They can’t kill my ants!

An Antoid Platoon typically consists of five to seven Fire Ants, each approximately the size of a man’s fist. They are well-armored and wield shields and spears that, while tiny, provide a formidable defense and offense against the antoid’s foes. Operating through a shared hive mind, the Antoid Platoon is employed to defend Ant Miners, other workers, the colony, and its queen. They are also known to become aggressive when invaders encroach upon their homes and surrounding territory.


I sure love my Antoid Platoon. It was one of the first cards that I MAXed out. I’m not willing to pay $5 a month to SplinterCoach to see my personal stats, but I have no doubt that the Antoid Platoon would be one of my MVP most-winning of cards because they seem to never die. Once you get the Antoid Platoon leveled up to level six, they’ll have the ability to eat up life points from both the dead enemy and friendly cards. I’ve seen the ants have up to 23 life points before. Whenever there is a little league battle that only allows cards with 4 mana or less to be played, I always choose my Exploding Rats followed up with the Antoid Platoon.Cursed Windeku.png

Cursed Windeku are nightmarish creatures that live in the deepest and darkest woods. They hunt at night, stalking their prey before attacking with their claws, while their thorn-like horns and natural healing ability provide an excellent defense. They exude a pungent pheromone that reduces the reaction time of their victims, often allowing the Windeku to begin devouring them before they are dead. While these lifeless creatures may appear animalistic, they are highly intelligent. They have heeded the call put forth by the Lord of Darkness. Their thirst for blood is now focused on the Chaos Legion.


My battle today was against one of my favorite death cards, Cursed Windeku. You must level it up to at least level 5 where it gets the self-heal ability if you want to win with this card. I’m surprised I haven’t MAXed out my Cursed Windeku because it’s one of my favorite cards, but I’m doing fine with a level 6 version. The self-heal ability is awesome, but the Cursed Windeku has thrones from level one.


My battle today only had the opportunity ruleset with 13 mana so I went with my usual red team low-level card lineup. My enemy would have done a lot better sticking the Cursed Windeku in the middle or rear. They thought they could self-heal through the fight, but they were wrong because my ants’ ability to gain power from the dead did better.

When there is an opportunity battle your enemy will go after your weakest cards so it’s good to set up some bait for your enemy while you smash them with strong cards, but with only 13 mana I could only afford one bait card. Fiends take up 0 mana so you should have all of them because they can really make the difference between victory and defeat. They may be weak, but they can waste a powerful monster’s turn which can give you the battle advantage.


Thanks for reading about my battle today. What do you like to do when it’s an opportunity match?


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