TOP Post to Earn Social Medias

You may not be able to monetize your YouTube channel right away, but you can use it to advertise and get affiliate clicks or website views for free. You can also use your YouTube videos on decentralized video sharing sites which will reward good content with crypto using some of the sites mentioned below.

leo.png is just the nicest looking and smoothest interface right now in my opinion. It’s been frustrating for me a bit. I’m not a respected or well-known finance guy, so I didn’t earn much LEO, but many of the best minds in the decentralized world post to LeoFinance, and they have a lot of wisdom to share. You will also earn HIVE and other tokens when you post with LeoFinance.

TravelFeed.png is good if you can take good photos and write over 250 words of travel stories and advice without typos, then you can start earning both HIVE and STEEM with TravelFeed right away.

There are many great communities on Hive.Blog I enjoy. I like to draw and play video games so I post mostly about that. You can find many other communities with helpful people from all over the world on Hive.

While Hive is the blockchain, I mostly post using as the front end and check to see how it looks on Hive later. It seems that English and Spanish are the most common languages. If a quality post didn’t find much traction on Hive, don’t feel bad, because it may find success on a different chain below…

Other post to earn sites only allow you to earn in the first seven days and rely on having luck, many followers, and or a high rank to earn anything, but will continue to pay you as long as people are looking at your post making it a much fairer system for someone new to get in the game.

The granddaddy of decentralized blockchain run social media is Steemit. A lot of Hive bloggers will cross out the word, Steem because some super-rich whale came along and took over and started censoring posts. It seems just the English speakers were the jumpers because posts in Korean and Chinese are earning the most now.

How many games have their own social media and token which you can use to buy more NFTs? If you are playing the best play to earn crypto game,

Splinterlands.png, where you earn DEC, a HIVE token, with every victory you can. My students who got into the game early with the $10 starter pack now have decks worth over $1,000 and beat me in battle with ease.


Instagram is convenient because you can make a square-shaped post then instantly share it to Facebook and Twitter saving you time. It is a great way to get your small business advertised in the local area for only a few dollars an ad. There are many superstars on Instagram too. If it were up to me, I’d call it Vanitygram.

Fakebook would not even be on this list if they didn’t make it so easy to make a page for your business and get you found by your customers quickly. I have helped many of my Facebook hating friends to give up on the personal social side and focus one hundred percent on their business page.

Read.Cash hopes to replace Facebook and reward its users with Bitcoin Cash. I’m new to the platform but will see how my top posts from Hive do in the future.


Noise.Cash hopes to be the new decentralized uncensorable Twitter. Good luck with that. Since is new, you could get on the train before it becomes a space-train to the moon.

What about you?

I will update this monthly as new ways to earn are learned from your comments. Which post to earn site or app is the best in your opinion? Which did I miss?


Splinterlands Art Contest: SPIRIT OF THE FOREST

She’ll heal and protect her friends while flying and shooting arrows at her enemies. She’s hard to hit and does a lot of damage while keeping the front monster alive making her one of my favorite cards.


From the safety of the Eldest Tree, deep in the shrouded magic of the Hungry Wood, the Spirit of the Forest lives and grows. She is one of the original creators of life in the Splinterlands, and little happens without her knowing about it. She can be summoned to battle by a skilled summoner, but she loves all her children as a good mother should.

Coming across the latest Splinterlands Art Contest, I thought I would do a sketch inspired by one of the new cards, but after looking through them all, I decided on sketching the classic ALPHA card, SPIRIT OF THE FOREST, instead. At first I thought I would have her growing a tower of protection and a tree from the ground as if she where a reverse Night King from Game of Thrones. I copy and pasted her and her healing powers from the game initially as inspiration or as a guide, but she fit in perfectly, so I moved, resized, and redrew her healing magic and blurred her into the picture. I changed her face and hair a little bit and made her boobs bigger. I changed the position of her arms to fit with my idea and had her hands blur into healing power and the tower so I could avoid drawing them. I took some pictures along the way in Procreate then stacked them all on top of each other in their own layers and exported it as an animated GIF. Thanks for checking out my Splinterlands sketch today. I know I cheated a bit with the copy and paste part, but it was fun and it came out nice.


