trampling angels with my DIEMONSHARK

Diemonsharks travel alone throughout the stars searching for prey and territory. They are fearsome beasts with lightning-fast reflexes. Diemonsharks are extremely territorial and attack any creature that encroaches on their land. The Chaos Legion trains them as transports for equipment. Since they can travel by air, ground, or sea, they are ideally suited for the task.”


The Diemonshark is my go-to tank when using the water splinter. I’d like to MAX it, but it’s a bit expensive so I’m making do with a level 4. With a maxed-out card, you’d be pretty unstoppable when playing in the Diamond League. This is one of my favorite cards and even though it doesn’t have any healing abilities it seems to win more than its predecessor, the Sea Monster.


This was a water -vs- life battle. My enemy was expecting me to rely on magic attacks because that’s what I usually do, but they were wrong and I came at them strong with some ugly melee fish attacks.


Whenever the Diemonshark kills an enemy it can then attack the next in line with the trample ability which can sometimes take them out like dominos. It was clear I was going to win this battle by the second round.


Sometimes this double crossbow shooting angel can cause a lot of damage, but not this time. I enjoyed watching him get destroyed as the last card left unable to shoot. You’re nothing but fish food today Pelacor Arbalest! Now wipe that shit-eating grin off your face.


Thanks for another win Diemonshark! You may be ugly as hell, but I’ll always love you.


How about Genesis League Goals? Did you manage to pick up any packs? I was so angry when I couldn’t buy any packs because of the KYC requirement and was afraid that I’d missed my chance, but the KYC process wasn’t a pain in the neck like all the other times I’d had to do it so it’s all good. It’s not easy to get a Paypal account without KYC so I don’t understand why it’s necessary, but it probably helped keep the presale from selling out quickly. I don’t know if I’m going to get into this new game or just save up my GLX tokens and wait for the next sports game to come along. The only thing that gives me reservations is how the white paper says that only high-end matches will earn GLX tokens so if it takes a lot of investment to make it to the high end I’ll most likely sit on the sidelines and collect the airdrop for a year. I’m not into soccer at all, but I realize what a big deal this partnership is and will surely be proving grounds for many more in the future so let’s hope it’s a success.


It doesn’t look like they’re going to sell out before I get paid at the end of the month so I’ll be able to grab some more packs for $5 and collect even more GLX. I think I’ll open one or two packs and see if I can play the game with that and just hold on to the rest of my packs. I sure wish I’d held on to more Splinterlands Alpha packs that were only $2 in the beginning. I knew they’d be worth a lot more in the future, but I kept thinking that I’d open a gold foil legendary only to get four commons and a rare.


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