battling with LUX VEGA for the first time

Howdy fellow Splinterlanders. Today I’d like to share my battle using Lux Vega, the first neutral summoner, and the Gem Meteor. The Diemonshark also came in handy.


Lux Vega is awesome. She is new but has quickly won my heart and is my favorite card. She’s the only neutral summoner and can raise any monster to its max level except for dragons. She adds one health, one shield, and speed to every monster. At about $700 she is a bit too expensive for me, but I rented her for about $1 for the rest of the season. Can you spot all of the elements in her look? Her left eye has the power of water and the right death. She has a grey outfit representing the neutral and some fire in her hat and card. Her skin is the color of life and her cane has the power of the earth.Lux Vega.png

No one knows who Lux Vega is or where she came from. Some say she is a wealthy heiress from the Mortician city of Beluroc. Others say her origins began as a humble priestess within the Peace of Light Monastery. Still, more say she is a graduate of the Summun Infuria, where she was personally trained by Malric Inferno. Whatever the truth behind her origins, though, one thing is certain: Lux Vega knows how to have a good time.


The Gem Meteor isn’t so interesting at level one, but once you max it out it can make a big difference with 4 ranged attack points, scattershot, and the piercing ability. I don’t think I’ve ever used this card in battle until today. I’d really like it if Splinterlands would show how many times you’ve used a card and its win rate. There are tools that show each card’s win rate, but that is across the entire blockchain and may not be relevant to your deck or play history.


My enemy had strong cards and a good strategy of putting the healer in the rear and a rear healer to heal them up. They put the Pelacor Conjurer out front like most people do, but they should’ve used a strong tank instead. Maybe they thought I was going to rely on magic attacks. That would have been a good guess because it is my favorite way to attack, but not today.


By round 2 it was unclear who was going to win. When you first get the Pelacor Conjurer it seems pretty worthless, but once you max this cool-looking angel out it will surely come in handy.


The Diemonshark is one of the strongest tanks because after it kills it can then trample the next card in line. I used to love the Sea Monster, but the Diemonshark seems to win more even though it lacks the self-healing ability.


By round 4, victory was a sure thing and I hadn’t lost a single card. I know it’s not a priority or that important to the overall fun, but there really should be a bonus for defeating your enemy without losing any of your own cards.


I don’t think there are any Splinterlands cards that can take on six against one. Maybe Kron the Undying if all of the opponent’s cards were weak. Thanks for reading about my battle victory today.luxcard.png

It’s going to take a really special OP card to dethrone my favorite card, Lux Vega. What’s your favorite Splinterlands card?


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