchers packs?


I didn’t get any legendary cards, but I’m happy with what I have so far. I was hoping to pick up some more from the shop, but Paypal is taking forever to add funds. Have you been having problems with Paypal too?

agor stats.png

What’s your favorite Riftwatchers card? Which one do you have your eye on? Agor Longtail is definitely on my wish list. Look how strong it is. It can fly, heal, taunt, and has a magic shield. It can also strike with both magic and melee attacks. Hopefully, this bear market continues long enough for me to save up for it.

My Dragon Battle


I usually put Cornealus in the rear, but this was a battle where ranged attack cards can shoot their arrows while in the front.


I took out one of their cards but lost two by the second round. I thought I was going to lose at this point.


Luckily my Chaos Dragon was able to weaken my enemy with its scattershot and blast magic attacks before it served as the tank.


In the end, their pretty boy double-shooting angel was no match for my dragons.

Runic Skyclaw.png

Thanks for reading about my dragon battle today. I’m so happy that Riftwatchers is here. I just love all the new cards.


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