Leonardo in Red


Some of you may be saying, Hey, wait a minute. Doesn’t Leonardo have a blue bandana? He does now, but in the original comics, all the...

PENCIL: Sacred Unicorn


This is my favorite Splinterlands Card and my students wanted to draw again, so we drew without cheating by tracing with the iPad Pro or projector....

PENCIL: Marilyn Monroe


This photo of Norma Jeane isn’t well known and it looks perfect for converting to my favorite medium, pencil. I got the photo from Wikipedia, but...

PENCIL: Spirit of the Forest


This is one of the Splinterlands cards I haven’t given my own nickname to because, Spirit of the Forest, is a perfect name for her. After...

INK: Ahsoka Tano


What will happen to The Chosen One’s failed Jedi apprentice? Tools: pencilcardboardtechnical pen1.0 Gel PeniPadProcreate As a pencil drawing, this was just an abandonment. I liked...

Audrey Hepburn


I’ve always wanted to draw her, but didn’t get around to it until today. I got this photo from her Facebook page. Isn’t it weird dead...