SPLINTERLANDS: No Arrows, No Problem

Many centuries ago, the Pelacor followed the prophet, Edalus, on what has become known as the ‘Exile.’ They followed him into the Mountains of Fire surrounding Mount Praetorous. For generations, they lived alone in these mountains, hidden away. They were taught to worship the sun and moon gods, Solaki and Lunaki, deities dreamt into existence from the bones of Edalus’ dead parents and his zealous mind. The scriptures read that the two Gods were carried into the heavens upon pieces of consecrated land, torn from the World to raise them high so that their worshipers would always look up to them and forever be beneath their great heavenly power.


The Pelacor Mercenary must be my favorite card because it’s the only one I have three fully maxed-out copies of. I love cards that can heal themselves because healers are usually of low health and are easily taken out by opportunity strikes. Flying comes in handy for earthquakes and retaliating is a huge ability too. Your card may be taken out but, at least they get in one last strike of revenge before they go to Splinterheaven.


The Pelacor Mercenary is just a pretty clone of the old-school Flesh Golem, but there are only 14,000 of these golems left so this once just a penny card is selling for a dollar per card making a MAX copy out of reach for me, and most other players so I’m glad I can get a cheaper more handsome version that can fly.


I don’t care how I win I just want to win and often times that means having to revert to the cowardly and thoughtless strategy of just going all magic attack.


I’m like one of those annoying kids who couldn’t actually compete in Street Fighter so they just sit back and release Ryu’s Hadoukens over and over again sometimes at different speeds to through off your timing.


I did want to have at least one melee attack for this battle after my Mycelic Slipspawn bit the dust. I usually put the Mycelic Slipspawn in the rear and heal him with a back healer, but I had to put him out front this time to use up all of my mana.


My enemy had a decent strategy, but the magic spamming was just too much for them.


Thanks for reading about my magic spam victory today. It used to make me so mad whenever the enemy bots or players would revert to this thoughtless way of winning battles, but you got to do what you got to do to win that precious SPS!


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