Djinn Inferni for the Diamond Win

Djinn Inferni is the eldest of the ancient wardens of fire, spirits of flame that dwell in the deepest rivers of stone. Second only to Lord Janai himself, he is prideful and cunning, but fiercely loyal to his master. With the opening of the rift and the betrayal of Djinn Muriat he has taken up a blood oath of vengeance against the chaos exercitus, rising to the surface to lay waste to the enemies of stone and fire.


The Djinn Inferni is one of the game’s cover models, so you know it’s a powerful card. This is one of the few cards I still have lingering at level one, but even at its lowest level, it is a powerful card that can kill giants or anyone with 10 or more mana because it does double damage against them. I would love to MAX this guy out, but it’s a bit too pricey for me. I’ve MAXed my Dragon summoner and the key cheap cards, but all of my other summoners are at level 6 which is good enough to coast through the Gold League and attempt to swim to the deep end of the Diamond League. I used to have a favorite splinter and would have one maxed and one completely neglected, but I’ve found spreading everything out evenly is best.


My battle was the last one to earn 5 diamond chests before the time ran out. It had the thorn and fury ability for the ruleset so I wanted to rely on mostly magic attacks. Still, I love putting those Exploding Rats out front because they can soften up the tank, do some damage to the secondary with the blast, and hurt every enemy by one health point when it dies when it uses the redemption ability. It was a pretty unfair match because my enemy had all level-one cards. The only splinter available was Fire so this must be the splinter they neglected. I think it’s OK to neglect one or two splinters, but you’ll be sorry when you end up having to use them. I was quite surprised to see someone with all level-one cards in the Diamond League.

diamond chests.png

I didn’t get anything good, but one chest had over 2,000 merits inside which I was happy to see because that’s just enough to open a Gladius pack. I wonder how many players are stacking up those merits but can’t use them because they haven’t joined a guild with a level 2 store. If you are not already in or own a guild then I highly recommend it because it gives the game a sense of community and teamwork. I want to do as best I can in every brawl battle because my whole team will get more rewards if we all do well. Don’t sign up for a brawl and then not show up because that will make everyone in your team angry. If you are interested in joining my guild then look for the Mandalorians. We have about 5 slots open and are in real need of some Gold foil players.


It seems like I earn enough merits every other brawl to open Gladius packs. I think it’s really cool that the only way to open these cards is from gameplay. It doesn’t matter how much cash you have, you can only earn merits and Gladius cards if you actually play the game. I haven’t maxed out any Gladius cards yet, but I doubt very many people have. Thanks for reading about my battle today. Are you looking forward to earning the new soul-bound reward cards?



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