The Forgotten One and its Molten Ash Golem

Hello, fellow Splinterlanders. Today I’d like to share my fire battle from hell with the Forgotten One and its spawn the Molten Ash Golem.


The Molten Ash Golems are birthed from a creature known as the Forgotten One. Created by the High Magus of the Crypteia and serving as his servant, the Forgotten One is a fiery beast of might and malice.

With its slow speed, a healthy amount of life, and ability to attack from the front position, the Molten Ash Golem can serve as a primary or secondary tank if the ruleset is where the slow go first. This card is so cheap that it doesn’t make sense not to get a fully MAXed copy. Maybe you’re not near the Diamond League, but when you get there you’ll be happy to have as many cheap cards MAXed out as you can before it’s too late.

Lux Vega.png

Now you can rent just one summoner, Lux Vega, and use everything but your dragon cards making the jump from the Gold League to Diamond League a bit less dramatic. Before Lux came along I’d just get my foot in the diamond door and then quit playing for the rest of the season because the competition was too fierce, but she has made playing in the Diamond League a possibility for me.


My enemy chose a tank that can heal itself so it was important that I took it out fast. My Chaos Dragon was able to randomly take out two of their cards with one shot that got the fight off to a good start.


I don’t use the fire splinter often because it lacks healers, but it has some heavy hitters which can be the better choice sometimes. I use my dragon summoner way too often because it’s the only strong summoner I have unless I’m renting Lux Vega.


In the end, there can be only one, the Forgotten One, and his Molten Ash Golem. A dragon or two would be nice too. Thanks for reading about my battle.


How’s your Riftwatchers journey going? Have you collected every card yet? I still prefer my Chaos Legion summoners, but other than the summoners I’ve opened or bought almost all of the Riftwatchers. With the super low price of SPS and the GLX airdrop going on I’ve only unstaked enough SPS to open one pack per week. I’m still trying to level up my summoners and get GLG and Tower Defense packs when I can so it feels like there are too many choices right now, but when there are several games running under the GLS umbrella it will soon be the norm. Do you remember that movie about the Vietnam War where the soldier is sad that one day the war will end? Well, that’s how I feel about this bear market. I hope it goes on for a while longer so I can get a strong deck before the bull comes back and everything will be crazy expensive. What do you think of the plan to have new reward cards be soul bound? I love my Gladius cards so I think it will be a positive change to the game. What do you think?


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battling with LUX VEGA for the first time

Howdy fellow Splinterlanders. Today I’d like to share my battle using Lux Vega, the first neutral summoner, and the Gem Meteor. The Diemonshark also came in handy.


Lux Vega is awesome. She is new but has quickly won my heart and is my favorite card. She’s the only neutral summoner and can raise any monster to its max level except for dragons. She adds one health, one shield, and speed to every monster. At about $700 she is a bit too expensive for me, but I rented her for about $1 for the rest of the season. Can you spot all of the elements in her look? Her left eye has the power of water and the right death. She has a grey outfit representing the neutral and some fire in her hat and card. Her skin is the color of life and her cane has the power of the earth.Lux Vega.png

No one knows who Lux Vega is or where she came from. Some say she is a wealthy heiress from the Mortician city of Beluroc. Others say her origins began as a humble priestess within the Peace of Light Monastery. Still, more say she is a graduate of the Summun Infuria, where she was personally trained by Malric Inferno. Whatever the truth behind her origins, though, one thing is certain: Lux Vega knows how to have a good time.


The Gem Meteor isn’t so interesting at level one, but once you max it out it can make a big difference with 4 ranged attack points, scattershot, and the piercing ability. I don’t think I’ve ever used this card in battle until today. I’d really like it if Splinterlands would show how many times you’ve used a card and its win rate. There are tools that show each card’s win rate, but that is across the entire blockchain and may not be relevant to your deck or play history.


My enemy had strong cards and a good strategy of putting the healer in the rear and a rear healer to heal them up. They put the Pelacor Conjurer out front like most people do, but they should’ve used a strong tank instead. Maybe they thought I was going to rely on magic attacks. That would have been a good guess because it is my favorite way to attack, but not today.


By round 2 it was unclear who was going to win. When you first get the Pelacor Conjurer it seems pretty worthless, but once you max this cool-looking angel out it will surely come in handy.


