Share Your Battle – LIFE SAPPER

Life sappers are in between life and death. One side of their body is ghostly while the other is alive and well. They are neither fully living nor dead. They feed off the energies around them, and simply being within view of a Life Sapper will make you feel sick and weak. They siphon energy from their victims, slowly weakening and sickening them while simultaneously healing themselves.

  • Splinterlands Lore


The Life Sapper is a must-have card in my opinion because it only uses 3 mana and drains one life point from the enemy with each successful magic strike. If positioned right it can really rack up some life by the end of the battle. It’s really handy in low mana and odds-out battles too. I’ve slowly managed to level it up to level 3, but looking at these stats, I’ll level it up to at least level 4 after I get all the Riftwatchers cards I’ll need. It also gains the redemption ability when maxed which means it will cause one point of health damage to all of the enemy cards when it dies.

My Life Sapper battle:


I used to breeze through the Gold League, but the competition is heating up. I find that if my enemies are too strong, it’s best the quit playing for a day or two and come back when weaker opponents are at my level and my capture rate is higher. I’m happy that my better half loves the game too, but we’ll often argue about when enough is enough. I feel she gets too focused on the short-term gain of the Daily Quest rewards dropping down my rating and capture rate, but she’ll always come back saying that she’s better than me at the game and that I would still be in Silver League if it weren’t for her. I would like to compete in Diamond League, but at this point, we just straight up quit once we step foot into the diamond territory.


I like my dragon summoner who hurts the enemy’s speed and ranged attack, but miss using the one that increased magic attacks. I couldn’t break through their strong tank in the front, but my sneak attack monsters were able to pick them off from the rear.


Things were looking bleak by the third round because their tank wasn’t taking any damage from my magic attacks and was taking out my cards from the front.


Luckily my sneakers took out everybody in the rear sooner than their mighty Djinn Oshannus could plow through my front and took him out for the win.


I’m still suffering from a bit of information overload when it comes to the new ability-based daily focuses and refer to this chart often. I’m not anti-bot, but anything that makes it harder for them is a plus even if it makes things a bit harder for us humans. One of the things I love about this game is its level of complexity, but it’s been one of the things that have kept my friends from jumping down this rabbit hole. Hopefully, the new sports games and tower defense game make it easier for people to join us in the future.

Life Sapper.png

Thanks for reading about my Life Sapper battle today. Are you as excited as I am to open your Riftwatchers packs?


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Luang Prabang: The secret gem of Asia

I’ve been to about twenty countries, but Luang Prabang, Laos is my favorite spot so far. I’ve been lucky enough to call it home for the last four years and I’d like to share my best photos of it with you today.


Even though it’s a small town it has a very diverse amount of visitors. I’ve met tourists from almost every country, even ones I’ve never heard of before. They love watching Thai shows and listening to Thai music and Lao is very similar to Thai so they can understand Thai, but most people can speak English. Laos was once a French colony so some people can speak French. A lot of people can speak Chinese as well.



Not a lot of people have heard or know about Luang Prabang or even the country of Laos, but everyone knows Vietnam which is next door. Laos is a landlocked country that also borders Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, and China. It’s about a 45-minute flight from Bangkok, but you can also take their new high-speed train from China or Thailand.


When my old Navy buddy invited me to visit him in Hanoi, Vietnam, I had to take him up on the offer so we could talk about our time in Vietnam when we are old men. These guys invited us to drink beers with them. They were some of the best beer drinkers I’ve ever met. When they’d pour a drink they’d always say, “Gombai”, which means buttons up. When I puked in the street and said, “No more Gombai”, they all laughed heartily.

Kuang Si Waterfall


The first thing we did after arriving in Luang Prabang was visit this fantastic waterfall. If the Garden of Eden were real I imagine it would look a lot like Kuang Si. I recently made a HIVE post and a Youtube video about it.


I’ve spent most of my life as a teacher but realized how much I like working in hospitality after I got a job at Pullman Hotel. It’s an expensive five-star hotel on the way to the waterfall, but there are also many nice guest houses in town that will only cost about $10 a night.


