More than a mere mount, more than a pet, Pallus is the loyal tower griffin who has been by Riklauniman Adrin’eth’s side since the ranger was a young boy. He found the griffin in the forests near the Anumian city of Lyveria. The majestic creature was beset by a pack of wolves, one wing mauled and badly damaged. He could not fly. Riklauniman felled two of the wolves with his arrows, and the rest fled. He nursed the griffin back to health, and the two have been inseparable ever since. It was Pallus who saved Riklauniman from death after the defeat of the Splinterlands armada at the hands of the legions of Chaos. And when Riklauniman and his elite rangers returned to Praetoria to wreak havoc on the Chaos Empire, Pallus and his kin joined them. Pallus has carried Riklauniman in countless missions against the empire. He may be a beast, but Pallus has come to understand the importance of what they’re doing. He carries not only one of the rebellion’s leaders upon his back, but also his dearest friend, and he will fight to the last to protect him.


What’s your favorite Rebellion card so far? I’ve literally won every battle I’ve used Pallus in so far so I’ve fallen in love. It’s good to have a strong reach and flying card that can be used with any splinter. Even if it was a weak card that never got used I’d love to have this card just for the wicked artwork and interesting lore. So who is this Riklauniman guy?


OK, enough about this awesome new card that I’m sure will make it into the meta even though it’s expensive both fiat and mana wise. I just see it winning a lot so you might want to check it out.


My battle today limited the cards which can be used to only common and rare so say goodbye to all those epic and legendary cards. This is usually no problem if you’ve been leveling up overprinted cards for cheap or have been winning lot’s of reward cards. Sometimes the seemingly least valuable boring common cards become real gems when they finally get the 400 combined cards needed to MAX them.


I didn’t even factor in the fact that all cards would have the same health as the one with the maximum amount from both teams, but I chose a summoner that nerfs ranged attacks because it was an archers-only rule. Too bad they chose a summoner which boosted their archers voiding my nerf. My summoner also boosts speed so at least I got that advantage. It seems like most people put out a martyr card to boost their main card now. I love doing this because it feels like I’m getting to use a MAX-level copy even when I never got around to combining the boosted card. This was an easy win because all of my archers were faster and stronger than theirs.


Check out my battle:


Original artwork at NFTShowroom:

Amazing art by the Splinterlands community: @weirdghost

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