ThoRnS -vs- DiEMonShArK


Diemonsharks travel alone throughout the stars searching for prey and territory. They are fearsome beasts with lightning-fast reflexes. Diemonsharks are extremely territorial and attack any creature that encroaches on their land. The Chaos Legion trains them as transports for equipment. Since they can travel by air, ground, or sea, they are ideally suited for the task.


Howdy fellow Splinterlanders! Today I’m sharing my 🐉 -vs- 🦈 battle with the Briar Patch ruleset that gives everybody thorns that cause 2 damage points whenever an enemy melee strikes.


The 🦈DiEMonShArK🦈 is a card I’d love to MAX, but I’d MAX a few summoners first. I’ve only managed to level mine up to level 4, but it is battling well in the 🥇Gold🥇 and 💎Diamond💎 Leagues. It works well in many situations because of its shields, speed, attack, and ability to trample the next opponent in the same round.


I’d love an AI bot that tracks my most used and winning cards, but I have no doubt that 🐉DjiNN ChWaLa🐉 would be my number one go-to card. I’m not sure why it wins so much even at lower levels. I guess it’s the good mix of life, shields, attack, and of course those pesky thorns. 🐉DjiNN ChWaLa🐉 has thorns already so the ruleset of giving everybody thorns kinda nerfed it, but it still smashed through that 🦈.


I’ve finally collected enough cards to enter the 🏆Champion🏆 League, but I don’t know if I have the strategy or skill to win that far without my wife. She’s lost interest in playing so now that I’m playing alone I realize how much I suck. At least I’m better than the bot. I let it play in the Wild version of the game every 90 minutes so I can still play in Modern.


They resurrected the 🦈 once which was annoying, but my healer also repairs armor so we smashed right through them without losing a single soldier. My team also healed the rear in case they used any sneak attacks.


I’ve finally surveyed my land plot and it is a common forest with trees. Does this mean that 🌳Earth🌳 cards will work best here?forest.png

I originally bought three land plots when they first came out for dirt cheap but had to sell two or the police would’ve put me in jail and deported me for visa overstay once the pandemic forgiveness period had ended. I wonder if they were castles or keeps. I guess I could check at HiVe-EnGinE, but I’d rather not know.


I’m by a mountain so at least I’ll have a nice view. I have a bunch of 🌳Earth🌳 cards I never use so I’ll put them to work on my land soon.

new reward cards.jpeg

I’m still crushing it at the new reward cards. Some of the Legendary cards are way too powerful so I’m glad they’re mine and hard to get.sbt.gif

My journey to collect three million three hundred and thirty-three thousand three hundred and thirty-three SBT continues, but I’ve been trying to get three of every coin on HiVe-EnGiNe so I’ve been distracted. I’m very happy to be winning great cards from the Discord giveaway often though. Thanks for reading about my SplinterJourney and battle today.


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Land 1.0 – The Secret of Praetoria:

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Splinterlands: Pelacore -vs- Giant

Many centuries ago, the Pelacor followed the prophet, Edalus, on what has become known as the ‘Exile.’ They followed him into the Mountains of Fire surrounding Mount Praetorous. For generations they lived alone in these mountains, hidden away. They were taught to worship the sun and moon gods, Solaki and Lunaki, deities dreamt into existence from the bones of Edalus’ dead parents and his zealous mind. The scriptures read that the two Gods were carried into the heavens upon pieces of consecrated land, torn from the World to raise them high so that their worshipers would always look up to them and forever be beneath their great heavenly power.


The Pelacor Deceiver is rightfully named because it deceives you into thinking it’s just a junk rewards card. That is until you get it combined at the top levels. Ten life, flying, backfiring, and retaliating are what the Pelacor Deceiver brings to the table at level ten when maxed. I was able to MAX this card simply by collecting my daily and seasonal rewards. I’m looking to MAX another one just in case my land gets surveyed and it is appropriate for a Death worker. If not, I’ll just put it up for rent. He will also be a great card to lend to any new guild members who lack it in the future.


The Hill Giant is another card I’m proud to have combined 400 copies of to have a MAX level card that has nine life and three melee attack power all for only 3 mana. This is one of the cards that can win during the Little League rule set where only 4 mana and fewer cards will be available for battle. The Hill Giant can serve both as a tank and a meat shield because it has a decent amount of life even if he is a bit slow.


