Blasted with Arrows in Your Face

Yodin Zaku was a War Demon of the times before the Splintering so long ago. He was a hybrid child born of two warring races, the Efreet and the Bulludae, the Demons of War. But he never perished. His being was imprisoned in an ancient artifact that preserved his life, and now, nearly a thousand years after the Splintering, Yodin has opened his eyes and risen from his bondage.

Yodin Zaku.pngSLiNe.png1.png

🔥Yodin🔥 is a beast. I wish this were a post where I smashed him with a brilliant counter or more robust and faster cards, but sadly, this was another victory for the war demon.


Getting a MAX copy of 🔥Yodin🔥 would cost almost as much as my entire deck. I would much rather have a Lux Vega to use with any splinter, but if money were no object I’d surely have 🔥Yodin Zaku🔥 in my lineup. I’m glad that he’s an UNTAMED card and will get phased out to the Wild League soon. I would block him from being used by my enemy brawlers, but he’s rare enough of a card that it would be a waste. After asking everyone in the guild which card we should block, most chose 🌳Kron the Undying🌳. Which card do you or would you like to block from your enemy to use?


It’s good to follow the rulesets and choose cards from your hopefully diverse deck of cards that will do best in that situation. Since this was a 🎯Close Range🎯 battle any archers will be able to shoot while in the front line so I chose the life summoner because the hippo increases ranged attack power. Even though I used mostly MAX-level cards and a strong lineup that has won many times in the past, it was no match for getting blasted with strong ranged attacks from the mighty 🔥Yodin🔥.

3.pngUriel the Purifier.png

Uriel the Purifier is a tough tank that can take serious punishment with his shields, life, and self heal, but there were just too many arrows falling from the sky today.


I’m not really sure what to do when you know you’re up against 🔥Yodin🔥. If I had to do this battle again I would have tried going with 🌳Obsidian🌳 and just magic spamming, but I doubt that would’ve worked either. How do you defeat the war demon?


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