Keep Your Distance

Many centuries ago, the Pelacor followed the prophet, Edalus, on what has become known as the ‘Exile.’ They followed him into the Mountains of Fire surrounding Mount Praetorous. For generations, they lived alone in these mountains, hidden away. They were taught to worship the sun and moon gods, Solaki and Lunaki, deities dreamt into existence from the bones of Edalus’ dead parents and his zealous mind. The scriptures read that the two Gods were carried into the heavens upon pieces of consecrated land, torn from the World to raise them high so that their worshipers would always look up to them and forever be beneath their great heavenly power.


How are all of you fellow Splinterlanders doing today? Have you been enjoying this long dip in the bear cave? How much longer do you think it can last? I hope it continues for another year or at least long enough for me to MAX my entire deck and stock up on SPS. I’ve got three summoners, a few Legendary, and most Common cards MAXed, so if the bull sneaks up on us before the halving, at least I’ll be able to keep battling in the Gold and Diamond Leagues, but what I want is to get back into Champion. I was there in the Beta days, but things were different back then. You couldn’t lock your cards. There wasn’t the community we enjoy today and there weren’t any useful video streamers to learn from. I didn’t take Splinterlands seriously back then because I figured there would be a better blockchain-based play-to-earn game come along so I sold all of my Beta and Alpha cards. I won’t make the same mistake with my Chaos Legion cards. They may not be as valuable, but they look way better and are mostly more powerful. Do you think Rebellion will be even stronger or will it be a dud like most of Untamed? I’m guessing it will be a dud like most TV shows where you have a consequential episode followed by a filler. I’ll make sure to get one of every card, then I’ll wait a few months for prices to drop before I start MAXing anything over one cent per card.


My battle today was played by my wife. She was the Death team and her enemy was the Life team. I was about to do the same thing as the enemy out of habit because the Pelacor Conjurer is the go-to card when mana is limited or melee is not allowed, but this battle also had the rule that all cards lose their abilities so he wasn’t going to reflect magic so my wife’s choice of going with the most health possible for the minimal mana allowed as well as the Death summoner’s nerfing the enemy’s magic was the way to go.


I often joke with her that she would’ve made and maybe was a good general with her strategic mind in the past life, but the universe is punishing her now, so she must be my wife to make up for her past sins. It’s annoying that she doesn’t even know what the Hive Blockchain is and can’t remember her Facebook or Google passwords, but she’s way better at the game than I am. I’m glad she’s on my side and helping our guild win brawls.

keep your distance.png

Did you see the historic congressional briefing today? It was boring so I fell asleep a few minutes into it. I just remember something about non-human intelligence and how it’s ruining the game so they removed it from Modern ranked battles. Does it seem easier or harder now that the bots are mostly gone? I haven’t really noticed the difference, but I’m glad the bots are gone. What about you? Do you think we should vote to remove bots from Wild too?


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