Defeating GRUND for the weekly SPLINTERLANDS Battle Challenge

Grund has spent his entire life in the lowlands of Praetoria and has grown to love the land and its people. First introduced to the lore of battle as a hatchling, he has studied it ever since with enthusiasm. When he became a juvenile his hands found steel, an old rusting sword abandoned and forgotten in the swamp by some intrepid explorer. Before long it became an extension of himself as he applied all he had learnt, quickly mastering blade work. From then on, he became obsessed with the art of armed combat and he practised with any weapons he could get his hands on. Grund is well loved amongst the people of Praetoria and he is a staunch defender of them, his strong ideals of honor and justice infused within in from a young age. When he heard of the Chaos Legion invasion, Grund took up his hammers in anger and sought them out immediately.

Croc Archer.png

I don’t participate in the weekly Splinterlands Art Contest often, but I created my own Earth character I called, Croc Archer, which was inspired by Grund a few months ago. I lost my job during the pandemic because I refused to get the jab so I took the Veteran’s Affairs up on their offer of getting job retraining and chose an online Photoshop course. My goal was to become an NFT artist. I’ve put some of my art up at OpenSea, but I’ve yet to get any offers. I hate using the ETH blockchain so I didn’t list anything and just hoped someone would come along with an offer. Maybe the market is flooded or maybe my art just sucks, but at least I gave it a shot. I like the idea of always getting a percentage of future sales so I will sell my art for one cent if anyone offers that. I put the resale percentage at 7% because it seemed like a healthy number without being too greedy. Maybe I’d do better using the Hive NFT marketplace. I always use any HBD I earn for getting more cards so I haven’t saved up enough BEE tokens to get verified yet, but I’ll give it a try soon. Can I put the same art on Hive that I minted on OpenSea? It’s my art so I don’t see why not, but maybe it’s against the rules.


Grund is a powerful melee card because it has the double strike ability, but he’s definitely a niche card. I only use him when melee can attack from any position or in high-mana matches with a taunt card. I couldn’t win with Grund to save my life in the past couple of days so I chose to show a battle where I defeated him instead. This battle shows why he’s not the best choice for a tank card because I was able to take him and most of my enemy’s cards out by the second round. Life was the strongest splinter back in the day and has become the weakest in modern matches, but it still has its moments.


Thanks for reading about my Grund battle. What do you think about Grund?line.png
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