PENCIL: Muscle and Anatomy Study

How is everybody doing? I’d like to share my pencil sketches of the human muscle system with you today. Last week I shared my skeleton study and now it’s time to add some flesh to those bones!


The point of this exercise was to practice drawing the muscle system so I cheated a bit by taping some A4 paper to my TV and traced the contour lines of this guy running.


If you’d like to do the same, you can print out this contour drawing, tape some paper to your TV and trace over my tracing, or sketch the contour lines of some other person.


I did a Google image search for “side view of arm muscles”, “inside view of leg muscles”, and “inside view of arm muscles” for reference. Leonardo Da Vinci had dissected over 30 dead bodies to gain his understanding of human anatomy. Thank God we don’t have to do the same. Only doctors will get every muscle exactly right so don’t worry about getting everything 100% perfect. You just want to practice thinking about the human figure under the skin.


I remember trying to get all fit and ripped at the gym when I was young, but the skin really hides a lot of the muscles. I didn’t realize until doing this sketch that the ab muscles need to be separated a bit.


If you don’t want to be a cheating tracer like me, but still need some help getting your contour lines correct, you can draw a grid over your subject and then the same grid for your drawing.


Thanks for reading about my muscle sketches today. I hope that you found this useful or entertaining. Have a great day and never quit drawing!

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Winning some DEC with my new gold foil SHADOW SNITCH for this week’s Splinterlands Battle

Shadow Snitches are created by the conjurers of the Chaos Legion. Weaving Death magic, they breathe life into beings made completely of darkness. The purpose of the Shadow Snitches is to be deployed into lands prior to the Chaos Legion’s invasion. Moving from shadow to shadow, they are listeners and watchers, feeding information back to the Chaos Legion. Once the invasion is complete, the Shadow Snitches still serve a purpose. They can locate and follow high-value targets, reporting back on movements to Chaos Legion leadership. If needed, Shadow Snitches can also capture prisoners and bring them back for interrogation.


What’s up all my fellow Splinterlanders and Splintercurious? Today I’d like to show you my strategy for winning this battle and my overall feelings toward this wonderful game.Obsidian.png

Every since Obsidian came along as a free-to-use summoner who increases every magic monsters’ attack power by one point, it seems that other players rely on her a lot. I’ve felt dread several times whenever I’ve seen this confident-looking queen of magic show up to wreck my team with her power.Owster Rotwell.png

Well, not today because I’m using an older card from the Untamed days, Owster Rotwell, who will give all of your team the ability to reflect magic attacks right back at ’em. Remember to take the time to look at your enemy’s past five lineups to predict what they will do so you can counter them as I did here.


Even though she came at me with strong magic killing most of my monsters, my recently won gold foil Shadow Snitch with its reach ability and the powerful Sand Worm and its sneak ability was able to finish them off.Shadow Snitch.png

I must admit I was not a big fan of the Untamed cards. They were goofy looking and did little against the older cards, but these new Chaos Legion cards are both beautiful and strong. I love the artwork for Shadow Snitch. Its hand has a creepy 3D look that reaches out of the screen without the need for glasses.

I often lose to players using all free-to-use Chaos cards while I’m using hundreds of dollars of cards, but with a weaker strategy. At first, I was mad seeing my expensive older cards getting power drained and constantly losing to noobs, but now that I’ve earned a bunch of the new cards it’s not a problem anymore. It’s quite good that a new player with a better strategy can beat an OG like me.

I love crypto and I love gaming and so far Splinterlands is the best mix of both so far. I want NOTHING to do with the Ethereum blockchain, so don’t recommend any games on that chain, but does anybody know of a better play2earn game right now than this?photopea-interface-ps.png

I used Photopea, a free Photoshop clone, that works beautifully inside of your browser to manipulate my screenshots and added art and story from the LORE tab when looking at cards. Splinterlands uses vector PNG files so they can easily be used in posts like this. The new Chaos cards have border lines around them, but can be easily removed. Thank you for reading about my battle today. What’s your favorite Chaos Legion card?

If you want to get into play2earn NFT gaming without the hassle of paying $30 fees for every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain then I honestly don’t think there is a better option right now than Splinterlands. Get in the game!

