Silence your Summoners

Stitch Leeches are able to heal themselves and others of their wounds. They are found in the deepest caves of the world and are bred from the life energy they take from others. Once they latch onto their victim, they siphon out healing life elements to cure themselves. Magical practitioners have even been trained to use them as portable life magic. However, it is a dangerous practice and comes with the risk of the leech biting them.


Are you having a hard time getting any wins in the game recently? I usually breeze through the Gold League and it’s hit or miss in the 💎 League, but I can’t even make it out of Silver this season. I noticed the other members in my guild are having a hard time too as well as some famous Splinterlands Youtubers. What’s up with that? Is it because the bots were dumb and real human players are harder to defeat? Is everyone using battle helpers? I feel like most of my losses are due to the overpowered Untamed cards so I just have to wait a while longer before they go away into the Wild League.

I don’t use bots or battle helpers because I’m old-school, but I do like to watch the top battles and copy the strategies of the game’s best players and that’s what I did today with this msoen94 and wolflancer Wild battle today. They are both Champion-level players with all MAX-level cards. There are so many cards, rules, and abilities in this battle that it would take all day to explain what their strategies may have been so I just focused on how the winner used a few sneak cards for their victory.


If you’re going to be competing in Brawls or Wild battles then the Silvershield Assassin is a card you can’t live without because it wins a lot with its double strike and sneak abilities. This can come in handy if you kill an enemy on the first strike because the Silvershield Assassin will then strike another enemy. A single card is less than a dollar, but I think you need her at least at level three where she will do two points of hit damage each strike.


If you can get the Stitch Leech leveled up it can pack quite the punch for only 3 mana. Of course, the sneak ability will help you win, but the life leech ability can sometimes get this beast so much health that you can win with it even if it’s your only card left. I’ve seen this accumulate over 20 life points before. You just have to put it in the right place.

msoen94 -VS- wolflancerbattle.gif

It was interesting to see that the winner didn’t earn that much more SPS than I usually do, but I guess that also depends on how much SPS they have staked. Maybe it is better to settle for a lesser guild if you’re just going to get smashed because you earn nothing when you lose.line.png

Check out the battle:


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