Having a blasting X-mas with the Prismologist

Prismologists are experts at illusory and light-based magic using prisms. Armed with their custom-built prism, they bring them to the battlefield to manipulate magic around themselves. Light dances around them in a rainbow of colors as they lay waste on a bloody battleground.

It took me a day and a half to win using the Prismologist here for this post so I guess I need to learn how to use her better. Blast used to be the go-to ability back in the Beta days of Splinterlands, but I don’t use it much anymore unless I’m using my Chaos Dragon. I doubt I’ll be maxing the Prismologist out, but I’ll at least get her up to level four where she’ll have the Forcefield, and attacks at five or more will only sting one point.

My enemy seemed to make good use of both Chaos Legion and Riftwathers cards, but they would have done better spamming magic attacks. I went with the Life splinter and my Legendary tank which can self-heal and a bunch of ranged and magic attack cards.

My tank took a lot of damage from the first round, but most of my ranged and magic attack cards were unharmed. The battle still could have gone either way at this point.

The god of war favored me by the third round. From here on the enemy’s cards fell one by one.

It’s not true for every Splinterlands battle, but it seems that if you can knock down your enemy’s tank then the rest will fall down like dominoes. Thank you for reading about my Splinterlands battle this Christmas. It may seem like this run of cards has been going on forever, but they will seem old in no time and we’ll regret not maxing out more of them when we had the chance.

I know this is the tenth time I’ve suggested making a bonus for a flawless victory where you defeat your enemy without losing a single card, but I’ve just gone to https://support.splinterlands.com to request it so maybe it’ll happen. I doubt it gets noticed here or there, but it’s a good idea that could add a bit of fun to the gameplay.

Where’s your LAND?

I bought three plots of land when they were first available for sale for $10 back in 2019. They may have even been cheaper than that in a presale if I remember correctly. I, unfortunately, had to sell two plots back in July or I would have gone to jail, been deported, and blacklisted from my favorite country for overstaying my visa for almost two years. It may be better to have just one plot per account and focus on leveling up just that spot, but we’ll see. I held on to a few old summoners I haven’t needed in a long time just in case I need them for working my LAND. I hope you get a castle or something legendary when it’s revealed and that next year will be better than this one!

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