Since it was a low mana battle where everyone loses their special abilities, I thought I could win by putting out my Hill Giant and two archers. My summoner and Hill Giant were at MAX level for this Diamond League battle so I was fairly confident I was going to defeat this weaker opponent.


By the second round, it could’ve gone either way. Just one miss could have changed the outcome of this battle.


I sadly didn’t get any misses and lost this battle, but I got reminded of what a great card the Pelacor Deceiver can be. Thanks for reading about my battle today. I used to get mad whenever I’d lose a battle, but now I’ll go back and watch it again and steal my enemy’s battle tactics or if I really get smashed and have an opening, I’ll send them an invite to my guild.


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by @Yanes94

Wednesday night walk around Luang Prabang

I’ve lived in almost twenty countries during my life. I teach business English to adults so I can pretty much live and work anywhere in the world. (If you’re a native speaker with a degree, it’s probably the easiest job in the world.)


I won’t bore you by list-bragging the cities I’ve explored on foot and bike, but I will say with complete confidence that Luang Prabang in the center of Laos in the mountains is the best place I’ve ever been lucky enough to call home.


I haven’t lived in America for so long that I don’t know if MINISO exists there, but they are everywhere in Asia. Sometimes I’ll regret not buying stuff here because it will go out of stock to never return.


You can stay in a five-star $100-a-night hotel or you can go the cheaper route and stay in a backpacker hostel and pay only $10 a night and get a free breakfast. It will be full of mostly younger European tourists so expect to share the room with some drinkers and pot smokers.


If you are an art lover then you’ll be happy in Luang Prabang because there are many art studios like this and hand-made crafts for sale along the street at the night market.


I won’t say where this is so this sleepy guard doesn’t get fired. I doubt their boss has even heard of the HiVe blockchain so it’ll be OK until someone else catches him asleep on the job.


This bridge used to be a lot scarier because it was dark and some of the wood was missing and you could see the long drop-down. If you’ve been to Luang Prabang before then you can’t forget this bridge. I actually jumped off it down into the Namkhan River for the Lao New Year in 2020 and the water was deep enough.


My dog was happy to see me come home, but now that his dad was around he wanted to go bark at his enemy neighbor dogs.


“Look at you in your cage, you big old losers! My dad lets me walk around freely all day.”

  • Rapper


Splinterlands Armor: Smashed by the KNiGHT


In the Order of the Silver Shield’s knighthood, Royal Leonines are sometimes referred to as Imperial Knights because of their regal appearance and excellence on the battlefield. They wear the heavy plate armor of the Silver Shield, and most carry greatswords in combat, although some prefer war hammers, spears, and other two-handed weapons.

Antoid Platoon (1).png

I love my little soldier ants. They are tough and hard to kill because they gain a life points from both friendly and enemy dead each round, but they were no match for the new reward card, Imperial Knight which is a soul-bound card so I’ll max him out eventually without needing to spend any HIVE, DEC, or Credits. I made the mistake of powering down my Steem and then my HiVe at the beginning of this journey mostly because I’ve been broke like a bad joke for the past few years and @Splinterlands and Hive have been my only source of revenue other than the $300 disability compensation I get from the Veterans Affairs for my fucked up ankle from when I was in the military so I’ve looked like a leecher to the community with all of my power-downs, but I know now to NEVER power down, but I’ve spent all HBD converting them to Credits and scooping up as many penny cards as I can until the cards get maxed. That way of leveling up cards is kinda over now that regular NFT reward cards have ended. Now you just need to play a lot and you’ll get dope cards. I’m glad I got my ants maxed out because I see them being a total must-have card for years to come especially when the rules only allow for cards with 4 mana or less to be played.

Imperial Knight (1).png

The art just keeps getting better at @Splinterlands. This is one of the coolest-looking cards I’ve seen so far. Have you won him yet, the Imperial Knight? I see him becoming the meta Life splinter tank once everyone gets him leveled up enough to have the self-healing ability.

new reward cards.jpeg

My son and wife don’t feel like playing @Splinterlands at the moment so I’m using the @SplinterRents bot to play their accounts for them and I’m very happy with the results. They are both getting great new cards. I set the bot to play every 61 minutes unless a Daily Quest is running out of time then I’ll sometimes have the cards battling every ten minutes. I’m earning chests in the Diamond League so I’m of course getting good cards, but so are my wife and son at the Bronze and Silver leagues now. As an OG @Splinterlands player whose been battling since 2018, I can say that things have never been better than now for this wonderful game.


