old school gaming on Halloween with DIDDY KONG

Happy Halloween everybody! It’s still a few hours before it gets dark so I decided to boot up my trusty Super Nintendo emulator and try something new. What are you dressing up as this year? Maybe you think you’re too old to dress up, but some of my best costumes and memories of Halloween are from my adult years. One year, a friend and I bought gorilla masks with hairy hands, rented tuxedos, and went downtown to San Diego. There was a contest for the best costume at the bar we were at, and we won first place.


I was driving up north to Seattle a few months later in the Redwood Forest when my wife was surprised at the size of the trees. I told her the huge trees are why the Sasquatch or the Bigfoot chooses to live there when I found one of the gorilla’s hands while trying to sleep in the backseat. I put the glove on and put it on her shoulder. When she reached over to hold my hand, she freaked the fuck out when she felt and saw the ape’s hand. I don’t remember how many times the car spun out, but I thought we were going to die for sure. It was a good thing it was in the middle of the night and there wasn’t anybody else on the road.


Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest was released in 1995 so it isn’t exactly new, but it is to me. I posted about my gameplay of the original Donkey Kong Country about a month ago when someone commented that the sequel was even better so I gave it a try.


At first, I was wondering where Donkey Kong had gone, but then I could see that Nintendo wanted to try something new and introduce some different ideas. They used the same technique of rendering 3D graphics on I’m sure what was a supercomputer for the time then converting those into 2D sprites. I liked using Dixie Kong as a projectile and her ability to use her hair as a double jump.


The gameplay was fun, but it felt a bit of lesser quality to the original’s level design. It was good that they went away from just strolling left to right and had some vertical levels. It could get frustrating falling down to the start of the level when missing a jump or a barrel though.


Being a Nintendo fanboy it is amazing that I’ve never seen or heard about this game until now. It can be good to get away from the gaming scene for a while because when you come back you’ll have a lot of catching up to do and will have many games to choose from. I’ve been wanting a PlayStation 5 for years now, but when I finally do get one, I’ll have a good library to choose from. I don’t think I want one until GTA 6 comes out anyways. I love reaction videos. Has anyone done a video game reaction video for any gamers who’ve been in a coma for years? Imagine their shock when seeing what kind of games we have today. Thanks for reading about my Diddy Kong gameplay today. Have a fun and safe Halloween!