Share Your Battle – DRAGONS + the legendary Riftwatcher from Lemell


As a siren, Azura Kye loves spending her days in the sky and her nights deep beneath the waves. She is a third-generation Riftwatcher who grew up listening to her grandparent’s stories of the Chaos Legion’s invasion of their homeworld, Lemell. Azura learned to fight at a young age and grew to become a renowned sorceress. She also has an incredible aptitude for runemancy and has developed a variety of mana-infused weapons and gadgets for her allies to employ in their fight against the Chaos Legion. On the battlefield, she has proven herself repeatedly, facing off against the Legion’s scouts on various realms and harassing their forces with clandestine, insurgent tactics. Once, she even single-handedly brought down a kraken. Subsequently, she rose quickly through the ranks of the Riftwatchers. Time passed, and so too did the old guard. Azura was an obvious choice to replace them. Honored to follow in the footsteps of her predecessors, she now wears the mantle of Runemancer. She is a natural leader and a champion of the people, dedicating her life to stopping the Chaos Legion threat.”

-Riftwatchers Splinterlore


Runemancer Kye is a water Riftwatchers card, but she definitely has some dragon-like qualities. She can fly. She can also drain the life of her enemy with each attack making her OP sometimes. I’d be happy to have just a level one of each Riftwatchers card for now but her strong magic attack at level four when maxed could come in handy. Now that Lux Vega has entered the story, my approach to summoners may change. I’ll definitely rent her for the last few days of the season or as soon as I can grind to the Diamond League. I used to fear entering the league of diamonds, but I’ll feel much better with a Lux Vega that can summon any MAX monster unless they’re a dragon. Now that the Chaos Legion will be gone by March I feel that the only summoner I will have maxed was my dragon. There’s just not enough time or money for me to MAX any other summoners, but knowing that I can always rent Lux Vega, I feel confident I’ll do better in the Diamond League even if some of my summoners are at level 5.


My enemy also chose dragons. They should have selected stronger tank cards because it was easy to plow through their front. My favorite part about dragons is that they can choose any splinter, red, blue, green, white, or black. Dragons are usually pretty strong and have better abilities than standard splinters. If I ever quit the game and burn off all of my Splinterassetts, I’d keep all of my dragons just in case I missed the game and came crawling back. It’d be a much easier uphill battle knowing your dragons will be there most of the time. I’m not sure about the percentage of the matches that allow for dragons, but it feels like it’s more than 75% to me. Does anybody know the dragon availability rate?


I had taken out one of their cards from both the front and back by the second round. They didn’t have a foul lineup, but my tank had thorns that damaged the enemy with every melee attack. My knife-wielding angel did lots of damage to their rear while my magic attack cards went to work.


Even though their Chaos Dragon was stronger than mine, it wasn’t enough.


In the end, only those with wings were left because this battle occurred during an earthquake. Runemancer Kye is one of my favorite Riftwatcher cards, but I haven’t been lucky enough to find her in any packs. I can only afford one pack a week so wish me luck and may the power of the dragons be with you!


Check out my dragon battle: