March Sunset Bike Ride through Luang Prabang 🚲

The town isn’t that big, but I don’t like walking around when it’s hot. Most people like to come out at sunset to socialize, ride bikes, play football, take pictures, or just walk around and enjoy the beautiful sites. I took all of these videos today using my Samsung Phone and edited them with the free Android App, Movie Maker. Maybe they changed their app name to Best Movie since that’s the watermark they added to the video. The free version only lets you share videos at 720p. Lao New Year is only a month away. There will be many people wearing traditional clothing, drinking beer, and splashing water on each other. I’ll most likely get a swim in the river and some video like last year. If you visit here, I recommend renting a bicycle if you only plan to stay in town. I’ve seen too many tourists wreck their bikes, have them stolen, or get shaken down by the cops to recommend renting one. I’ve never seen anyone get in trouble for riding a bicycle. Thanks for checking out my video today. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a happy March!

Midnight bike riding in Luang Prabang

My days usually start around noon when I wake up.


I’ve been dealing with this white elephant of a gift for a few days now. It was a nice bike until no one seemed to be able to repair it.


Carrying it across the bridge of death wasn’t any fun.


Then the best bike mechanic in town sold this to me for fifteen dollars. I did stripes with electrical tape then spray painted it pink.


The final product came out like this after adding white paint and nail polish.


It doesn’t have any brakes so I’ve got to go all Flintstone and drag my feet.


Are you ready to cross the bridge of death without any brakes?


I couldn’t separate these two mosquito repellents and broke one, but doesn’t it kind of look like the Death Star?


I added a Bluetooth speaker and a Nokia burner phone.


Does the red fingernail polish look like blood?


Like the purple sparkles?


I may have gone too far with the white paint.


Enjoy a Beer Lao and


Remember there’s a rainbow in the sky all the time.