My first time sketching Japanese anime on Procreate

My friend asked me to draw him a mid-evil axe or sword and I’ve been enjoying an anime game, so I mixed the two in today’s sketch. I haven’t used pencil and paper for a long time. I prefer doing sketches straight from digital now. I also like making animated GIFs showing the process. Procreate lets you mix 14 images into one animation, so I saved some images along the way and stacked them all on top of each other to create this. The first two and last images are the final step so it’s displayed the longest.


I didn’t copy or get inspiration from anybody else’s art. I just started doodling and sketching on my iPad with Procreate. I used a light grey for exploratory sketching and used black when I was sure of the lines I wanted. It may not be my best sketch ever, but I’m proud that it’s 100% an original of mine.


I know that anime has some key characteristics:

  • big eyes
  • big boobs
  • minimal detail

I don’t remember seeing any with green skin, but since I had made her with elf ears I went with it.


I spent about ten hours sketching her, but it felt like a couple minutes. Thanks for checking out my first attempt at drawing anime today. Have a nice day and Happy Halloween!


My Collection of SPLINTERLANDS Sketches

I wish I could go back in time and start this game when it launched. Some of the reward cards I thought were junk a few years ago are worth a lot now. I really regret selling this card, but I’m happy I drew it. The pencil on paper looked OK, but the blur tool in Procreate on iPad plus some technical pen really made this sketch look sharp. This was my first SPLINTERLANDS inspired sketch.


I’m a master deletor. I delete everything unless it has some emotional significance or looks really cool. I couldn’t find the finished digital version of this one, but I see why this one survived the delete button. I drew this right before covid-1984 came along.


I love drawing hair. Looking back on this I think of how I would’ve done it better, or made it into a GIF, but I just figured out how to animate drawings in Procreate this month. I know a lot of people think that Elon Musk’s Neurolink is some creepy mark of the beast 1984 thing, but I think it would be really great for artists who can just sit down and think about their digital paintings and see them created from the power of thought on a screen. Maybe this sexy witch made me say that.


I’m broke. I don’t have any money. I don’t have a job. Just like everybody else, this COVID-1984 ruined my life. I’ve had to sell most of my cards, but not this one. It’s a true SPLINTERLANDS keeper in my opinion.

I always give my own nickname to my cards, but Spirit of the Forest is perfect. This is a real star card when you MAX it out. When I got the stimulus I put it all into SPLINTERLANDS cards. I maxed all the BETA summoners and a few key cards including this one.


I spent all day drawing this and was really bummed out it only made ten cents. Maybe that’s why I quit drawing SPLINTERLANDS cards. After all this time I know you shouldn’t get bummed when a good post earns nothing, you should forget it and move on, but it honestly does affect my motivation to continue with some things here. I think I’ve got one more SPLINTERLANDS inspired sketch in me. What do you think would be a cool one to draw? Thanks for checking out my drawings today. Get in the game!


Finishing an old sketch from middle school…

I think this was from iMage comics from around 1995. It must have been a failed comic. I couldn’t find anything from Google. Do you remember this? It’s been such a long time that I sketched this, so I can’t remember anything about it. It looked like the perfect job to finish in ProCreate.


It kinda looks better half finished. I just used the black and white technical pen and a bit of the erase tool to finish this old abandoned drawing. I’m glad I did a good scan of it back in the day because it felt good to finally see it done after all this time.

It took me all day to do this, but I enjoyed it. Thanks for checking out my sketch today. Hopefully I’ll be reminded of the source in the comments.


Leonardo in Red

Some of you may be saying, Hey, wait a minute. Doesn’t Leonardo have a blue bandana? He does now, but in the original comics, all the turtles wore red bandanas.


See? Here is TMNT #4 where I got the source to this Leo sketch. The turtles started off a bit dark and got more kiddy over time. It was the opposite experience for the Harry Potter generation. They got to grow and mature with their favorite characters.