Temples and the King’s House


This beautiful house that looks like a temple was once the king’s home but is a museum today.


You can’t miss Phousi because it’s on top of a hill downtown and can be seen from almost anywhere in Luang Prabang. It also serves as a good marker if you get lost.


La Pistoche Pool and Bar is a great place to bring the kids, have some food and drinks, or just get out of the sun.


They take a lot of pride in their local beer, Beerlao, and rightfully so because it tastes great and usually costs less than a dollar.


Thanks for checking out Luang Prabang today. If you are planning on visiting South East Asia it’s really worth a visit.


Another day in Paradise at Kuang Si Waterfall:

Kuang Si Waterfall:

Pullman Hotel:

La Pistoche Pool and Bar:

Share Your Battle – PELACOR ARBALEST

Pelacor Arbalests are armed with powerful crossbows enchanted to fire bolts at extremely long distances. They are trained to wield a crossbow in each hand and can fire both simultaneously with deadly accuracy. Compounded with the Pelacor’s excellent eyesight and nimble dexterity, these sharpshooters are extremely useful as snipers on the battlefield.

  • Splinterlands Lore


The Pelacor Arbalest is an OP card in my opinion. I’m glad I was able to get him now during the cheap days. I’ve lost many times because of him, but today he was my girlfriend’s MVP.


She used a solid strategy. She put a strong tank out front that taunts all attacks towards him like a magnet while the archers will be free from getting attacked. One of her healers was also an archer killing two birds with one card. She also used a card that would increase shields and another that would slow the enemy down. Her enemy lost both of their tanks by the second round.


By the third round, not a single card was lost while the enemy was completely destroyed. At first, I was a bit angry that she was better than me at Splinterlands, but I’m lucky to have someone to share this wonderful game with.Pelacor Arbalest.png

Thanks for reading about her Pelacor Arbalest battle today. Are you as excited about Riftwatchers as we are? I want to buy a bunch of packs, but I also want to hold on to as much SPS as possible. I think I’ll wait a few weeks for the excitement and hope for the prices to go down and I’ll pick up one of each card at level one from the market and wait to see which cards will be META before leveling up.


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Mycelic Slipspawn was first found on the edges of the swamps of Praetoria, in areas where the fetid waters meet with the forests and jungles. It is highly toxic and grows to a substantial size. Death is uncommon for those who touch its fibrous body however, the side effects of its toxins can cause a long list of illnesses and diseases, leaving its victims severely debilitated.



I love these weekly Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenges because they often open my eyes to great cards I’ve overlooked, but not today because I consider the Mycelic Slipspawn an absolute must-have card.

The taunt ability pulls most attacks its way like a magnet. This can come in handy when used with a card with a shield or if you want to distract attention from your front card.

Mycelic Slipspawn also has a forcefield at level 4 which means strong attacks that usually cause 5 or more hit points will only cause 1. It can slow down enemies if maxed out too.

My battle:


I usually place the Mycelic Slipspawn in the rear to absorb attacks and use a rear healer to keep it alive, but there wasn’t enough mana for that so I put it in the front for this battle.


I was able to knock out their first two cards by round two.


I lost my Mycelic Slipspawn by round 3, but they were down to just one archer so the victory was mine.

Mycelic Slipspawn.png

Thanks for reading about my Mycelic Slipspawn battle today. This is a great card but it’s about to be nerfed with the new Rift Watchers ability, Fury, which will cause double damage to taunters.


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Share Your Battle – ANGELIC MANDARIN

A variety of the already beautiful mandarinfish, the Angelic Mandarinfish is said to be blessed by the magic of the sea. They swim in the most gorgeous of tropical waters and live peaceful lives in harmony with all around them. It is said that the touch of an Angelic Mandarinfish has healing properties. And that if one sees an injured person in need, they will swim up and stare into your eyes. As if looking into your soul. If they deem you to be kind, they will heal your wounds.