Check out my battle:

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Our Private and Enchanting Hike up Phousi


There are many ways up the hill called Phousi Mountain, but we decided to park at Miniso so I could grab some water because Wan’s strawberry shake was a bit too sweet and it’s always good to hydrate before exercising. Do you have a Miniso where you live? Here in Luang Prabang, it’s the only chain store that exists and it’s also the only place to buy anything of some quality. Since Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site there are many rules protecting the historical look. Their goal is to keep the mix of French colonial and Lao architecture look which means new construction is almost impossible. Buildings can not be over two stories and most corporations are kept out. This means there isn’t any 7-11, Mickey-Ds, KFC, or any other corporate crap. It’s kind of like being in Westworld. I’m not sure how Miniso got past the rules, but they are a great shop so I’m glad they did.




At first, we went up the wrong steps. It led to the monks’ quarters.


There were these three buddhas sitting together, but not a path up the hill unless you are willing to climb over the wall and hike up the dirt path which Wan and Rapper weren’t willing to do.


Other than a few monks, we were the only people going up the hill on this beautiful day. It’s possible to come here and be alone in the middle of the night, but I doubt there will ever be another opportunity to have a private hike like this ever again unless there is another pandemic or World War.


The steps up to Phousi are behind this temple. There are many signs leading the way. There are a few ways to the top, but most people will go this way.


Buddha’s Footprint


Local legend claims that this is the footprint of a giant. Wan told me that the monks pray to keep the giant in check and from destroying the town, but I doubt some young boys in orange robes are going to be much of a match for a giant. If there really was a giant and I saw it, I would try to be his friend, but I’ve never seen anything to convince me that giants were ever real. Maybe there were some freakishly tall people back in the day, but where are the bones? I think they just heated up some steal in the shape of a foot to melt this volcanic rock back in the day to scare bad people away.

Wan told me that the giants are not actually physical beings, but supernatural. They are demons that will possess and curse people. That is why the monks are always beating on the drums. It keeps the giant inside the mountain and from hurting anybody. It’s like how the Jedi temple was constructed on top of an ancient Sith temple in Coruscant suppressing the dark side.


Another thing you will see a lot of in Laos and Thailand is the Naga. He was half serpent half-man who lived in the river and came out only to marry a most beautiful woman. This legend is older than Buddhism itself and I can’t help but wonder if it was passed down way back during the Egyptian times.

There are also legends of the Cam people. That is where Cambodia got its name. They were black people with advanced technology that came here a long time ago. They sure sound like Egyptians to me. Luang Prabang is a truly beautiful place with lovely weather. If there was an advanced ancient civilization back in the day, they surely vacationed here as well.


We took all of these pictures with my Samsung Galaxy A12. I wonder how many DSLR cameras are getting sold today now that almost similar results can be captured on cheap phones. I’m proud of the beautiful pictures we took but most proud of getting good ones of Rapper here. Puppies are almost impossible to take pictures of because they never stay still, but you should do your best because they only stay this cute for a very short time.

Pray for Good Luck and Fortune


When you pray at a Buddhist temple you will sometimes see this cup full of chopsticks with numbers on them. Shake it until one falls out to reveal your fortune.


I got number 13, so I found the fortune for my number in the box.


It says:

Number thirteen is lucky. If you desire anything, you will be able to manifest it into reality. An elder will bring you happiness and fortune, but you will have a bit of suffering in your heart. You will have good karma. Your life will be comfortable. If you have a child it will be a boy. You will have an easy time your whole life.

I always pray that today will be the day that our Earth finally makes contact with benevolent extra-terrestrial life that shares their technology with us ending our wars, politics, and capitalism, but I’ll take what fortune Buddha has given me. Wan didn’t want to shake the cup of fortune for some reason.


At the Top


This is where most people will take their photos from. Since we were alone, I put my phone up here, put it on a ten-second timer delay, and ran back to take a selfie with Wan and Rapper.


Back Down


Rapper took a little protest nap not realizing that the journey is only halfway complete. After some rest and a bit of water, he was ready to go down all the steps.


Thank you for reading about our puppy’s first hike up Phousi Mountain in Luang Prabang, Laos today. May you avoid any giants or bad luck and have a wonderful day.

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Now that Chaos Legion has been released, some of the old free-to-play cards are no longer available but are still very cheap to rent. I will be mentioning only one card per splinter minus the summoners and will only recommend level one cards for new players’ sake.

It is time to enter my battles for the brawl. I don’t want to let my fellow guild members down so for just a few DEC, I can really increase my deck’s strength and hopefully help my team win first or second place so we can win more merits.

Prices are always changing, so I won’t go into that other than to mention that you should always compare the Beta and Alpha prices because Alpha sometimes gets forgotten and you can find cheaper prices there. Now let’s take a look at each old card I think you should be renting and why…



I usually rent cards for just a day then use them in my brawls, but Cerberus is a truly special card. I once had this card maxed out and sold it so I could celebrate Lao New Year. Those turned out to be some very expensive beers! Cerberus is great because at level one it can self-heal and only uses up 4 mana. I usually put it in the second place to serve as a secondary tank. If you are getting hit with blast attacks Cerberus will usually be able to heal up each round. Of all of the cards I mention here, Cerberus is the number one card you should be renting. I would love to have a Cerberus in real life.


Water Elemental.png

When I first started playing the game back in 2019 I’d remember seeing Water Elemental in my enemy’s lineup and know I had already lost before the fight began. It has decent speed and ranged attack for 5 mana, but its self-healing ability is what makes it a must-have card.


Earth Elemental.png

Earth Elemental is slow and only causes one point of ranged damage, but for only 3 mana it has a health of 6 and serves as a great final card absorbing sneak attacks.


Air Elemental.png

Speed. Speed is what makes Air Elemental‘s ranged attack useful. What other cards have a speed rating of 6 at level one? Just don’t use Air Elemental if the ruleset is where the slow go first.


Haunted Spirit.png

Haunted Spirit may be slow, but with a health of 7 and the self-heal ability, it’s a hard card to beat. It works as a great primary tank, but I’ll usually put it in the second position to pick up after my first tank goes down.


Serpentine Mystic.png

A lot of people may disagree with me on choosing Serpentine Mystic, but I love his affliction ability which can take away your enemy’s ability. I’ve won many battles because my Serpentine Mystic took away my enemy’s ability to self-heal.



Cornealus is a powerhouse. It self-heals 4 points each round, has a health of 12, and can cause 2 points of ranged attack damage. I’ve won many poison gas and earthquake battles because my Cornealus was the last card on the battlefield. Thanks for reading. Get in the game!HIVE LINE.png

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My Giant Roc Win and Splinterlands Battle Tip

From far away, a Roc may be mistaken for a normal bird, but once it comes closer its true size can be appreciated. These massive birds never stray from the Burning Lands, most likely due to the warm ground and favorable nesting conditions of the uninhabitable wasteland of The Unknown.

Giant Roc.png

The Giant Roc is an oldie, but a goody that’s been around since the Alpha days. Its melee reach ability can cause some damage from behind a tank and even serve as a soft tank if the original dies. Being able to fly helps increase its chances of getting a miss and will stay undamaged during an earthquake.


Even though I’ve used the Giant Roc thousands of times and it’s the very first card on my list, I’m a bit embarrassed to just now notice that it is holding a baby elephant in its huge talons. That’s why these weekly Splinterlands battle challenges are worth participating in. You will notice cards that have slipped past your radar and earn some HIVE and SPT along the way.

Battle Tip

One of the biggest mistakes I see both old and new players making is NOT checking your enemy’s past lineup. It’s a bit harder to do on mobile, but still possible. I think most people are eager to get into the fight and just click away, but knowing your enemy’s habits and predicting what they will do next will improve your win rate. If you hover over their past battles and see that they use MAGIC every time, use cards that reflect or aren’t hurt by their magic attacks. If they always use strong tanks with shields, then use all magic cards to slip past their shields. This is why pro fighters watch hours and hours of their opponent’s footage. On Splinterlands, it only takes a few seconds.


I could tell that coffeehouserec wasn’t much of a magic-user so I could use a strong, but slow tank like the Living Lava to win. The ruleset for this battle was also reverse speed so all slow cards would attack first and fast cards last so the Giant Roc would also be a good choice. I made sure that all of my cards would have a speed of just one or two so we would go first.

My Battle


I have a level 3 summoner, Qid Yuff, but thought that the new Chaos card, Tarsa would be better even though she’s a free-to-use level 1 summoner because she increases both life and attack power by one point. I sometimes feel annoyed getting beat by new players using all free-to-use Chaos cards, but am also glad to see the game evolving and adding powerful new cards. If only strong players with expensive old cards always won, then Splinterlands wouldn’t grow.


My Giant Roc was able to do some damage and serve as a secondary tank helping to secure this battle victory.


I earned almost 6 DEC and 18 rating points to bring me up to 1971, the same year the wise and honorable President Richard Nixon, who was not a crook, brought America off the gold standard. Thank you for reading about my Splinterlands battle victory today. Get in the game!HIVE LINE.png

Check out my battle:

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7 ways to call someone a LOSER

A good student from Thailand recently asked me for a way to call someone a loser but found that Google wasn’t of much help. She told me she wanted to use the word loser in the strongest way possible for her digital art class project. Knowing I have a dog’s mouth, she asked me for some help. I’ve spent a few days asking my British, Australian, and French friends what they would say, and here’s what we came up with. Feel free to leave a comment on your favorite word for loser below.

นักเรียนเก่าจากประเทศไทยถามผมวิธีที่จะด่าคนเป็นไอ้ขี้แพ้ Google ไม่ช่วยเขาเลย เขารู้ว่าผมเป็นคนปากหมาเขาก็เลยถามผม ผมถามเพื่อนคนอังกฤษ,ออสเตรเลีย, และคนฝรั่งเศสจะว่าคนไอ้ขี้แพ้ยังไง กรุณาฝากความคิดเห็นที่ด้านล่างด้วย


Don’t be creative, just use the word, loser, but add a bit of sign language and focus on the O. “Loooooser…”

ไม่ต้องมีความคิดสร้างสรรค์ แค่ใช้คำว่า loser ใช้ภาษามือก็ได้ ที่เป็นนิ้วชี้ และนิ้วโป้ที่เหมือนตัว L

Loser J.jpg

You can also mime the word, loser, slowly as you give the sign language word for loser. Make sure the L is perfect with your thumb and index finger and over your forehead.

ใช้ภาษาใบ้พร้อมกับภาษามือพร้อมกัน อย่าลืมวางมือเป็นตัว L ที่สมบูรณ์ที่หน้าผาก

When I was in Japanese class back in high school, the Sensei or teacher wasn’t getting any responses from the class to her question so she asked me. I asked her why she asked me out of fear my fellow students would call me “Mr. Kanji” again and she said because she knew I knew. After I gave the correct answer, the cutest girl in the class turned to me and gave the LOSER sign as she mimed it. It really hurt my feelings!

เมื่อสมัยเรียนอยู่ชั้นมัธยมเรียนภาษาญี่ปุ่นอาจารย์ตั้งคำถามแต่ไม่มีใครตอบ อาจารย์ก็เลยถามผม ผมถามอาจารย์กรับคืนไปว่าทำไมอาจารย์ต้องถามผม แล้วอาจารย์ตอบว่า เพราะอาจารย์รู้ว่าเรอรู้คำตอบ หลังจากนั้นผมได้ตอบคำตอบที่ถูกต้องแล้ว มีผู้หญิงสวยคนหนึ่งในห้องเรียน เขาทำภาษามือไว้ที่หน้าผากเป็นตว L หรือ Loser ใส่ผม ผมรู้สึกเสียใจมาก!


Karen was originally black slang for stuck-up and entitled white women. Few people outside of African American society knew what it meant until Chadwick Boseman, The Black Panther, went on Black Jeopardy from Saturday Night Live and made the word blow up.

เมื่อก่อนคำว่า Karen เป็นคำแสลงของคนดำที่ด่าผู้หญิงฝรั่งที่ชอบคิดว่าตัวเองสำคัญแต่ตั้งแต่ Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) ออกรายการ Black Jeopardy ของ Saturday Night Live มันทำให้ทุกคนรู้คำว่า Karen เป็นคำด่า

The crazy lady is back and demanding to speak to the manager again. What a Karen! “


ThrisandCim’s YouTube channel did a pretty good job of explaining what a noob is back in 2010. Noob is used mostly in gaming culture, but it can be used for anybody who sucks and or is inexperienced.

noob แปลว่ากาก

Our gaming guild only accepts experienced and strong players. No noobs allowed! “


NPC is another gaming culture word that refers to someone who doesn’t really exist or has no brain or original thoughts outside of their programming.

NPC เป็นภาษาเกมเมอร์ที่หมายถึงว่าคนที่ไม่มีตัวตนจริงๆ,ไม่มีสมองหรือคนที่คิดให้ตัวเองไม่ได้

I told the clerk at 7-11 a thousand times that I don’t want a plastic bag or receipt, but they always put my stuff in a bag with the receipt. What an NPC! “


A dud is a bomb or firework that failed to explode. It can also be used for people who fail to live up to our expectations.

dud เป็นลูกระเบิดที่ไม่ระเบิดเราใช้คำนี้กับคนที่ทำให้เราผิดหวังก็ได้


We all thought the new football player would be a star player, but he hasn’t scored a goal all year. What a dud! “


Albert Einstein is considered by most to be the smartest person ever. Scientists name-drop him all the time to support their theories and experiments. No one is as smart as Einstein, so when someone thinks they are super smart, you can sarcastically call them, Einstein.

Einstein คือผู้ชายที่ฉลาดที่สุดในโลก ถ้าเราอยากประชดคนที่คิดว่าตัวเองฉลาดเราว่าเขาเป็น Einstein ก็ได้


Einstein can be replaced by any other name who is the greatest at something. For example, if someone thinks they are the best basketball player you can say,

OK, Jordan. Make sure to pass the ball to your teammates. “


dork is different from a nerd or geek. Nerds and geeks are usually smart or good at something, but a dork doesn’t fit in with society and is usually awkward-looking.

dork หมายถึงคนติ๊งต๊องที่ไม่เข้ากับสังคม


Your new haircut is awful. You look like a total dork! “

Thank you for reading. If I made any mistakes in Thai language or if you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate your comments. Have a good day and don’t be a loser!

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My Splinterlands Dragons

This week’s Splinterlands Share Your Battle theme was dragons again. How many dragon cards do you have? They are by far my favorite splinter and I was happy to use and post about them again.

dragonshare.jpgmy battle.jpg

My enemy was most likely on a Death quest because all of his previous battles had also been Death. I find it hard to win with Death unless it’s a low mana battle.Djinn Chwala.png

Djinn Chwala is my favorite card even though it’s a new one. Its thorn ability, shield, and strong health make it a card to be reckoned with. After it died, I was really afraid my enemy would beat me.

Black Dragon.pngend.jpg

Luckily I still had a Black Dragon that can life leech its enemies every time it hits them with a magic attack. There will be times that this dragon will have a ridiculous amount of life after it’s been absorbing hearts from the rear. I remember when this was a cheap Reward card, but now it is one of my most valuable and powerful cards.


I gained 38 rating points and 13 DEC for my victory. Do you think it will be possible for one DEC to be worth a whole dollar one day? That would be insane, but I doubt it ever happens, but if it does, people will be making a lot of money with each battle victory. When I first started playing this game in 2019, I dreamed of the day that it would be possible to play this game as a full-time job but would look at the top players in the world and see them only making a few cents per victory. With the coming Land expansion, high DEC prices, rentals, tournaments, brawls, and ever-rising value of the cards, there are many people who can live off the Splinterlands today. I’m not one of them since I’m only a Silver League player, but I think it could be possible soon. Even without the earnings, Splinterlands is a great game. Thank you for reading about my dragon’s victory today.

Check out my battle:

Participate in this week’s challenge:

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9 Things I Miss About the 1990s

Technically, MTV was a product of the 1980s, but it was still relevant and watched by young people up until the 2000s. The biggest complaint I remember most of us had was that they used to only play music videos and moved too much to reality TV shows, but as a young person at the time, it felt refreshing to have shows and a whole TV channel geared towards us. My fondest memory of MTV was when we’d stay up all night watching the top 500 videos of all time. The number one video would always belong to Michael Jackson, Madonna, or Guns N’ Roses but we’d have fun arguing which music video would come out on top. Today, we have YouTube and a fairly good algorithm that predicts pretty well which song to play next, but it just isn’t the same as watching MTV back in the day. You can show your kids the videos you used to watch, but can’t recreate the fun of watching MTV with your friends while your parents were asleep. What was your favorite music video? What was your favorite show on MTV?


I had a hard time restricting this post to just nine things. Feel free to copy my title and make your own post about nine things you miss about that decade. I think I’ll make another post called 8 things I miss about the 1980s too. I don’t think it’s wrong to steal someone else’s title as long as your post is original.

It was fun to remember all the quirks and unique things from the decade of the 1990s. As far as music formats, it was either going to be Boomboxes, Walkman, Minidiscs, CDs, the radio, or even the few of us who still used records in the 1990s, but in the end, I chose cassettes. I used Wikipedia for all of my image resources so some of my decisions were defined by the quality of the picture they provided. I thought restricting my image sources to Wikipedia would be good in case anybody wanted to read more about what I wrote below. I would’ve gone with Sony Walkman for this item, but without the cassette, there wouldn’t be a Walkman.

Minidiscs were really cool too. I am a person who rarely feels jealousy. If I see a handsome young man with a good body, I think good for him, and feel sorry for him at the same time for all the pain he must put himself through to look that way. If I see someone who’s rich, I know that material items don’t bring happiness, but one time in 1999, I was at a dance club and I saw a DJ with a clear plastic box full of MiniDiscs and I remember feeling so jealous of him. I loved MiniDiscs for many reasons. First of all, they looked like something from the future. They had the benefits of both CDs and cassettes and were really small too. I think they would’ve been a lot more popular and widely used if MP3 technology had never come along.

Now some of you may be wondering where are CDs? I actually started off this part with MiniDiscs, then remembered that only tech nerds used them. CDs were definitely a big part of the 1990s, but they suck in my opinion. For one thing, they’re still with us today and still suck. The names may have changed to DVD or Blu-ray, but they are still easily stolen and scratched. Although I still have a fond memory of seeing a CD for the first time and seeing its rainbow in the sunlight, I would grow to hate the technology in no time. I do remember that my first CD was The Lion King soundtrack. And the first CD I purchased with my own money was Queen Greatest Hits I & II. I thought it was such a great deal to get my first two CDs for the price of one at Fred Meyer. The first DVD I purchased was Army of Darkness with Bruce Campbell. Do you remember your first CD?

Cassettes are another technology that was around before the 1990s that we all associate with that decade. The technology goes back to WWII and the compact cassettes we all remember came out in the 1960s. Speaking of the 60s, I’d really like to read a post about 6 things you miss from the 60s. I can only guess since I was born in 1980, but ask anybody who was alive back then about that decade and I can guarantee you that their face will light up and they will most likely remember Rock and Roll, NASA, and really cool cars.

For me, I remember getting in arguments with girlfriends in my car about silly things and them ejecting my CD then throwing it out the window. I’d of course stop and search for it only to find it never works again even if I bought one of those fancy CD repairers, but if you did the same to a cassette tape, it would be just fine. I also remember being useful to friends because I was one of the few people who could fix a cassette with just a pencil and some scotch tape.


Why were movies from the 1990s the best? I was shocked when my girlfriend had never seen a Hollywood movie in her life. She has only watched crappy Thai dramas on Facebook and YouTube, so when it was time to introduce her, I of course showed her Terminator 2, but I started her off with Titanic. I just showed her a few scenes from 1984’s Terminator on YouTube just to introduce her to Sarah Conner and T-800s. I’m not saying all modern movies are horrible. I really wanted to get her into Star Wars so I showed her Rogue One before episodes IV, V, and VI, but she doesn’t even know the prequels exist. She was really shocked to hear what Darth Vader had to say to Luke in Cloud City. How would you break in a Hollywood virgin? So far she’s seen TitanicE.T.Terminator 2Rogue OneA New HopeThe Empire Strikes BackReturn of the JediArmy of DarknessGoldenEye, and Red Notice.

I was a teenager in the 1990s, so I remember either straight up sneaking in the back door of the theater or buying just one ticket then sneaking into as many other films as we could. Another trick we would pull to stick it to the man was to have a little gang of friends. One would work at McDonald’s or KFC and sneak out free food. One would work at the grocery store and ignore a bit of shoplifting, and one friend would work at the movie theater and let us watch as many free movies as we wanted. We’d even have the movie ticket in case a company man with a flashlight showed up.


Speaking of movies, who can ever forget Blockbuster? I think they are a good example of how having a huge ego and thinking you’re king of the hill can lead to your own demise. Blockbuster could’ve bought out Netflix for nothing back in the day, but now they no longer exist.

Be kind and please rewind stickers were even put on DVD boxes by Blockbuster employees. Although I rented my fair share of DVDs and VHS tapes from Blockbuster, I would go there mostly to rent Nintendo games and also remember sneaking into the adult section just to sneak a peek at the adult videos. I always wished I had a pair of star-shaped screwdrivers so I could swap out whatever crappy NES, SNES, or N64 ROMs with the ones I was renting. Did any of you think or actually do that?


Today any game from the 1990s can be easily downloaded and emulated on a phone or PC, but the only ones I keep coming back to are the N64 games. Riding my bike to the “SuperMall” and buying an N64 and a Super Mario 64 cartridge will always be one of my favorite memories from any decade. It was September 29th, 1996, and the electronics mega-store which no longer exists and I can’t remember its name either had a contest on a huge screen. If you could get the secret castle star where you slide down in under 21 seconds, then you could win a free Mario game. It’s one of the moments in time I wish I could use my current gaming skills to go back to. I would also never open or damage that Mario game knowing that it could sell for a million dollars today. There were many great games for the N64, but the first one, Super Mario 64, was definitely my favorite. How many times has that happened in video gaming history? Where the first game was the best? Maybe only ever with the Gameboy and Tetris.


I never owned or even liked a Honda CR-X, but it seemed like everybody else did back then. My first car was a pickup truck, a Chevy Luv. It was a total piece of junk, but I drove that little guy to San Diego and even to Texas without it ever breaking down. The only reason I got rid of it was because the communist state of California made (and still makes it) almost impossible for any old car to pass emissions. I sold it to a Mexican friend for $500 and he told me it kept on going well into the 2000s. If I were to ask you for a lift today and handed you a one-dollar bill, it would be a total insult, but back in the 1990s, just a few friends handing you one-dollar bills could actually put some gas in the tank.800px-PlayboyLogo.svg.png

I didn’t get my first peak of pornography until I was 16 years old. I’m not a psychologist, but I think it’s perfectly healthy for a teenage boy to see some beautiful naked women. It was very exciting to see. I can’t see how it’s a good thing that kids can see porn so easily before they’re ready to see or even like it. If some boys want to see titties today, all they have to do is open Twitter or do a Google search. I had to bribe a bum to buy my first Playboy magazine at 7-11 and when I was 18 and old enough to buy it legally, I still felt so embarrassed to wait in line and ask the 7-11 clerk for it.


I grew up on a small airport in South Dakota, so aviation has always been interesting to me. Even when I was a kid, it felt like the technology had hit some kind of wall. When asking my grandfather why it was so, his answer was, “Because the god-damned lawyers ruined it.”

My grandfather had good reasons to hate lawyers and they very well may have ruined general aviation, but surely not military or commercial aviation. The F-16 still looks cool today. Flying on a jet has not changed at all since I was a kid. Well, maybe a bit. The cabin crew got a lot fatter and now there are TV screens, but the general look and feel of commercial aircraft are sadly exactly the same, only worse. How the hell did that happen? It’s stuff like that which fuel conspiracy theories. I don’t have a conspiracy theory, other than that it’s Generation X’s fault. Millennials may be a bunch of whiney-ass bitches, but Generation X was named appropriately. They did X. They did nothing. They definitely are the worst generation. Seriously what did they do besides continue using horrible banking and invent the iPhone? One thing I really miss about the 1990s and before that was the whole airport and airplane experience. I remember you could send your loved ones all the way to their seats and even meet the Captain and take a look at all the aircraft controls in the cockpit before 9-11.


Before making this post I asked my followers on Facebook and Noise.Cash what they miss about the 1990s. Nothing. I got nothing. What a bunch of like monkeys. I showed a few people my draft of this post and the only thing I got was how they miss landlines. What’s there to miss about that? OK, maybe a few things…

I remember if I wanted to eavesdrop on my parents’ phone conversations, I’d first remove the phone line so they wouldn’t hear me pick up the line, then slowly slide it back in without clicking it and covering the noise of my breathing. Sometimes I’d just break the little snap off and have an extra line I’d use just for listening in on them. There was also the fun of making prank calls before *69 or caller-ID came along. (I still like using the Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard to prank call people today.)

Today, you can go out and buy the latest iPhone, but unless you truly need it for the camera, you just look like a cunt trying to look cool, but anybody who had a pager back in the day looked cool as fuck. You were either a soldier, doctor, businessman, or drug dealer if you had a pager. I never had a pager, but I felt they were the coolest tech at the time.

Thank you for reading about my 1990s nostalgia. I used Wikipedia for all these images and shared the links to the articles below. What do you miss about the 1990s? What did I forget to mention?


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Our Wednesday Walk around town in Luang Prabang

This horrible pandemic bullshit is finally coming to an end. Can you feel it? For the already mega-rich billionaires and tech companies, it was a dream come true. I’m not one of them, but I must admit, I enjoyed the whole staying at home playing Splinterlands and watching Jocko Podcast all-day thing. Maybe I’m a bit agoraphobic. I enjoy being an introvert, but I miss my extrovert life too. I doubt few people in the whole world were as lucky as me during Covid because I’ve been stuck in the wonderful town of Luang Prabang, Laos. Winter has come and it was a beautiful day so my girlfriend Wan and I ditched her motorcycle and went for a good old-fashioned walk around town today. I really like this old red car, but have never seen anything like it before. Do you know what kind of car it is?


I started our walk with a dark Beer Lao while Wan went for the original Beer Lao. Laos has some of the best things in the world in my opinion. I find the women to be the kindest and most beautiful and I’ve been to America, Mexico, Canada, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Burma, and Cambodia. The food is definitely my favorite and the weather is great all year except for the few months it rains all day. The beer is also my favorite in the world and it only costs $1 for a big bottle.