I love that we can rent cards out, but some of the cheap ones aren’t worth the trouble so I’ve been staking up on my @SBTOfficial tokens because they are an SPS, VOUCHER, and DEC faucet. Other than Shiba Inu tokens, which don’t do anything but look all cute in my wallet, I think that SBT is the first coin I’ve ever staked one million of before. My goal is to stake three million three hundred and thirty-three thousand and thirty-three (3,333,333) SBT tokens and never touch them again once they’re staked. This would make me an SBT whale and should also bring a tiny bit of stability to the coin since it’s new and small, but a good one I see having more potential in the future. The SBT community is helpful in Discord if you want to chat with us more over there.


I know now that I need to double up the amount of SPS currently staked so I can get a more powerful promo card next time. Did you get the new one? There isn’t much time left. He’s already helped me win a few battles!


I thought I had a good strategy of putting out my exploding rats first so they can do front and blast damage then hurt all enemies by one when it dies with the redemption ability then smash through their line with my ants, but their Imperial Knight was too powerful of a wall and a good tank.


Even though I lost this battle it took 8 rounds for the enemy to finish off my ants. See? I told you they were die-hard. I should have used a stronger tank, but the ants seem to always win in the Little League ruleset that only allows for cards 4 mana or less to be played.


My enemy earned one full SPS for this battle.


I love that we only get knocked back two leagues instead of three now when the season resets. I don’t think I’ve ever made it this high up into the Diamond League halfway through the season before this. I’m actually starting to think I could dip my toes into the Champion League once again.


Thanks for reading about this lost battle but lesson learned in @Splinterlands today. I’ll see you on the battlefield. I’ll be the one using the Dragon splinter from the Mandalorians guild. May the secret of Pretoria be with you all.


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How are all of you fellow HiVe GaMeRs doing? Today I’d like to share with you the only game I’ve enjoyed on HiVe so far other than @SplinterLandsCrypto-Shots. It feels like we’re about to leave this long-ass bear market and see some crypto gains this year. Then again this could be the worst year ever for crypto. You can never know. What I do know is that some of the coins I’ve been holding on hive-engine have gone from being worth a few hundred dollars in 2021 to only a few dollars today, so I’m hoping the opposite is true in the future, and have been scooping up as many cheap coins as I can. It’s fun looking at all the random shit-coins available on hive-engine and sometimes you’ll come across interesting projects like Crypto-Shots here.


Crypto-Shots is both free-to-play and play-to-earn. If you go to You can jump right into the game and try it out for free and without messing around with any blockchain logins, but you won’t earn anything. It’s a great feature that more games should have. Imagine if @Splinterlands let you play-for-free, but you got access to EVERY card in the game. Of course, you couldn’t make it play-to-earn, but it would show how fun the game can be for new players.

You can even get Crypto-Shots to play on your phone. I can never figure out how to get HiVe Keychain to work on my phone so I just play on my PC which is over ten years old but can play the game just fine in Firefox.


If you are playing the free-to-play trial you’ll be invincible for the first three rounds, but if you log in with HiVe or WaX you’ll take damage when the drones shoot you. I’ve only beaten level 0 on medium one time and it was super difficult so I don’t even dare try playing on hard because I know it will be impossible. You probably won’t even clear the first level on easy until you’ve memorized the map.


These are your enemies. The big drones take more ammunition to take out, but the smaller ones are harder to hit.


If the game runs slowly on your PC or phone you can turn off shadows to make it run more smoothly. If you press the ESC button you will enter the pause menu.


You have to have the gun both in your NFT inventory and find it in the game to use it. The starter pack gets you the pistol, grenade launcher, and shotgun. The shotgun works best but has limited ammunition.


The radar shows the drones in red at the top of the screen, but it doesn’t work in medium or hard mode.gun.gif

I bought this gun on the HiVe NFT market, but since it’s level 2 and I’m still level 1 I can’t use it yet. I still don’t understand how to get to the next level in the game. In the Discord chat, they said I needed to stake 80 DOOM in the game. I did that, but I’m still stuck playing level 0.


I think I need to purchase a level 2 character like one of these sexy cyber girls, but they are expensive.


Crypto-Shots is still very alpha or beta at the moment, but I think it has a lot of potential. You’ll only earn about a penny for clearing the first round and you can only play about 22 minutes per day so don’t expect to get rich from this new play-to-earn game, but it is fun playing a Doom or Quake-like game again, especially on the HiVe blockchain.

