FREE FIRE: Let’s go on a killing spree to #1

What’s up fellow gamers? Today I’d like to share one of my favorite games with you today, Free Fire. This game may not be that popular in the West since it is clearly a Fortnite clone, but it doesn’t require much storage or power, so it can be played on low level phones making it one of the most played games in the world.


I recommend playing alone or with your friends in real life because the game will just auto-pair you up with some selfish noob teammates who wont have your back and will leave you to die even if you beg them for first aid. If you play with 3 other good players and work as a team, you’ll be unstoppable.


Everyone seems to want to jump out of the plane right away and start shooting. I think it’s better to wait, be one of the last to jump, collect a bunch of stuff, and let everyone else who was all impatient kill each-other off.


I’ll do a couple circles after the parachute deploys to see if there are any other players in the area and if alone, can take time collecting weapons, armor, and first aid kits.


The game is free, but good clothes, guns, and characters cost real money. I just wear whatever I think will work best for camouflage. I’ve been kicked out of teams before because my outfit wasn’t cool enough for them and they thought I was a total noob. I think my outfit looks sexy. What do you think?


Once I got my bag full of stuff, I’ll grab a vehicle and look for foos to run over near the shrinking safety zone. A sniper may take you out while driving, so it’s best to drive fast and erratic.


Vehicles make for great cover and bait. A lot of times enemies will unload their clip on my car giving me time to get them in my scope.


Airdrops are a good place for running people over.


I finished first with 18 kills today! Most of them got run over from behind and didn’t even see me coming. When I was down to the final few, I kept telling myself not to get cocky, these are the best players who are still left, but I was just too good at running people over today.


Thanks for checking out Free Fire with me today. My handle is JeremiahLee+ if you want to play with me. As a teacher, I try to keep things fun for my students and this is one of the games we’ll play together to practice conversation skills. All of the images in this post came from my gameplay today. I used Procreate to blur away some of the onscreen buttons. Can you tell where?