A nice breakfast at my friend’s guest house and restaurant ain’t a bad way to start the day. I really feel bad for all the restaurants around the world. They provide such a great service for us all but have all been hit so hard by this pandemic. When are we going to have a global crisis that ruins all the lawyers’, bankers’, and politicians’ lives?

Xiengtong Temple


Usually, you have to pay the monks to enter here, but now that things have shut down into ghost-town-land, it’s been free every time. It’s interesting visiting spots that have been places of worship since before your own country was a nation. Ancient kings were crowned and married here in the past. I imagine there are many spirits roaming around this holy and ancient place.

door.jpgjedi.jpgtreeandgold.jpggold 2.jpgray.jpgclose.jpgclouds.jpgxieng.jpg

We came here to pray for my dying dog Spot.


He was such a cute and sweet boy, but he sadly didn’t make it. There was nothing the vet could do for him. I believe he died of Covid because he had all the symptoms and went from strong and healthy to dead in just three days. Only God and Dr. Fauci know what really happened. I feel like he must have been an angel because he led me to find the sweetest girl I’ve ever met and brought so much joy to my life when I was in a very dark place. I hope that he is in heaven relaxing on an air-conditioned cloud full of pizzas.


This was the king’s house before 1975 when the Americans pulled out of South East Asia and the communist took control of everything. They moved the capital of Laos from Luang Prabang to the southern city of Vientiane. They gave the king a wonderful job in a labor camp, but at least they preserved his house. It is a museum today and you can check it out if you ever visit.


This bridge is a total piece of junk. If you ever cross over it on a motorcycle you will know true fear. It’s got wood for pavement. There are also two pedestrian paths on either side that are even scarier because the wood looks old as hell and it’s a long dropdown. I’ve jumped off the bridge into the water before so you won’t die as long as you hit the water where it’s deep if you do fall.


It was about 16:00 so we went to Big Tree Cafe for dinner. Most Asian locations are total noobs when it comes to cooking western food like Spaghetti, but Luang Prabang used to be a French colony so they can cook it pretty well in most locations.


The Mekong River is so beautiful. I hope the god-damned Chinese don’t screw it up like they do everything else with their hydroelectric dams.


Thank you for reading about our Wednesday walk today. I hope you have a wonderful day and the chance to visit Luang Prabang one day. God bless you and my dead dog Spot and may the CCP burn in hell!

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The Stone Golems that reside around the Crags of Maglar are quite terrifying to any stranger who wanders into their domain. In spite of their sheer power and weight, these Golems are surprisingly gentle and peaceful. A good day for a Stone Golem is one in which he did a lot of heavy lifting.

Stone Golem.png

Most of my Splinterlands battle challenge posts are all about me kicking ass with that week’s monster. (Look at me smash my enemy, not mentioning it took seven tries to get the right victory. Look how great I am, even though all my cards were at level three while my enemy is a new player.) So today, I’d like to try something different and share a draw I had with a Unicorn Mustang.

Unicorn Mustang.png

The wild brown Unicorns of Anumün contrast the white Unicorns of Khymeria in many ways. Unicorn Mustangs travel in herds, while Sacred Unicorns are only seen alone. The brown Unicorns are not considered sacred like the white, but they are still protected from hunt and slaughter by a superstitious stigma that no Lyverian dares challenge. When approached in the wild, Unicorn Mustangs act as though anyone and everyone but fellow Unicorns are their enemies.


This was an odds out with poison gas battle so I put a bunch of weak cards out front and saved my Stone Golem in the rear. Since my summoner gives everyone the throne ability, which causes 2 hearts of damage anytime a melee monster hits any of my cards, I thought I would win this battle with ease, but my enemy chose the same summoner.


I thought I would take him out with my tree friend, Earth Elemental.


In the end, we were both down to our last heart of health when the poisonous gas took us both out. It was kind of romantic seeing both monsters go down together. Thank you for reading about my draw today.



My girlfriend is using the computer which has Photoshop on it all day to have a big final class. It’s just an old guy from Korea speaking Korean then being translated into Lao then her and her friends rushing and calling each other trying to figure out how to summarize the meeting. I can’t judge because I just finished the first half of my Photoshop class and I have no idea what’s going on. I do like using Photopea when in a jam or when I just need to do something very basic. It’s not exactly the same as Photoshop, but it’s a great clone and it works better than the cracked version I have on my gf’s computer. It took me just a few minutes to make this picture.

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