WaX market:
play the game:

AiM True with FLORRE

The first time Florre encountered the Chaos Legion was on her homeworld, Folia, in the Forest of Flames. The forest was a beautiful yet dangerous place. Its fire-scorched trees were burned and blackened. Their leaves smoldered with glowing embers. Pools of bubbling magma and mud pots could be lethal to any who stumbled into them or ventured too close.


RuneMancr Florre is not only one of the most beautiful cards, but a must-have-OP-Earth card in my opinion and I’ve been a Splinterlander since 2018. If I could have used her back in the Beta days it would’ve been constant victories. There are a lot of OP cards these days, but when the rules only allow archers or 🏹Aim-True🏹 like in my battle I’m sharing with you below where ranged attacks always hit their mark, RuneMancr Florre can not only make for a great tank or rear shield, she’ll most likely be the MVP of the battle. I’m glad to have opened her in one of my Riftwatchers packs because she can be a bit expensive. Since she doesn’t have any abilities I’ve been happy with her at level 1 for a long time now without thinking about combining the other copies I’ve opened preferring to rent them out for the season instead.sbt.gif

I’m glad we’ve moved to season rentals which can’t be canceled and are charging a DEC per rental, but it means any card not worth about $2 or more isn’t worth renting out because they’ll only earn just over the 1 DEC fee during the season so I sold all of those cheap rentals and got some SBT tokens from HiVe-EnGiNE and was happy to see that they reward SBT token holders with a little bit of DEC and VOUCHERS every day. I am staking about one million SBT tokens on hive engine and receive almost 7 DEC a day. I don’t think it earns as much as the SplinterRents service bot did, but that’s not an option anymore, and staking SBT is easier than using the bot because you don’t have to do anything other than stake

If you join the SBT Discord you can enter daily raffles. I’ve only been a holder for a few days, but I won a summoner card because there aren’t many people in the legendary chat yet. All you have to do is react to the daily Discord raffle bot in the chat and wait for the random spinner. There are very few people participating at the moment so your chances are good.


I was a bit worried when I saw my enemy selected URIEL THE PURIFIER as their tank because he can be hard to kill sometimes, but I was able to take him out in the first round. I lost my tank too, but at least he did some damage to URIEL THE PURIFIER in his shiny armor with his thorns.


They had a good strategy of healing both the front and rear of the line, but my ranged and sneak attacks were coming faster than they could heal.


My enemy would run out of hearts by the end of the third round. It only took a hit or two to take them out while my cards could’ve lasted another round or two.


Rewards will be changing to a simpler system than this current percentage system. I’m tired of arguing with my wife about why she shouldn’t drop my rate below 80% so I welcome the change to having an easy-to-understand daily power or gas limit. I love this game, but I doubt I ever play more than 30 battles a day. What about you? What’s your favorite ranged strategy?


Check out my battle:


Splinterlands Art Contest Week 232:

The Royal Palace Museum in Luang Prabang

I feel ashamed that I’ve lived in Luang Prabang for five years and have gone past this historical site hundreds of times, but have never visited it until now. Besides the waterfalls, this museum is probably one of the first stops for most tourists visiting Luang Prabang. It’s on the same street as the night market and near the stairs to Phousi Mountain.


To be honest, I just didn’t want to pay the entrance fee of 20,000 kip which is about $1.20 USD. You can also buy a meal or a big beer for that much, plus I didn’t want to be around a bunch of tourists.

bike parking
bike parking

Luang Prabang is one of the most bicycle-friendly towns I’ve ever visited, but you can also rent electric bikes and motorcycles too. The locals are used to clueless tourists so they won’t honk at you or run you off the road, but be careful of the Thai and Chinese drivers who think they are the star of the next Fast and Furious film or something.

The Royal Temple
The Royal Temple

The royal palace was built by King Sisavang Vong in 1904. It has a variety of artifacts from centuries ago as well as cultural exhibits that provide insight into the ancient Siamese lifestyle.

The King’s Home
The King’s Home
Map of the National Museum
Map of the National Museum
Map of Luang Prabang
Map of Luang Prabang
Taking a picture of someone taking a picture
Taking a picture of someone taking a picture

Whenever I go to an interesting place I like to take pictures of people taking pictures or of them just walking around rather than posing. It gives you a better feel of what things are really like. This guy asked me why I took his picture and I told him it was for my travel blog. I showed him my TravelFeed and HiVe accounts and explained that it’s decentralized social media blogging where you can earn crypto and then he was cool with it.