The Diemonshark is one of the strongest tanks because after it kills it can then trample the next card in line. I used to love the Sea Monster, but the Diemonshark seems to win more even though it lacks the self-healing ability.


By round 4, victory was a sure thing and I hadn’t lost a single card. I know it’s not a priority or that important to the overall fun, but there really should be a bonus for defeating your enemy without losing any of your own cards.


I don’t think there are any Splinterlands cards that can take on six against one. Maybe Kron the Undying if all of the opponent’s cards were weak. Thanks for reading about my battle victory today.luxcard.png

It’s going to take a really special OP card to dethrone my favorite card, Lux Vega. What’s your favorite Splinterlands card?


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Share Your Battle – DRAGONS + the legendary Riftwatcher from Lemell


As a siren, Azura Kye loves spending her days in the sky and her nights deep beneath the waves. She is a third-generation Riftwatcher who grew up listening to her grandparent’s stories of the Chaos Legion’s invasion of their homeworld, Lemell. Azura learned to fight at a young age and grew to become a renowned sorceress. She also has an incredible aptitude for runemancy and has developed a variety of mana-infused weapons and gadgets for her allies to employ in their fight against the Chaos Legion. On the battlefield, she has proven herself repeatedly, facing off against the Legion’s scouts on various realms and harassing their forces with clandestine, insurgent tactics. Once, she even single-handedly brought down a kraken. Subsequently, she rose quickly through the ranks of the Riftwatchers. Time passed, and so too did the old guard. Azura was an obvious choice to replace them. Honored to follow in the footsteps of her predecessors, she now wears the mantle of Runemancer. She is a natural leader and a champion of the people, dedicating her life to stopping the Chaos Legion threat.”

-Riftwatchers Splinterlore


Runemancer Kye is a water Riftwatchers card, but she definitely has some dragon-like qualities. She can fly. She can also drain the life of her enemy with each attack making her OP sometimes. I’d be happy to have just a level one of each Riftwatchers card for now but her strong magic attack at level four when maxed could come in handy. Now that Lux Vega has entered the story, my approach to summoners may change. I’ll definitely rent her for the last few days of the season or as soon as I can grind to the Diamond League. I used to fear entering the league of diamonds, but I’ll feel much better with a Lux Vega that can summon any MAX monster unless they’re a dragon. Now that the Chaos Legion will be gone by March I feel that the only summoner I will have maxed was my dragon. There’s just not enough time or money for me to MAX any other summoners, but knowing that I can always rent Lux Vega, I feel confident I’ll do better in the Diamond League even if some of my summoners are at level 5.


My enemy also chose dragons. They should have selected stronger tank cards because it was easy to plow through their front. My favorite part about dragons is that they can choose any splinter, red, blue, green, white, or black. Dragons are usually pretty strong and have better abilities than standard splinters. If I ever quit the game and burn off all of my Splinterassetts, I’d keep all of my dragons just in case I missed the game and came crawling back. It’d be a much easier uphill battle knowing your dragons will be there most of the time. I’m not sure about the percentage of the matches that allow for dragons, but it feels like it’s more than 75% to me. Does anybody know the dragon availability rate?


I had taken out one of their cards from both the front and back by the second round. They didn’t have a foul lineup, but my tank had thorns that damaged the enemy with every melee attack. My knife-wielding angel did lots of damage to their rear while my magic attack cards went to work.


Even though their Chaos Dragon was stronger than mine, it wasn’t enough.


In the end, only those with wings were left because this battle occurred during an earthquake. Runemancer Kye is one of my favorite Riftwatcher cards, but I haven’t been lucky enough to find her in any packs. I can only afford one pack a week so wish me luck and may the power of the dragons be with you!


Check out my dragon battle:


Slaying the bear with SPLINTERLANDS and GLS

Half-vampire, the Dhampir are faster and stronger than normal humans. Most have taken to a mercenary lifestyle, never quite welcome with vampires or humans. The Stalker is adept at tracking their prey, then dispatching the target with a silent and perfectly-placed arrow from the shadows.


When I got my California real estate license my mentor at my first and last real estate job told me that anyone could make money when things are good, but only the best can make it through the good and the bad times. Well, I didn’t like real estate. I worked for months never to get a commission, everyone was fake, and it relied on cold sales. I wouldn’t say I like sales. I couldn’t sell a hoverboard to a McFly on the run. I’m also a failed crypto investor so don’t take anything I say here as advice.

I tried mining Bitcoin on my PC when it first came out then would sneak around at 9 pm at night to run hundreds of miners on all of the company’s PCs until someone noticed all of the computers were left on all night only to lose the two coins I eventually mined. I then “invested” in lifetime cloud mining contracts only to find out that “life” only meant as long as things were profitable for the scam company only to drop their contracts. I also invested most of what I had into EOS only to get hacked by a nice-looking app and sold all of my Splinterlands cards right before the magical summer of 2021 for random DeFi projects.

As you can see I’ve screwed up plenty of times along the way, but I have a strong faith and belief in both Splinterlands and GLS. Buying coins and watching charts is boring and is too often the victim of the FUD, but when you have a bad-ass monster that is beautiful and can shoot both arrows and magic or your favorite player then you will be less likely to sell because of emotional and functional reasons.


I started off with less than 50 GLX or Genesis League Governance tokens and expect to double that amount in a week. New DeFi projects are always fun, but the good times never last. It doesn’t matter to me what GLX is worth because it’s like SPS and will let you vote on the game’s future. GLX is a governance token that enables users to participate in the GLS ecosystem. Users with staked GLX will have a say in how the overall game and ecosystem work. I wonder how many GLX or GLGT will be equal to one GLUSD or Genesis League Stable Token. Genesis League Game Time or GLGT seems to drop at about the same rate as Splinterland’s vouchers do.


How many cards or packs do you think will be necessary to play and earn when Genesis League Goals goes live next year? Will you stop earning airdrops if you open your cards? If so I may just hold on to mine until the airdrop is complete.

Join the guild:


If you are not already in a guild then it’s time to start looking around. We are not a bad guild, The Mandalorians, and we are in the 300th or so place and have many openings so there are many spots available, but guilds expect you to have strong decks and to contribute some DEC for construction. What they’ll expect you to pay in DEC will be minimal compared to the SPS we’ll all start earning soon.

Dhampir Stalker.png

Each building should be leveled up because they all benefit your guild in different ways. It’s fun seeing my team work, build, and earn together.


My guild doesn’t always come in first place, but we’ve shown up to every fight so far.


Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of the women. Only those who have the hearts of true DEC warriors may become a foundling. Losers will only reduce their rank, while champions will rain in glory. Join us and learn the true nature of Beta victory. Rewards are to be ignored. Gold will replace them in time. Learn from your failures and superior enemies. Earn more monsters. Protect the rear and always be one step ahead of your enemies. We ALL need to contribute DEC or our DAILY QUESTS are earned in vain. If you don’t pay or play, then you won’t stay. We have spoken. This is the way.

My battle:


Since my dragon summoner is the only one maxed out, I’ll rely on it a bit too much. Hopefully, Lux Vega won’t be too much to rent. For this battle, I put out a strong tank, a reach attack, a sneak attack, and Dhampir Stalker as my ranged attack. My enemy had pretty much the same idea just using the fire splinter and an opportunity attacker.


I was able to smash through their front sooner than they could destroy my rear. I lost my Dhampir Stalker, but he served as a good meat shield and got off a few rounds before he fell.


If your enemy has strong dragons, it’s better to just bend the knee. Thanks for reading about my gameplay and Splinterlands journey today.


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It is these Temporal Masters that advised the great council until the highest in their order, the High Magus Obin Anvaras, betrayed them. Those that remain hunger for a chance to reknit time and erase the chaos heresy that brought the Legion to the Splinterlands. The horologe node is the first focus. The annulus scepter the second. But to ascend to the highest levels of the craft the anachron time mage must abandon talismans and operate by mind alone. For the rare adept blessed by visions of the turning wheel, they can shift the flow of siphilum in time’s flow by sheer force of will.

“Nodes? Where we’re going, We don’t need nodes.”

— Dr. Ammet Brunneus, Temporal Master


I honestly have no memory of using or buying the Temporal Master, but mine is at level two so I’ve opened this from packs so it just kind of appeared and has cost me nothing to obtain, but it came in handy today with its powerful magic attack that shoots the enemy’s front every other round. This card sure would come in handy at MAX with strong attack and stun abilities. It’s an epic card so it’s unlikely I’ll get another forty-two cards unless I pick some up on the market. The Chaos Legion has gone on long enough that I’ve maxed several cards just by combining all of my rewards, but I want the slow times to bear along because I still lack a strong deck. I think it’s best to max out cheap tanks in each splinter. Even if you only have a strong dragon or neutral summoner, you can kick ass.

My Temporal Master Battle:


My enemy relied on sneak attacks and weak things that could fly, but I brought out a soldier with a huge shield that absorbs attacks, and my Temporal Master was able to knock out several of their cards with each magic attack. He only attacked every other round but wrecked with each strike. I didn’t want to bother waiting for Photoshop to load so I just opened on my browser and used their free online Photoshop to touch up my battle.


Even with all of my enemy’s attacks on my Shieldbearer, it wasn’t enough to kill him while it rained down arrows and magic attacks taking them out one by one. Don’t mess with my life deck!


I really like that magnetic shield that takes all of the pain. I think it’s one of the most OP abilities in Splinterlands. If you can provide them with healers and armorers strong taunt cards can be unstoppable.


You have zero chance. If you only knew the power of the life splinter. Join us or go back to death.

Temporal Master.png

Thanks for reading about my Temporal Master battle today and thank you Splinterlands for making this game and allowing us to learn and earn from the weekly challenges. There are so many things going on in the Splinterverse right now that it’s hard to focus on where to shop.

Should I max out my Chaos Legion deck or get a bunch of soccer, tower defense, or Riftwatchers cards?

I’m poor so you don’t want financial advice from me, but I’m just getting one of each whenever I can. I hope I can get some land before it becomes too expensive too.


Check out my Temporal Master battle on Splinterlands:

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SPLINTERLANDS: Share Your Regal Peryton Battle

They say there is nothing more beautiful than a Regal Peryton. They prefer to live in the mountains all across the Splinterlands, rarely seen by others. When they soar through the skies, the sunlight catches through their wings and creates rainbows underneath them. Regal Perytons are highly intelligent and consider themselves noble guardians of the natural world, using their magic to help others.


If you like your cards fast and beautiful then the Regal Peryton is for you. I often win with this card when there is a blast ruleset because it will be one of the first cards to attack. Since it can fly, you’ll want to have this card in your deck in case you find yourself in an earthquake battle. I would MAX this card out if I could, but I still have summoners and tanks to get to first. It doesn’t have any other abilities other than flight, but this card is a must-have to add to your collection because it wins a lot. If there is a card that you use a lot then you might as well get the gold foil version because you’ll get a bonus each time you win.


This was a battle where ranged attack cards can fire from the front position so my enemy used mostly archers while I used magic attack cards. Obsidian is my favorite non-dragon summoner because she increases everyone’s magic attack by one point. I used to have one splinter that was all maxed out and one that I would completely neglect, but these days I have found balance is better. All of my summoners are at level 5, but I struggle to get to the Diamond League these days so I hope to get everyone up to level six soon.Cornealus.png

I remember when Cornealus was just a cheap “meh” card, then became meta, and is back to being a less commonly used card today. I wish I hadn’t sold my maxed-out copy, but I was dumb and had FOMO for the DeFi craze of 2021 and sold all of my Splinterlands cards. It was a mistake I don’t plan on repeating.

I usually put Cornealus in the rear to absorb any sneak attacks because it has a lot of life and can self-heal, but since it could attack while in the front for this battle I put it there as my tank. It can work for a tank card out front when it can’t attack for normal battles as long as you provide it with a healer too. It’s not a move I see often, but it can work.


This was an exciting match because I was sure I had lost by the second round after losing Cornealus, but Obsidian giving all of my magic attack cards a boost really made the difference.


Even though my Regal Peryton got down to just one life point it managed to stay in the fight. It was a good thing that my enemy didn’t use any sneak or snipe attack cards.


Who wants squid for dinner?Regal Peryton.jpg

Thanks for reading about my Regal Peryton battle victory today.


I’m grinding my way to the Diamond League before the season ends. Once I get to Diamond III, I’ll call it quits. I don’t have the cards or skill to compete at that level plus I’m not sure about the current rules. Do I just need to get my foot in the door one time this season to get Diamond rewards next season or do I need to finish the season in Diamond?


Check out my Regal Peryton battle:

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trampling angels with my DIEMONSHARK

Diemonsharks travel alone throughout the stars searching for prey and territory. They are fearsome beasts with lightning-fast reflexes. Diemonsharks are extremely territorial and attack any creature that encroaches on their land. The Chaos Legion trains them as transports for equipment. Since they can travel by air, ground, or sea, they are ideally suited for the task.”


The Diemonshark is my go-to tank when using the water splinter. I’d like to MAX it, but it’s a bit expensive so I’m making do with a level 4. With a maxed-out card, you’d be pretty unstoppable when playing in the Diamond League. This is one of my favorite cards and even though it doesn’t have any healing abilities it seems to win more than its predecessor, the Sea Monster.


This was a water -vs- life battle. My enemy was expecting me to rely on magic attacks because that’s what I usually do, but they were wrong and I came at them strong with some ugly melee fish attacks.


Whenever the Diemonshark kills an enemy it can then attack the next in line with the trample ability which can sometimes take them out like dominos. It was clear I was going to win this battle by the second round.


Sometimes this double crossbow shooting angel can cause a lot of damage, but not this time. I enjoyed watching him get destroyed as the last card left unable to shoot. You’re nothing but fish food today Pelacor Arbalest! Now wipe that shit-eating grin off your face.


Thanks for another win Diemonshark! You may be ugly as hell, but I’ll always love you.


How about Genesis League Goals? Did you manage to pick up any packs? I was so angry when I couldn’t buy any packs because of the KYC requirement and was afraid that I’d missed my chance, but the KYC process wasn’t a pain in the neck like all the other times I’d had to do it so it’s all good. It’s not easy to get a Paypal account without KYC so I don’t understand why it’s necessary, but it probably helped keep the presale from selling out quickly. I don’t know if I’m going to get into this new game or just save up my GLX tokens and wait for the next sports game to come along. The only thing that gives me reservations is how the white paper says that only high-end matches will earn GLX tokens so if it takes a lot of investment to make it to the high end I’ll most likely sit on the sidelines and collect the airdrop for a year. I’m not into soccer at all, but I realize what a big deal this partnership is and will surely be proving grounds for many more in the future so let’s hope it’s a success.


It doesn’t look like they’re going to sell out before I get paid at the end of the month so I’ll be able to grab some more packs for $5 and collect even more GLX. I think I’ll open one or two packs and see if I can play the game with that and just hold on to the rest of my packs. I sure wish I’d held on to more Splinterlands Alpha packs that were only $2 in the beginning. I knew they’d be worth a lot more in the future, but I kept thinking that I’d open a gold foil legendary only to get four commons and a rare.


Check out my Diemonshark battle:

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The first memory I have of ever seeing any video game is of Pong so I guess that makes me an OG gamer, but I never owned or touched a Commodore 64 so that may disqualify my OG status. Back in the early 1980s, the video game industry was a mess. There were too many consoles and too many shit games. The whole video game industry almost came to an end by 1983 when a miracle happened and that miracle was MarioMario is still a major player today. That’s what I think will be Splinterlands fate. During this bear market with all the scammers and stars pushing NFT junk, it is the only game that I believe will still be around ten or twenty years from now. Nintendo has been around for over a hundred years and has enough cash reserves to last the next 300 years. Just imagine how much Alpha and Beta Splinterlands cards will be worth when you hand your keys down to your grandkids…


I started using Steemit or these days Koreanit back in 2018. I must have been blackout drunk when I bought my first Steemmonsters (Splinterlands) starter pack because I don’t remember playing it until 2019. Just like Bitcoin, I knew this was something special, but I screwed up on becoming a millionaire with both. I still have an ego problem, but it was really bad back then plus I was depressed so maybe it was a good thing I didn’t get a Lambo back then. I had just come back from living in Bangkok for 18 years. I love teaching English to adults, but hate kids so I quit or got fired from any job teaching little shits but excelled teaching business students. Since I can read, write, and speak Thai fluently I thought that my popularity with thousands of students over the years would instantly transfer to my new Steem account @teachinthai but, it did not so I abandoned the account and just started this account and only post in English. Maybe there just wasn’t enough of a Thai community. Maybe my posts sucked. Who cares it’s still a good idea to teach English to Thai people on HIVE. One day I may try it again, but when I met the girl of my dreams in Laos and saw that she loved Splinterlands, I gave the keys to her. She’s only been playing for a year, but I have her fight all my brawls and let her play until we make it to Diamond League because she’s a much more strategic player than I am.


