You can reflect magic and there’s poisonous gas? REVEALER doesn’t care!

One of the most dangerous warlocks to fight within the Chaos Legion ranks, the Revealers are often released within the first waves of attack. Almost like casting a stone into a pool and watching the ripples unsettle the surface before the small waves break over the edges, the Revealers spread terror amongst their foe, indiscriminately casting their magic with dire effect whilst almost immune to the damage and enchantments thrown back at them. It is said that even their own allies fear them and it’s not unusual for a Revealer to turn upon their own in the name of their goddess, Kuktune, being as they are, so obsessed with death and destruction.


Last week it took days for the week’s Battle Mage Secrets ruleset to show up, but I got two battles back to back this time. My first battle was against an enemy who only leveled up a few of their splinters so when they were forced to use one of the splinters they’ve neglected, Life, they were no match for someone like me who believes in spreading the power evenly across the splinters. They also put out the armorer as the tank. I’ve never seen anybody do this before. I understand what they were thinking. It’s unlikely I was going to use magic attacks because of the magic reflect rule so they thought they could armor up themselves while their sneak attack monsters destroyed me from behind, but their meat shield in the front was taken out in the first round. They did take out my rear card and an archer, but he wasn’t doing anything other than absorbing attacks as a meat shield.


I was sure I had lost this battle because my daughter was crying loudly as the clock was running out so I just clicked on some cards before the time ran out and I still had 10 mana left before I hit the battle button at zero seconds. It was a magic reflect and poisonous gas battle so I chose Harklaw and Revealer because they are immune to the gas. In the end, it came down to just my Revealer and their Caladuun, but the Revealer won because he wasn’t hurt when his own magic attacks were sent back at him.


I didn’t realize how powerful Revealer was until I maxed him out. It’s fun shopping for cards on the market, but I’m especially proud of cards like this which I’ve maxed out simply by combining my daily and seasonal rewards.


Speaking of rewards, how is your collection of the new reward cards going? I just opened a gold foil summoner. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a gold summoner before so it’s a welcome reward. He looks really cool too. Thanks for reading about my battles and Splinterjourney today. Have a great week. May the secret of Pratoria be with you!


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