SPLINTERLANDS: Share Your Regal Peryton Battle

They say there is nothing more beautiful than a Regal Peryton. They prefer to live in the mountains all across the Splinterlands, rarely seen by others. When they soar through the skies, the sunlight catches through their wings and creates rainbows underneath them. Regal Perytons are highly intelligent and consider themselves noble guardians of the natural world, using their magic to help others.


If you like your cards fast and beautiful then the Regal Peryton is for you. I often win with this card when there is a blast ruleset because it will be one of the first cards to attack. Since it can fly, you’ll want to have this card in your deck in case you find yourself in an earthquake battle. I would MAX this card out if I could, but I still have summoners and tanks to get to first. It doesn’t have any other abilities other than flight, but this card is a must-have to add to your collection because it wins a lot. If there is a card that you use a lot then you might as well get the gold foil version because you’ll get a bonus each time you win.


This was a battle where ranged attack cards can fire from the front position so my enemy used mostly archers while I used magic attack cards. Obsidian is my favorite non-dragon summoner because she increases everyone’s magic attack by one point. I used to have one splinter that was all maxed out and one that I would completely neglect, but these days I have found balance is better. All of my summoners are at level 5, but I struggle to get to the Diamond League these days so I hope to get everyone up to level six soon.Cornealus.png

I remember when Cornealus was just a cheap “meh” card, then became meta, and is back to being a less commonly used card today. I wish I hadn’t sold my maxed-out copy, but I was dumb and had FOMO for the DeFi craze of 2021 and sold all of my Splinterlands cards. It was a mistake I don’t plan on repeating.

I usually put Cornealus in the rear to absorb any sneak attacks because it has a lot of life and can self-heal, but since it could attack while in the front for this battle I put it there as my tank. It can work for a tank card out front when it can’t attack for normal battles as long as you provide it with a healer too. It’s not a move I see often, but it can work.


This was an exciting match because I was sure I had lost by the second round after losing Cornealus, but Obsidian giving all of my magic attack cards a boost really made the difference.


Even though my Regal Peryton got down to just one life point it managed to stay in the fight. It was a good thing that my enemy didn’t use any sneak or snipe attack cards.


Who wants squid for dinner?Regal Peryton.jpg

Thanks for reading about my Regal Peryton battle victory today.


I’m grinding my way to the Diamond League before the season ends. Once I get to Diamond III, I’ll call it quits. I don’t have the cards or skill to compete at that level plus I’m not sure about the current rules. Do I just need to get my foot in the door one time this season to get Diamond rewards next season or do I need to finish the season in Diamond?


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