It is these Temporal Masters that advised the great council until the highest in their order, the High Magus Obin Anvaras, betrayed them. Those that remain hunger for a chance to reknit time and erase the chaos heresy that brought the Legion to the Splinterlands. The horologe node is the first focus. The annulus scepter the second. But to ascend to the highest levels of the craft the anachron time mage must abandon talismans and operate by mind alone. For the rare adept blessed by visions of the turning wheel, they can shift the flow of siphilum in time’s flow by sheer force of will.

“Nodes? Where we’re going, We don’t need nodes.”

— Dr. Ammet Brunneus, Temporal Master


I honestly have no memory of using or buying the Temporal Master, but mine is at level two so I’ve opened this from packs so it just kind of appeared and has cost me nothing to obtain, but it came in handy today with its powerful magic attack that shoots the enemy’s front every other round. This card sure would come in handy at MAX with strong attack and stun abilities. It’s an epic card so it’s unlikely I’ll get another forty-two cards unless I pick some up on the market. The Chaos Legion has gone on long enough that I’ve maxed several cards just by combining all of my rewards, but I want the slow times to bear along because I still lack a strong deck. I think it’s best to max out cheap tanks in each splinter. Even if you only have a strong dragon or neutral summoner, you can kick ass.

My Temporal Master Battle:


My enemy relied on sneak attacks and weak things that could fly, but I brought out a soldier with a huge shield that absorbs attacks, and my Temporal Master was able to knock out several of their cards with each magic attack. He only attacked every other round but wrecked with each strike. I didn’t want to bother waiting for Photoshop to load so I just opened https://PhotoPea.com on my browser and used their free online Photoshop to touch up my battle.


Even with all of my enemy’s attacks on my Shieldbearer, it wasn’t enough to kill him while it rained down arrows and magic attacks taking them out one by one. Don’t mess with my life deck!


I really like that magnetic shield that takes all of the pain. I think it’s one of the most OP abilities in Splinterlands. If you can provide them with healers and armorers strong taunt cards can be unstoppable.


You have zero chance. If you only knew the power of the life splinter. Join us or go back to death.

Temporal Master.png

Thanks for reading about my Temporal Master battle today and thank you Splinterlands for making this game and allowing us to learn and earn from the weekly challenges. There are so many things going on in the Splinterverse right now that it’s hard to focus on where to shop.

Should I max out my Chaos Legion deck or get a bunch of soccer, tower defense, or Riftwatchers cards?

I’m poor so you don’t want financial advice from me, but I’m just getting one of each whenever I can. I hope I can get some land before it becomes too expensive too.


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