Sharks -vs- Sea Monster

There are rumors of Sea Monsters that can swallow a ship whole. The truth is, there are Sea Monsters big enough to swallow the Sea Monster that swallowed the ship whole. Most land lubbers cannot conceive how deep within the planet or how far beyond the horizon the oceans go.


Welcome to the Rebellion days fellow Splinterlanders. Did you get any dope new cards? Did you get your land up and running? These are exciting times. I lack the DEC to get started on Land, but I’ve got everything else ready to start harvesting some grain.

My battle today was a weak magic attack ruleset and we both chose the 🌊water splinter for the extra shields. My opponent went with the more modern water tank while I went with the OG Sea Monster from back in the Beta days because it has self-heal, thorns, and can pack quite the punch even if it is a bit slow. The Tide Biter provided reach support and my healer made the Sea Monster unstoppable as it plowed through the enemy. My opponent would have done better if they had chosen a healer too, but they thought they could destroy me from the rear with sneak attacks while my meatshields slowed them down long enough for me to eat their sharks killing them all from the front with my ancient, but powerful Sea Monster.

I’m glad to see my old cards still kick ass. I feel completely overloaded with information about the new cards, their stats, and how to use them, but I’m glad they didn’t just come along and overpower everything that came before because I put a lot of time and effort into MAXing most of my Chaos deck. I love my Chaos cards. I’m glad they got way overprinted because it allowed me to combine many cards for cheap and even for free from rewards. I’ll probably focus on just a few Dragon, Neutral, and any other Rebellion cards I see constantly destroying me in battle, but I don’t think I’ll be able to or even want to MAX the entire Rebellion deck. I’m also glad to see that Rebellion didn’t even touch my beloved zero or one-mana cards.

Screenshot_20231209-133810_Hive Keychain.jpg

It feels like most of the Rebellion cards are high mana support for Chaos, but I’m sure some gems will show up in the meta that we’ve all overlooked. I’m going to go out on a limb early and say that the dragon Rebellion card, Runeseer Sevaya, is my favorite new card. For only four mana a MAX level card can serve as one of the best defensive cards in the game. We’ll see how useful she is in the meta, but I can see myself renting and eventually buying all eleven cards needed to MAX her out. What about you? What’s your favorite new Rebellion card?


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