  • Splinterlands Lore



At first, this looks like a weak ranged attack card until you get it up to level 4 where it can heal the most damaged card in your rear. Angelic Mandarin gets really exciting at MAX level where it has the silencing ability which reduces the magic attack ability of all enemies.

My Battle:


My enemy mainly relied on melee attacks because their fire summoner gave them extra attack power. I prefer the water team because the summoner increases everyone’s speed and adds one armor.


After taking out their tank or lead card in the second round I knew I had this because my lead card was still strong. It’s not always the case, but whoever loses their lead card will usually see the rest follow like dominos.


My enemy was using too many sneak attack cards. I only had weak cards back there so they were wasting their time while I was smashing through them from the front.


By the time they took out my tank, they were down to only one card. 3 to 1 are nasty odds even for a ninja.

Angelic Mandarin.png

Thanks for reading about my Angelic Mandarin battle today. Even though it died it was a nice time waster for my enemy helping to secure the victory.


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Share Your Battle – TENYII STRIKER

“A dozen generations sandwiched between the hammer of the Khans’ cruelty and the anvil of the icy foothills of Kurguzd forged the Tenyii into reclusive deadly foes. Brought to the training creche from birth, taught to steal for food, beaten when caught, and trained daily with the sword and spear as soon as they were strong enough for their hands to lift steel, the Tenyii clan were hard as iron and as fierce and silent as midnight on the mountain glacier. When the Legion’s heralds demanded a sacrifice of flesh and gold to open the rifts to the ways beyond, the Khan sent five hundred waadin berserkers to bring the tribe to heel. When a single horse returned bearing a sack of fifty skulls, the Khan threatened to burn the entire mountain to the ground. A dozen Tenyii Strikers were sent as tribute to spare the tribes and to satisfy the herald’s call.”

  • Splinterlands Lore


How are all of you fellow Splinterlanders and Splintercurious doing today? Are you digging the new SPS ranked rewards? I think it’s a great thing they get staked right away. This should bring stability to the coin, but it may make it harder to get guild members to donate DEC.

The Tenyii Striker is absolutely a must-have card. I would like to MAX it, but it’s a bit expensive. I currently have a gold foil level 3 and a standard level 2. I’ve recently started using the Splinterrents bot on my secondary account to earn DEC so I’ll send one over there after it gets unlocked. After battling with the damn bots for all these years, I’m happy to be using one in my favor finally.

My Battle


Sometimes when I make one of these share your battle posts I’ll have to fight several battles with the card of the week to either win or make it relevant, but I got lucky today.


The Tenyii Striker was able to take out their fiend in the rear with its sneak attack, but my enemy was using Mylor Crowling as their summoner. Mylor Crowling causes two points of damage anytime you attack any of their cards so I lost my ram.


It was 3 to 1 by the third round.


Tenyii Striker killed their tank in the fourth round but also died because of those pesky thorns. Luckily I put the fiend in the rear and was able to pull off an exciting victory.

Join our Guild


Have you racked up a bunch of merits and looking to join a guild? If you are a gold-level player or have a bunch of gold foil cards then the Mandalorians would love to have you. We usually finish in about 4th place and have a good community. We have two open slots and two inactive members. We only ask that you donate 300 DEC each season and that you are never without your weapons and never remove your helmet showing another living creature your face.

Tenyii Striker.png

Thanks for reading about my Tenyii Striker battle today. Have a great day and beware of ninjas.


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on old-school gaming like DONKEY KONG

How many games can be played offline these days? I doubt you can name one good modern one. (If you can, please do in the comments.) Whenever I find myself in the horrible situation of being without an internet connection I’ll usually turn to my trusty old Nintendo 64 emulator and find a few stars in Super Mario 64 or cruise a few laps on my jetski in Wave Race 64, but recently I’ve been going back a generation and playing some Super Nintendo games.

Games that survived the trash:


I know there are many great Super Nintendo games, but these are the only three I still enjoy playing. Which games do you think should be on the list? Even though every game ever made for the Super Nintendo only takes up about a gigabyte of storage, my phone is pretty low on memory and I didn’t want to waste space or time scrolling through a long list of games I’ll never play so these are the only three that made the cut.