Steve and Lawan
Steve and Lawan

I hadn’t seen my friends from San Diego since 2012 so it was good to catch up with them and play the tourist for a few days.

King Sisavang Vong
King Sisavang Vong

They must have had a problem with tourists stealing ancient artifacts from the museum in the past so they ask you to secure your bags and cameras before entering. It’s disrespectful to enter with a tanktop on so they asked my friend to rent a nice shirt before going in. It only cost him 5,000 kip which is about thirty cents.

No taking pictures inside.
No taking pictures inside.

It’s a shame they don’t let you take any pictures inside because there are some cool and ancient things to see. I thought I could sneak a few in, but they had staff watching in every room so I didn’t try it. I think it may be because the flash could damage the old paintings or it could be from old Lao culture that believes taking photos is bad because it traps the spirit or soul in the photograph.


I wonder if this old cannon ever saw combat. Laos was once a French colony so it probably came from there.

coconut vandalism
coconut vandalism

I guess there’s no harm in tourists writing things on these coconuts because somebody will just eat them eventually. 

gift shop
gift shop

I’m glad to see that tourists can no longer ride elephants in Laos. It probably wasn’t fun having random people riding on your back every day. Luang Prabang used to be called, The Land of a Million Elephants, a few hundred years ago.

Thanks for exploring just one of the many sites of Luang Prabang with us today. If you want to visit someplace cheap, but safe and clean and full of natural and ancient wonders then you won’t be disappointed with this secret gem of Asia.

If you only knew the joy of the DOG life

So many people tell me they want a dog, but their situation won’t allow it. If you don’t have a yard or a nice outdoor place then maybe it’s better not to put a dog into your human jail, but if you can and want a dog then I highly recommend it. They bring so much joy, companionship, security, and health benefits to your life. I love my lovely wife and children, but there is a special place in my heart for my dog, Rapper. It takes forever to see your human children grow up, but dogs get big so fast. Rapper went from a scared little puppy to an alpha male with many puppies from several different bitches in only one year.

If you already had or have a dog then I’m not writing this for you because you already know how great these little creatures are and how much happiness they can bring into your life. I’m writing this to convince those of you who are thinking of or have never thought of K9 parenthood.


I don’t like cats at all, but they seem to like me for some reason. This alpha scrapper of a cat was named Trump because he was orange. I’m guessing his original owner was a Democrat. Well whoever she was, she abandoned Trump here in Laos when she went back home so he just stuck around the only house he ever knew. It took a long time for Trump and me to bond with his bad and aggressive attitude and my dislike for his species, but it got to the point where he would go on walks with me and scratch at my door to be let in. I totally forgot that there was a person named Trump so I was confused a few times as to why the news was talking about my cat.


Trump was not happy at all when we adopted Rapper. I had to keep my eye on him because I was really afraid he was going to murder my new puppy, but I learned something interesting from his hatred: All dogs are scared of hissing cats swiping their claws so I tried it on big dogs who were aggressive towards my baby Rapper. I even got a pitbull to tuck tail and run when I cat hissed and pretended to scratch at it.


Sometimes animals are shocked or confused the first time they see their reflections, but Rapper didn’t seem to care at all.


Even though I give Rapper a bath every few days, never get the warm water or shampoo in his eyes or nose, and blow dry him, he still acts as if it’s the greatest injustice in the world. If I ask him, “Do you wanna take a bath?”, he’ll run away.


Even though I love Rapper with all of my heart, trained him, taught him two languages, feed him, and spend a lot of time with him, he still loves Mom more than me. Maybe it’s because she only gave him a bath a few times. I don’t blame him. I would choose her over me too if I were him.


I promise you that owning a dog will improve your physical and mental health. Recent studies have found that owning a dog has been linked to improved cardiovascular health, increased levels of physical activity, and lower stress levels. I would never in a million years go on three walks a day if it weren’t for my little buddy.


This is one of the first pictures I took of Rapper. I imagine he was missing his real mom and wondering why these humans kidnapped him. I brought him back to see her at six months and one year old and he remembered both his real mom and dad and they him, but he still choose to walk back home with me.


Puppy photography can be a real challenge because they never stay still and if you try to get close for a good shot, they get all excited and try to lick you. You should take as many pictures as you can while they are small because they will get big and not so cute super fast.