I originally sketched this with colored pencils.

I’m glad I scanned all my art and saved everything to Google Drive a long time ago. I was able to clean this up with Procreate nicely. Thanks for checking our my Leo sketch today. Who was your favorite turtle?


PENCIL: Sacred Unicorn

This is my favorite Splinterlands Card and my students wanted to draw again, so we drew without cheating by tracing with the iPad Pro or projector.

We used our phones to find some inspiration.

It was getting dark so, I sketched the outline quickly. It wasn’t exactly like the source, but none of my students noticed.

Once I got the outline and some of the unicorn’s mane, I was able to shut the screen off and add my own style. If you want to straight up cheat and trace drawings with the big iPad, that’s easy, but it works great as a smooth sketching surface and for holding A4 papers with the cover shut. I honestly don’t like Apple as a company, but I absolutely love the iPad Pro.

I taught everyone how to use Qtips to blend pencil. I made a black spot for collecting the lead at different shades. The paper it was on served as a protector from my dirty hand too.

My students didn’t spend as much time on their drawings as I did. When I was a kid, older people complained that we had short attention spans. It seems like things have gotten worse, but who knows?

All the smudges were easy to clean up in Procreate.

I gave the unicorn my style of eyes and hair for the mane. It’s been fun drawing again. Thank you for this great community where we can share our life, art, and thoughts together. If it weren’t for this blog, I doubt I would’ve ever started drawing again.


PENCIL: Marilyn Monroe

This photo of Norma Jeane isn’t well known and it looks perfect for converting to my favorite medium, pencil.

I got the photo from Wikipedia, but I really enjoyed reading the Everipedia article.

America is different than other countries for stars. It was supposed to be a career ending controversy that she posed in nude photos before being an actress, but it just made more people watch her movies which earned two billion dollars in today’s money.

The stage name, Marilyn Monroe came from Broadway star, Marilyn Miller, and her mother’s maiden name.

The authorities ruled her death a suicide and twice as many people followed her and did the same in the city that month.

She actually caused the suicide rate to double in the City of Angels.

I’ve been told that if you kill yourself, that your children are seven times as likely to do the same.

What if she didn’t kill herself at all and many people ended their lives because of fake news?


PENCIL: Spirit of the Forest

This is one of the Splinterlands cards I haven’t given my own nickname to because, Spirit of the Forest, is a perfect name for her.

After circling the head, shoulders, hips, and boobs, I drew her huge elf ear. It seems every monster has elf ears in this game. I’ve noticed that I feel more attached to the cards I’ve drawn.

I like doing these shots were it looks like the pencil will poke you in the eye. It always reminds me of the Joker asking in the 2008 The Dark Knight, “How about a magic trick?”

It’s a good thing she’s a spirit, because it would be pretty hard to sleep with branches growing out of her head.

I spent most of the time drawing the branches and leaves.

The face and hair took only a few minutes.

No Qtips today, just a good old fashion finger smudge. Is it a good idea to post your fingerprint online? I never use biometrics, have horrible credit, and if I do get framed for murder, I use this post in my defense. Besides, I only kill people with my left hand.

It’s time to say goodbye to the real world, put her on my wall, and bust out the old iPad and Procreate.

I’ve noticed posts where I don’t touch up with the digital eraser wont earn as much.

My murderous finger did a good job smudging the lead, but a bit of digital smudge looks nice. I decided not to add any color and quit here. I actually don’t own this card, but I will soon. Thanks for going through the process with me again today. Drawing is a nice way to relax and forget about all the craziness in the world for a few hours. Personally, I feel surfing is the best way to escape the world, but drawing is good too. Have a nice day. May the Spirit of the Forest bless you.

🖼 Photography Tips:

☀️ Submit to the sun! Nothing can provide better lighting than a clear day at noon. 🌤

📷 Get close up! Make the photos feel 3D by having the camera focus on something very close while showing layers of blurred background. 📸

✂️ Cut, crop, and delete until you have ten good shots with unique proofread text. 🔪

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