Captain Katie to the Rescue

Not only is Katherine Windrun the best airship pilot in Kyhmeria, but she pioneered the recent creation of these mechanical sky beasts. Because of the crystal propulsion system that can be constructed there alone, Khymeria is the only Splinter that has taken to the skies. Her ship, Windrunner 2 is without a doubt the fastest of the airships. It can be sailed with a crew of as few as four people and a single boiler generates all the steam that is needed to fly the massive vessel.

Captain Katie.png

Captain Katie is a card you can earn only by participating in brawls. You can’t buy her as she is a soulbound card which means you can’t rent or sell her either. You can 🔥burn🔥 her for DEC if you want, but that would be a big mistake as she is a valuable card if you want to win. Like all Gladius cards, she has the Bloodlust which boosts all her stats each time she kills. She’s a pretty strong card out the gate, but once she gets on a roll she can get way too powerful real quick.


My battle today had two rules. Melee Mayhem and Gladius. Melee Mayhem is a fun rule because it allows melee monsters to strike from any position and Gladius lets you use one of your gladiator cards.

My wife is a way better Splinterlands strategist than I am for several reasons. She doesn’t buy or upgrade any of the cards so she lacks any emotional connection to them. She also isn’t stuck in her ways like I am and she doesn’t always follow the rules like I do. I tend to choose speedy cards first and foolishly select cards that I think look cool. Not her. She just uses what works.

If I had played this battle I would have gone with all melee cards for a strong offense, but she didn’t get all excited about using mostly melee attacks as her enemy did. I doubt I would have gone with Captain Katie either because I’m still stuck with the thinking that using legendary cards, is the way to go. Chaos Legion really is chaotic because some of the most winning cards are the common and rare cards but that doesn’t mean the Legendary cards are bad they just don’t always come with a guaranteed victory as they did with the older cards.

This was a fun match to watch because she also defeated the dreaded Chain Golem. I hate that card because I could never afford it and it would always beat me, but luckily it’s not seen on the battlefield as often as before.

Captain Katie doesn’t look scary or tough in any way, but I’ve seen several YouTubers mention her as a winner several times. I doubt if I’ve used her but a few times, but after today I’ll keep her in mind. Thanks for reading about my better half’s battle today. What are some cards that you’ve overlooked that turned out to be winners?


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