I love that she’s a great player. The only thing I don’t like is that she doesn’t care what the ECR is. She’ll play until things go down to 1%. She couldn’t explain what decentralization or blockchain is, but she is the type of player that Splinterlands needs more of because she’s into it for the fun of the game.


When one of these weekly Splinterlands Share Your Battle posts comes along, I’ll kill my ranking or chances of victory over and over again just to win with the card of the week, but she has a different approach. She only cares about winning so I’ll show her a picture of the card and ask her to tell me when she uses that card and wins so I can post about it.

Her Battle Strategy:

Tusk the Wide.png

I’ve never used Tusk the Wide ever. He’s not cool looking, has a weak attack, slow, and uses too much mana, but she put him to good use as a tank to absorb the enemy’s attacks while she smashed them from the rear with sneak attacks after taking out their taunting tank.


Once their tank was gone their healer was no match for two sneak attackers.


There really needs to be some kind of bonus for battles when you don’t lose a single card.Djinn Apprentice.png

Thanks for reading about my better half’s Djinn Apprentice battle today. I really thought there would be a better play2earn game than Splinterlands after all these years, but nothing has come along yet. I was hoping for something like a VR GTA-like game that also rewards streaming your awesome moments of the Ready Player One like metaverse gameplay, but it also took me two decades to find the one, so like Diana Ross & The Supremes said,

Love don’t come easy
It’s a game of give and take
You can’t hurry love
No, you just have to wait
You gotta trust, give it time
No matter how long it takes


Check out her battle:

Share Your Battle – MAGI of CHAOS

“The Magi of the Chaosium are the heralds of the Legion itself. For hundreds of years, they met and studied secretly, gathering ancient artifacts and scraps of forbidden knowledge, much that was once thought lost. As the convergence grew close they plied the void for its treasures and listened furtively to the voices in the dark to make way for the coming of the Lord of Chaos. Once the way was opened and doom poured from the sky they rose from their hidden places to claim the promise of power from their dark masters.”

  • Splinterlands lore



Even though I’m a heavy magic user, I’m not that familiar with Magi of Chaos. With 2 magic attack points from level one, it can be boosted to have 3 magic attacks if the summoner adds magic attack power or if you level it up to level 3. It gets much more powerful when maxed out, but that’s a bit pricey. I’m a modern league player and a believer in the diversification of my cards. All of my summoners are evenly powered and I always try to have one of every card before I go maxing anything. Now that there are a bunch of new Riftwatchers cards it may take a while before I get back to powering this guy up. Hopefully, I get a few more when opening up Chaos Legion packs before they sell out.

My Battle:


My enemy was stronger than me so I felt the best way to win was to use my dragons. The Chaos Dragon is one of my favorite cards for high mana battles. If the tank dies it can do that too. Its strong magic attack randomly hitting enemies each round with its scattershot and blast ability can really mess the enemy up.


The enemy’s tank was taken out by the second round. This is looking good.


Even though I lost my snake it still left behind poison killing off the enemy in the rear.


Djinn Oshannus can be hard to kill sometimes, but he was no match for three dragons and the Magi of Chaos. Thanks for reading about my battle today. Get in the game!


Check out my battle:

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Share Your Battle – DRAGONS

How are all you Splinterfolks doing today? Did you get anything good when you opened your Riftwatchers packs?


I didn’t get any legendary cards, but I’m happy with what I have so far. I was hoping to pick up some more from the shop, but Paypal is taking forever to add funds. Have you been having problems with Paypal too?

agor stats.png

What’s your favorite Riftwatchers card? Which one do you have your eye on? Agor Longtail is definitely on my wish list. Look how strong it is. It can fly, heal, taunt, and has a magic shield. It can also strike with both magic and melee attacks. Hopefully, this bear market continues long enough for me to save up for it.

My Dragon Battle


I usually put Cornealus in the rear, but this was a battle where ranged attack cards can shoot their arrows while in the front.


I took out one of their cards but lost two by the second round. I thought I was going to lose at this point.


Luckily my Chaos Dragon was able to weaken my enemy with its scattershot and blast magic attacks before it served as the tank.


In the end, their pretty boy double-shooting angel was no match for my dragons.

Runic Skyclaw.png

Thanks for reading about my dragon battle today. I’m so happy that Riftwatchers is here. I just love all the new cards.


Check out my dragon battle:

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