Donkey Kong Country.012.png

I can’t believe this game is almost 30 years old! It still looks great and is fun to play today. Even though the Super Nintendo only had a 3.58 MHz CPU and 128 KB of RAM, Donkey Kong Country still looks better than some mobile games today.


The emulator for the OG Nintendo or the NES has a rewind time cheat that this Super Nintendo emulator lacks. It would sure come in handy during some of these barrel or roller coaster levels. Do you know of a Super Nintendo emulator that lets you rewind time?

Screenshot_20220805-190851_Snes9x EX+.jpg

I wish I had one of those Bluetooth controllers that also holds your phone, but I don’t. Even if I ordered one online it would take up to a year to arrive where I live if it even arrives at all. It’s not an option for me so I’ll have to make do with the touchscreen controls. I do like how the emulator stretches out the game to fill the screen though. The only problem I’ve had is that you can’t press both run and jump at the same time making some high places out of reach, but the game doesn’t rely on that as much as a Mario game would. I do have a USB controller for my computer and tried playing with that and it felt like heaven after trying to play on my phone.


Thanks for reading about my Donkey Kong Country nostalgic gameplay today. All of these images are screenshots of my gameplay and I merged a few with PhotoShop because I couldn’t figure out how to arrange square photos using the HTML code in Markdown.


I feel this is not only the best game to ever come out for the Super Nintendo but one of the greatest games of all time. I only made it to the first boss when I screwed up my save state and was too lazy to play through it again.

Donkey Kong Country.009.png

I don’t think I’ve ever cleared this game so I’ll have to give it a go again soon. I really enjoyed Donkey Kong Country back in the day and had fun trying to play it again today. What about you? Do you also have fond memories of the Kong?line.png


There are those who may think the Realm of Silence is a place of deep dark caverns. That could not be further from the truth. It is a region like any other in the Splinterlands that is full of homes, cities, and cultures. There are even universities that specialize in the study of magic, music, and geography. One such >underground species that excels in academia are the Venari. They created the Institute of Application which acts as a center of study for spells and tinkering. Those who wish to become fluent in spellcasting train to become Spellsmiths: masters of creating and using spells. It is through this knowledge they research and experiment with magic in order to unlock new ways to harness mana and the elemental forces. A Venari Spellsmith is so dedicated to the art of spellcasting that magic itself became a part of them. While they themselves can manipulate magic to damage foes, magic burns through their veins. Upon death the radiating Mana explodes from their bodies, harming everyone around the Venari.

  • Splinterlands Lore



The Venari Spellsmith is an interesting card when maxed out with the redemption ability which causes one damage to all enemy cards when it dies. You should at least get this card up to level 4 where it has the amplify ability which increases magic reflect, return fire, and thorn abilities by one. It has the redemption ability from the get-go which removes all positive effects on each card it strikes.

My Battle


This was a battle where healing was not allowed and every card was equalized which means they all have the same health as the strongest card selected from either team.


My enemy went with two strong melee cards and a ranged attack card while I relied mostly on magic.


Things usually don’t go your way when you lose your tank card, but I had two cards with the life leech ability which absorbs life points from your enemy with every hit.


Now I’ve lost my secondary tank. It’s up to my Venari Spellsmith to hold the line.


I’ve taken out their tank so there’s still a chance for victory.


Now it’s 3 to 2. Good thing one of my cards can poison the enemy. The poison takes away two health each round.


Ranged attack cards can’t usually attack while in the front so this battle is mine.


You can really rack up some health with the life leech ability. The most I’ve ever seen is about 30. How high have you been able to get your life points with life leech?

Venari Spellsmith.png

Thanks for reading about my Venari Spellsmith battle today. Although it died and wasn’t the MVP of the battle, I couldn’t have won without it.


