Archers Only

Quix had wandered the chaos realm for so long, he’d almost forgotten where his life had begun. Most of the memories only came to him in dreams now, flashes of images that were hard to connect and make any sense of. It was only when he came upon the Ravaged Void and rested by its black well that something stirred within him. It prompted a deep hunger for mana and he became obsessed with magic. Not only that, but the images he saw in his dreams became clearer and he witnessed great dragons. Some of them were native to the realm of chaos and some looked completely alien. Their nature appealed to him and demanded his attention, and so he remained by the void where over time his power grew, the vast emptiness filling him with potent energy.

Quix the Devious.png

Quix the Devious is my favorite summoner because he’s a 🐉dragon🐉 which means he can summon any splinter and he also slows down the enemy and reduces their ranged attacks. I remember opening him in a pack and seeing he is a winner so I MAXed him out even though it was very expensive to do so at the time. I’ve got all of my other summoners leveled up to level 6 so they are at the top level for the Gold League where I seem to spend most of the season. When I can make it to the Diamond League, I have to rely on him a lot because it seems like most people are playing with MAX-level cards. Luckily summoners have never been cheaper than they are now so hopefully I can MAX a few more before the bull market suddenly comes along putting them out of my budget.


This was a challenging battle because it had three rules. Divine Shield just means that every card will take one hit without taking any damage. I didn’t factor that into my selection at all, but the other two rules only allowed for cards using 4 mana or less and for archers only which really limited our options. It seems like the new thing to do is to sacrifice a martyr card first so it can boost the stats of nearby cards and that’s what we both did, but my summoner reduced their archers’ attack power which helped me win. Having most of my cards at MAX level also gave me the edge. I’ve been able to MAX many of my cards from just the HBD earnings from these @Splinterlands posts because they support you with big upvotes if you participate in their weekly challenges with good content.Kelya Frendul.png

Kelya Frendul is my favorite non-dragon summoner. She is a great summoner that wins more than the others because she increases both shields and speed. I would love to MAX her too, but she’s expensive. I’ll MAX out the other cheaper summoners first because she’s kinda the same as Quix the Devious.

The Great Burn


Did you win any prizes burning DEC last month?


I sadly won nothing, but no hard feelings because I now have 10,000 guild points which I can contribute to guild buildings. My guild only asks for 300 DEC a season so I’ll have enough to contribute for a while.


I was also happy to help our community burn DEC which should help the economy in the long run and I got a chance to see how many people are taking this game more seriously than I am which is over a thousand. I would be concerned if I was one of the top players and discouraged if there had been a huge number of people above me. I think this burning event was a massive success because we came together as a community and burned over 500 million tokens! I doubt there are any other communities around that can work together like this in the crypto-gaming world right now.


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