The Twilight Basilisk is one of the fiercest predators in the sands surrounding the Draykh-Nahka city of Centrum. They are considered reptiles in the snake family, although some older residents of the Dragon Splinter think of them as Dragon relatives. Basilisks are the largest type of snake in the Splinterlands, but it only takes a small amount of venom to kill a bronk.


The Twilight Basilisk is probably one of the cards you’ve MAXed out just from gameplay rewards. It may not seem that strong but the Twilight Basilisk can take out more powerful enemies with its reach and stun ability. I don’t have the money to max out all of my summoners so only my dragon cards are maxed out and I use this card as part of my meta. It also has a pretty good attack speed and life for the mana it uses.


My enemy chose the typical life summoner lineup. They thought they could get me with ranged and magic attacks but my sneak attacks were too much for them. My tank was about as twice as good as theirs too.


Most of the enemy’s cards were taken out in the second round. I put up a meat shield to protect my healer, but my enemy didn’t attack the rear.


Once you take out the enemy’s tank you will usually win the battle. You can smash through your enemy in the front or the middle or the rear. I prefer using the sneak ability and taking out my enemy one by one from the back. A lot of people forget to protect their backs in this game.


The Twilight Basilisk works as a pretty good secondary tank just in case you lose your primary tank. The enemy tank could be two or three times more powerful than your Twilight Basilisk but if it gets stunned every time it will never get the opportunity to attack you.


Kron the Undying is the only card I can think of that could take this. What other cards can survive alone in this situation?

Twilight Basilisk.png

Thanks for reading about my dragon battle today. Twilight Basilisk is one of my favorite cards. If you haven’t maxed it out already, you can do so pretty cheaply. I like using my dragon cards because you can choose any splinter that is available. I’m happy to have many maxed-out dragon splinter cards, but I don’t know what splinter to upgrade next. All of my other splinters are currently at level 6. Right now I’m leaning toward maxing out the Death splinter. Which do you think is best?


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