Share Your Battle – MAGI of CHAOS

“The Magi of the Chaosium are the heralds of the Legion itself. For hundreds of years, they met and studied secretly, gathering ancient artifacts and scraps of forbidden knowledge, much that was once thought lost. As the convergence grew close they plied the void for its treasures and listened furtively to the voices in the dark to make way for the coming of the Lord of Chaos. Once the way was opened and doom poured from the sky they rose from their hidden places to claim the promise of power from their dark masters.”

  • Splinterlands lore



Even though I’m a heavy magic user, I’m not that familiar with Magi of Chaos. With 2 magic attack points from level one, it can be boosted to have 3 magic attacks if the summoner adds magic attack power or if you level it up to level 3. It gets much more powerful when maxed out, but that’s a bit pricey. I’m a modern league player and a believer in the diversification of my cards. All of my summoners are evenly powered and I always try to have one of every card before I go maxing anything. Now that there are a bunch of new Riftwatchers cards it may take a while before I get back to powering this guy up. Hopefully, I get a few more when opening up Chaos Legion packs before they sell out.

My Battle:


My enemy was stronger than me so I felt the best way to win was to use my dragons. The Chaos Dragon is one of my favorite cards for high mana battles. If the tank dies it can do that too. Its strong magic attack randomly hitting enemies each round with its scattershot and blast ability can really mess the enemy up.


The enemy’s tank was taken out by the second round. This is looking good.


Even though I lost my snake it still left behind poison killing off the enemy in the rear.


Djinn Oshannus can be hard to kill sometimes, but he was no match for three dragons and the Magi of Chaos. Thanks for reading about my battle today. Get in the game!


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