Near the eastern edge of the Rayso Range in Mortis, the creepies and crawlies grow quite massive. In this survival of the fittest giant insect situation, the scorpions have thrived, bullying every other species into submission. The Lord of Darkness believes the giant insects result from the strange purple gasses that seep through the cracks of Bren-Ha, and he has plans to throw more giant monsters into the mountain as an experiment.

Blinding Reflector.png

Blinding Reflectors, also known as Reflects, are unique among Life magic elementalists in that they channel their Life essence into their shields. They are the first units into battle and stand at the front of the line, firing a concentrated beam of Life energy to blind their enemies and reflect any magic attacks against them. If multiple Reflects use their abilities in unison, they can create a ray of light as bright as the sun.

Giant stats.png

I got beat today in a Little League battle that only allows cards with four mana or less to be selected. The main card my enemy put out front was the Giant Scorpion. I’ve never heard of or seen this card until today so let’s check it out.

I wouldn’t have paid any attention to the Giant Scorpion because I didn’t like the Untamed edition of cards. They are now expensive and will soon be unplayable in Modern League so I don’t even look at most of them. I’ll rent a few Legendary or other OP Untamed cards toward the end of the season, but this Giant Scorpion never appeared on my screen until today.

It’s a strong card when it’s at MAX level, but I could get a few or more great Chaos Legion cards instead of this one expensive Giant Scorpion. It looks cool so I’ll at least get a level one card.SLiNe.png1.png

I thought I had this battle because the Giant Scorpion looked weak and all of my cards were well-placed MAX-level cards. My enemy also had mostly MAX-level cards but a better ranged and magic attack strategy. At least I killed their Giant Scorpion before seeing my team slaughtered in battle.


⚽️GLG⚽️ is now playable! I know a lot of the community feels the graphics look lame, but I’ve played the game several times even though I’ve never been a football or soccer fan and felt the gameplay was fun. I tried showing my wife and she watched me play two or three times before she told me I was dumb and to let her play so I’m glad I’ll have my wife-bot attacking this game too. I use a few bots to play the accounts of my kids who’ve lost interest in the game, but my wife is a better player than the bots by at least a factor of two. I think I’m almost as good as a bot so I don’t suck completely, but I’m OG and know some old-school Splintertricks.


What do you like to do when it’s only 4 mana or less allowed? I love going with 🐲Dragon🐲 and then 🔥Fire🔥 choosing the fastest cards first. I’ll blast them with my exploding rats and grind through them with my ants. What about you? What’s your strategy?line.png

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