The Forgotten One and its Molten Ash Golem

Hello, fellow Splinterlanders. Today I’d like to share my fire battle from hell with the Forgotten One and its spawn the Molten Ash Golem.


The Molten Ash Golems are birthed from a creature known as the Forgotten One. Created by the High Magus of the Crypteia and serving as his servant, the Forgotten One is a fiery beast of might and malice.

With its slow speed, a healthy amount of life, and ability to attack from the front position, the Molten Ash Golem can serve as a primary or secondary tank if the ruleset is where the slow go first. This card is so cheap that it doesn’t make sense not to get a fully MAXed copy. Maybe you’re not near the Diamond League, but when you get there you’ll be happy to have as many cheap cards MAXed out as you can before it’s too late.

Lux Vega.png

Now you can rent just one summoner, Lux Vega, and use everything but your dragon cards making the jump from the Gold League to Diamond League a bit less dramatic. Before Lux came along I’d just get my foot in the diamond door and then quit playing for the rest of the season because the competition was too fierce, but she has made playing in the Diamond League a possibility for me.


My enemy chose a tank that can heal itself so it was important that I took it out fast. My Chaos Dragon was able to randomly take out two of their cards with one shot that got the fight off to a good start.


I don’t use the fire splinter often because it lacks healers, but it has some heavy hitters which can be the better choice sometimes. I use my dragon summoner way too often because it’s the only strong summoner I have unless I’m renting Lux Vega.


In the end, there can be only one, the Forgotten One, and his Molten Ash Golem. A dragon or two would be nice too. Thanks for reading about my battle.


How’s your Riftwatchers journey going? Have you collected every card yet? I still prefer my Chaos Legion summoners, but other than the summoners I’ve opened or bought almost all of the Riftwatchers. With the super low price of SPS and the GLX airdrop going on I’ve only unstaked enough SPS to open one pack per week. I’m still trying to level up my summoners and get GLG and Tower Defense packs when I can so it feels like there are too many choices right now, but when there are several games running under the GLS umbrella it will soon be the norm. Do you remember that movie about the Vietnam War where the soldier is sad that one day the war will end? Well, that’s how I feel about this bear market. I hope it goes on for a while longer so I can get a strong deck before the bull comes back and everything will be crazy expensive. What do you think of the plan to have new reward cards be soul bound? I love my Gladius cards so I think it will be a positive change to the game. What do you think?


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