Have you ever seen a puppy watching puppies on YouTube under the pale moonlight? After doing a YouTube search for: “TV for dogs”, I was surprised that he actually was interested in watching it. Most of the videos are like eight hours long so if you do have to leave your dog alone at least they have something to look at while you’re gone. They’ll still most likely destroy at least one thing though.


Rapper is your typical deadbeat dad. He’s all lovey-dovey with the girls until they get pregnant then he’ll completely ignore them. He must know that these are his kids because of their scent, but he always seems freaked out and afraid anytime he sees his own offspring. I’m pretty sure that memories or at least familiar scents are passed down from the parent dogs to their puppies because Rapper has gotten about 7 bitches pregnant and has dozens of kids and they all seem to remember me and run up to me even the first time we meet. Has anyone else noticed this too?


I’ve found it is a lot easier to get dogs used to cats than cats used to dogs. Cats just hate dogs deep in their soul. If cats were bigger than dogs they’d surely kill them all. This is one reason why I love dogs more than cats. Imagine if your dog woke up tomorrow ten times their size. They would still love you the same. Now, what would you get if your cat was super big? You’d have a tiger or a lion and we know that is not an animal you could trust.


Take your dog to the beach or let them see snow for the first time and it’s like their inner wolf is released like a kid going to Disneyland.


Thanks for reading about my dog Rapper who can’t rap. If you are a dog lover like me please share some stories, pictures, or parenting tips. If you are thinking of adopting one of these wonderful creatures I hope that my words here may have convinced you to do it. I promise you will be a different person after you do.


Smashing ’em with my Dragons

The Twilight Basilisk is one of the fiercest predators that live in the sands surrounding the Draykh-Nahka city of Centrum. They are considered reptiles in the snake family, although some older residents of the Dragon Splinter think of them as Dragon relatives. Basilisks are the largest type of snake in the Splinterlands, but it only takes a small amount of their venom to kill a bronk.


Sometimes there is a weekly Splinterlands Battle Challenge that I feel will be difficult to share because it’s with a card that isn’t great or one that I don’t know how to use, but not this week because this week it’s all about the 🐉. I love the Twilight Basilisk because it uses only 4 mana and works as a great secondary tank because it has both the reach and stun abilities. It may not have that big of a bite or much life, but often times it doesn’t need it because if it can stun a stronger opponent it won’t be able to attack you. This is one of the few cards I was able to max out for free simply by playing the game.

This was a little league match where only cards with 4 mana or less were allowed so I wasn’t able to choose a strong tank. My enemy put out the 🌳Hill Giant🌳 which wasn’t a bad choice, but couldn’t do much when it was getting stunned every round by my 🐉Twilight Basilisk🐉. They also made the mistake of choosing mostly slow cards while I arranged my cards by fastest first when choosing my lineup. Getting in the first strike is an important factor in most fights both in the Splinterlands and in real life.


Even though my first card didn’t have any attacks, it had plenty of life and reflected magic attacks back to the enemy. It was clear I was going to smash this enemy by the second round.


I took out their entire lineup by the third round without losing a single card. This battle is a great example of why 🐉dragons🐉 are my strongest and favorite splinter.

Quix the Devious.png

Quix the Devious is the only summoner I’ve managed to max out because 🐉dragon🐉 summoners can be used with any splinter. I like him even more than Lux Vega because he often beats her. Nerfing the enemy’s speed and range attacks is why he’s such a winner. I believe this is going to be a highly desired card after the Chaos Legion cards go out of print. It will also be a card that people dread to see when they see he’s in the lineup. Who is your favorite summoner?

Dhampir Infiltrator.png

The Dhampir Infiltrator is another must-have 🐉dragon🐉 card that seems to win a lot because she 🔪sneak🔪 attacks the back twice with her double strike ability. If you don’t have this card then go to the market and pick her up now while she’s only a few cents and if you’re thinking of competing in the 🏆Gold🏆 or 💎Diamond💎 leagues, then you’ll need to max her out to survive.

Twilight Basilisk.png

Thanks for reading about my smashin’ 🐉dragon🐉 victory today. Now that the annoying ❌bots🤖 seem to have been shut down, I’m having a lot more fun in the Splinterlands. What about you? Have you noticed a better gaming experience recently too?


Check out my 🐉dragon🐉 battle:

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