Why she chose the CuRSED WiNDEkU

CuRSED WiNDEkU are nightmarish creatures that live in the deepest and darkest woods. They hunt at night, stalking their prey before attacking with their claws, while their thorn-like horns and natural healing ability provide an excellent defense. They exude a pungent pheromone that reduces the reaction time of their victims, often allowing the WiNDEkU to begin devouring them before they are dead. While these lifeless creatures may appear animalistic, they are highly intelligent. They have heeded the call put forth by the Lord of Darkness. Their thirst for blood is now focused on the Chaos Legion.


The CuRSED WiNDEkU is an excellent Death card because it doesn’t eat up much mana, can heal, and hurt anyone with its thorns who dare attack it with melee. I’d love to have a MAX copy because it can make the enemy slower.


ชอบที่CuRSED WiNDEkUเต็มชีวิตตัวเองได้และเวลาคนอื่นทำลายมันเขาโดนเจ็บ2คะแนนเขาจะทำให้คนอื่นช้าลงถ้ามันMAX


Death is my favorite splinter other than Dragon because it weakens the enemy’s magic and life by one.




The cobra snake is one of the best low-level cards because it has venom and can sneak. It was really hard to kill this enemy’s tank because it seemed like he dodged most of my attacks and never got the snake’s venom. Thanks for reading about my wife’s battle today.


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