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Share Your Battle – DRAGONS

Another week, another Splinterlands battle challenge. How are all you fellow monster lovers doing? Have you heard the good news? Our game is expanding to the world of football, err… I mean soccer. While I’m not a fan of the sport, I’m very excited about Splinterlands going mainstream. SPS stakeholders will also be getting airdropped the new game’s currency. I wish I had stocked up on more SPS, but I did use my daily airdrops to pick up the cards I needed so it’s all good.

battle (1).jpg

I like learning about new cards I’ve overlooked each week, but I also love showing off my dragons!

Djinn Chwala.png

For this battle, I chose Djinn Chwala as my tank or first card.


Djinn Chwala is a card I’m sure you’re aware of since it’s a reward card. I had a few extra DEC laying around so I decided to max it out.


I got a little too excited about finally maxing out this card and overdid it.


Luckily the system didn’t combine all of my cards like I told it to and only overmaxed the card by 6. That’s OK. I’m happy to help burn down this wonderful card and now I have a few extras to sell or gift to friends for the future.


My enemy also used a tank with thorns, but mine had shields.

Twilight Basilisk.png

My Twilight Basilisk and its reach and stun ability were also a big help in this fight.


I lost my archer in the first round, but at least she got a shot off before she died.


In the end, it came down to their archer which was last week’s battle challenge card. Archers usually can’t fire while in the front so this was an easy win.


Thanks for reading about my battle today. How are you adapting to the new daily focuses? I love anything that brings confusion to my enemies and the bots. Here’s the list in case you need it. Have a great day.


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Share Your Battle – SOUL STRANGLER

Before the chaos gate opened, the towering city of Darkholde was peaceful and quiet. Situated in the cold, Blackworth mountain range, it was presided over by a long-standing noble family and governed by Baron Kutziq Neculai. If the citizens knew the truth about their governor, then maybe they wouldn’t have been so loyal, but the Baron’s tastes were sated with great restraint and he honestly did care for them, taking only what he must and never more than he had to, for Kutziq was a vampire, a race as ancient as the stones they’d used to build the city. He was a man who loved his people in many ways, including their unique flavor. The soul strangler is a creature of nobility, good stock, and incredible wealth. They live in lavish opulence, wearing the finest attire and moving in the most sophisticated of circles, often engaging with the high born from other cities and enjoying intimate gatherings that last for days. However, when this vampire chooses to hunt, they take on a whole new guise, almost shifting their form to become more accomplished for the chase. Pointed ears extend refining their hearing and their eyes change color affording the ability to see in the dark – their preferred time to hunt. Long fangs grow from their mouth and vicious talons sprout from their fingers. But what you can’t see in either form is the power they hold within their mind, an ability to attack at a spiritual level when they eventually find their adversary, squeezing the very life from them; a ranged attack that if not avoided, will have devastating consequences.

-Splinterlands Lore

Soul Strangler’s stats:


A few friends and family who also battle in the Splinterlands have suggested I choose the Soul Strangler when I was choosing my cards, but I’ve only used him a few times. One thing I’d like to see added to the stats page is personal stats. How many times have you used this card? What was the win rate? Maybe there’s a third-party website that does do that. If so, please share in the comments.

The Soul Strangler is a pretty good card for only 3 mana. Since I don’t have any of my summoners maxed out yet I’ll wait to max this guy out because he only gains the poison ability at level 8. I only had him at level one, but after looking at these stats I think I’ll at least level him up to level 3 where he’ll cause 3 points of damage.

My battle:


This was a battle with only 13 mana and melee cards not allowed so I put my Haunted Spirit out front to take a few hits so my Venari Bonesmith and Soul Strangler could finish them off. It was also a battle where ranged attack cards could fire from the front so my Soul Strangler could still attack if it ended up being the last card, but it didn’t come to that. I don’t know why my opponent put their healer out front. That’s never a good idea.


Luckily, my opponent didn’t choose any sneak attack cards so my Soul Strangler was safe to attack from the rear.


In the end, my opponent took the bait while my Venari Bonesmith and Soul Strangler finished them off. The only card I lost was the Haunted Spirit.


Thanks for reading about my Soul Strangler battle today. Have a good one and good luck out there in the Splinterlands!


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