The River Nymph came out of the water again.

River Nymphs inhabit the rivers of the Splinterlands. Shy and reclusive, they usually remain hidden beneath the water’s surface. However, they have a strong respect for life, and they have been known to aid those in need. They are also fiercely protective of their homes and will defend them if it is threatened.


The poison gas seems to come often so you can’t play water without the River Nymph. She’ll make it so the first card isn’t affected by some negative rules before she dies and can do a dash of magic damage too. At level four she’ll amplify special abilities like thorns or reflection. If you MAX your River Nymph she’ll also add some speed.


Djinn Oshannus is getting pretty sick and tired of seeing his niece the River Nymph leave the water dressed like that again, but she helped win this poisonous battle against fire. The enemy had the same idea of using a cleanser, but their first card was such a weak tank that it was used in vain. You want to choose a tank that will last and do some damage, not something weak that will die with one hit wasting your only cleanse.


While my enemy wisely chose The Chosen One which isn’t affected by the gas it was sitting in the back row too long and when it did have the chance to strike my Djinn Oshannus he found it was a MAX level card with a forcefield that makes any attack over 5 only do 1 point of meaningless damage. The demon didn’t get hurt by the gas each round but it took two hits of life each time Djinn Oshannus magic attacked.


Anyone who’s played Splinterlands ranked battles regularly should all have a MAX Djinn Oshannus by now. Thank you for reading about this fun Splinterlands battle of mine today. This game gets way more fun and rewarding when you get closer to the top. I promise. If you haven’t already, then you should get into this great game. I’ve been a gamer since 1984 and Splinterlands has been my favorite game since 2019. Maybe I’ll change my mind after I get a PlayStation 5 or a Steam Deck.


The Riftwatchers cards are mana heavy but so powerful that I want to have all of them before the sale ends. Even if you only add cheap level one common and rare Riftwatchers cards to your deck you will see more victories. I’m a bit disappointed my bot account hasn’t begun using them though. They say the bot needs more time to analyze the blockchain, but it’s been a long time now.


Genesis League Goals has card staking available now. How much GLX will we get per pack per day? I don’t know what to do with my daily GLX rewards so I just restake them every day. I’m not a football or soccer fan but I do know of Messi. If he comes over to the MLS it will be a big deal and I’d love to open him up in one of my GLG packs.line.png

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