Going to battle UNPROTECTED

Possibilus the Wise is a leviathan from the future that has adapted to rule on both land and sea. His mission is to find and secure the lost sacred rune tablets of his race that were shattered into pieces and strewn across time and space by the entity known only as Desolation. In his present time, a war rages in his home world of Nyuuldus, but Possibilus is tasked with traveling into the past and the future to find these runestone fragments and return with them to defeat Desolation.


Howdy fellow Splinterlanders. How is your battle progress going? I used to be a Modern player, but I couldn’t seem to win to save my life so I jumped ship back to the Wild and have found more success there. Why did Modern get so difficult? Maybe there are not any bots allowed, but I suspect that people are using battle helpers because they are just too good. It’s OK. I’ll just have fun smashing all the dummy bots in Wild. Plus, I get to use all my cool old Beta cards that I’ve been missing in battle.

Possibilus the Wise.png

I’m used to getting my way whenever I use the 🌊 water splinter and score an easy victory, but not now. I spent a lot of time and money to get all of my core Chaos Legion summoners up to MAX level so I don’t have any weak spots, but just as I did that it seems they have become obsolete compared to the new summoners like Possibilus the Wise here. I of course lost this battle just like every other battle that I encounter with this new totally OP summoner. It uses 6 mana so I wouldn’t replace my Chaos summoner with it that only uses 4 and I don’t really want to spend money on a second water summoner so I’ll just have to take the loss whenever this beast comes along like any time the dreaded Yodin Zaku appears to blast you to death. Do you have a good strategy for defeating Possibilus the Wise? Do you just magic spam? Do you set up a bunch of thorns?

Kron the Undying.png

We’re at the end of the road for the Chaos Legion. Now that Untamed has been out a long time it’s clear that Kron the Undying was the most OP card from the set. So who was the king card of Chaos?

Rent to Win

Did you get lucky and get a free Inevitable in the recent airdrop? I sadly did not, but someone listed it for rent for one DEC a day for the season so for the next couple of weeks I’ll get the try it out before I decide if I want to buy it or not. Wouldn’t that be a way better way to buy a house or a car? Try it out for a while before you commit. Have you tried renting cards lately?


I’m not sure about the numbers exactly, but I estimate that I was able to rent about $1,000 of powerful cards that I’ve always wanted for about fifty cents for the entire season so this is definitely a renters market at the moment, but soon Land will be launched and will eat up a ton of cards.


I lost this battle today because of the powerful Possibilus the Wise summoner which grants the reach ability to all cards, but also because I don’t have a good strategy for going into battle unprotected. What is your battle strategy for battles without shields?


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