Lost Legends

The family Towershead is a simple, mountain-dwelling clan from the upper Seed Mountains of Anumun. While the family has a long and rich history of involvement in the development of Lyveria and the Maglarian Reformation, sunset has fallen on their line. Quora’s parents, Kurion and Hija, have never had a son and have grown old. Although they continue to try, destiny does not seem to wish for a male heir to carry on their family name. Quora will one day be the last of her clan. Although the name of Towershead will vanish, it will be up to only her to pass on the warriors’ blood that flows in her veins. At 24, she is not eager to go find a husband, but because of her ferocity in battle, her father Kurion has presented a plan in which she has found favor.


Who do you think is the most powerful Splinterlands card? A lot of people would say it’s Quora Towershead. That’s why I blocked my enemy from using her in Brawl battles and am happy to have defeated her today. She really is too much with her dual magic and melee attacks, heart life, and her Bloodlust ability which boosts all of her stats each time she kills. There should be some way to counter or nerf the Bloodlust with a new ability. I wonder how many players have her at MAX level. I’m happy to have her at level two and hope to get her to at least level three before this set of cards is no longer printed.SLiNe.pngbattle.gif

None of my Soulbound summoners are at MAX level yet so I’m still relying on my core Chaos Legion summoners, but they are better sometimes because they use less mana. I didn’t think I was going to win this battle once I saw Quora and because I failed to use up all of my mana, but Grund was able to get the job done. My enemy and I both chose slow monsters because they went first in this battle. I think luck and strong magic attacks as well as nerfing their magic is why I won.


Lost Legendaries is a great rule because it keeps rich whales from dominating battles with their expensive cards. Chaos Legion is named appropriately because I feel the common cards are the best cards. (As long as they are at MAX level.)


Have you given Genesis League Goals a try yet? There doesn’t seem to be much interest at the moment so you can build a team for super cheap. I’m not one to give financial advice, but I imagine that next year when it’s possible to open Lionel Messi in a pack and more MLS fans find out about it things will be different. I am in no way a soccer fan, but I like this game.


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