No Magic? No Problems!

Uriel was amongst the many Pelacor that fled Solaki and its military regime when he was young. He found himself in Khymeria, like so many of his brothers and sisters, but even though they practiced with life magic it just didn’t feel quite pure enough for him. So he traveled to different Worlds, seeking somewhere he could find that elusive clarity of virtue. On the bright World of Régalien, he won his armor in brutal combat, gold and silver plates forged together with the strongest metals known and lacquered in the translucent blood of a diamond giant. An armor that could not only heal him but would smite his foes should he ever fall in battle. Still, it was not enough. Then on the fiery World of Temisrok, he fought and slayed the terrible drake, Cizilth, winning favor with the bladesmiths who wrought his sword with fiery runes, instilling an everlasting flame into the weapon. And still, the clean virtue wasn’t sufficient, so the hunt continued.


Uriel the Purifier is one of my favorite tank cards. He can fly at level 1 and self-heal at level 2 and inflicts one point of damage when he dies at MAX level, but I’m doing pretty good with him at level 3. I would like to MAX him before this bear market ends, but I probably won’t because there are other cards that would help me win that are on my shopping list in front of him. If I ever do make it to the 🏆Champion League🏆, I think I’ll do fine with him at level 3 because he’s basically maxed at level 3, but it would be nice having that redemption ability. It’s hard to MAX every card so I’ll get the cheap ones first then the ones that help me win. There are always YouTube streamers sharing their data on which cards win the most so that helps too.SLiNe.pngBATTLE.gif

I didn’t think I was going to be able to participate in this week’s Battle Mage Secrets Challenge because I’ve been stuck in 🥈Silver League🥈 and lost every no magic allowed battle that came along until now. I don’t understand why the 🥈Silver League🥈 is harder than the 🥇Gold League🥇 and 💎Diamond League💎 is easier than both 🥇Gold League🥇 or 🥈Silver League🥈. At least we don’t get knocked back three places like we did before because I hate playing in the 🥈Silver League🥈, but I didn’t make it to 💎Diamond League💎 last season so I’ll have to grind through it this season.Living Lava.png

The Living Lava was one of the hard-to-beat meta cards back in the day, but I was able to beat him with Uriel the Purifier and my strong dragon reach monster today. It was also an Odds Out battle so I couldn’t use my healer so I had to rely on a strong offense. Uriel the Purifier got pretty low on health, but my enemy had neither a healer nor a self-healer so that’s why I won. Thanks for reading about my battle today. I find that if I get stuck in this game that it’s best to quit playing for a few days because the competition gets weaker, but it’s hard to do because I want to play every day.


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