Blood Lust -vs- Life Leech

Banished from below over the past several decades, there has been a bitter feud between the Venari people and the Dream Warden, who rules the Underworld realm. The Dream Warden collects the bodies and souls of dream criminals from all over the world, confining them in an elaborate prison of illusions that resembles a dream. When the Dream Warden’s territory became overfull of prisoners, he began expanding into the Strite and interfering with the daily lives of the Venari. The Venari are fighters and not the type to be bullied, so they resisted the loss of their valuable land. For nearly 30 years, an underground war occurred between the Dream Warden’s nightmare forces and the Venari people from below. The Dream Warden was ultimately victorious, but he had to sacrifice the captivity of every one of his prisoners to find that victory. All in a moment, he released their minds and bodies, but not before implanting a single thought into their waking consciousnesses: The Venari must be banished to the surface.


The Venari Bonesmith is a card that was massively overprinted so I managed to get two MAXed copies for cheap. One for play and one for renting out. I wasn’t sure what kind of land plot I was going to get so I got a variety of MAX-level cards. Now that DEC is no longer handed out like free candy, we must find other ways to earn it. I rent out any gold foil cards that I also have a stronger standard card of, hold the SBT token (It drips VouchersSPS, and DEC daily directly to your game account), and I convert all of my HBD to DEC from all of my Hive posts. The Venari Bonesmith is a strong card for the mana used. It can life leech which means it steals heart life from the enemy with each magic strike. If you put it in the right spot it can get up to twenty life points or more which can win you the match. It also can poison and dispel.

battle.pngI like to share my battles as animated GIFs, but I got utterly smashed by my enemy because of Grum Flameblade‘s blood lust ability where my enemy didn’t lose a single card so a simple screenshot will do. Blood Lust boosts all of the card’s stats each time it kills so once it gets on a roll it can be impossible to stop and that’s what happened to me today. This was a “healed-out” battle where neither summoner nor healer cards work so I went with a bunch of life leech and scavenger cards. This usually works, but not when Grum gets a taste for blood. I really love him and plan on getting him to MAX level soon, but he’s good enough at level 3 for me now. Thanks for reading about my battle today. What do you do when healing is not allowed?


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